Kilger Cabal Calls Secret In Camera Meeting Monday August 26, 2013 Buzz 5 Workers Reinstated or Retired

Kilger aug 2013CFN – The City of Cornwall is having one of its many in camera super secret cone of silence meetings 4:30 PM Monday in advance of its scheduled open meeting.

Meeting Type: Special
Meeting ID: 2013-23
Meeting Date: Mon August 26, 2013 04:30 PM
Location: Council Chambers, 360 Pitt Street, Cornwall, Ontario
Chair: Bob Kilger, Mayor
Prepared By: Manon L. Poirier, Deputy Clerk


A Special In-Camera Session is to be held on Monday, August 26, 2013, at 4:30 p.m. to address matters pertaining to Section 239 (2) and (3.1) of the Municipal Act, 2001 S.O. 2001 S.O. 2001, Chapter 25:

Item 1 – Employee Relations
239.(2) (b) personal matters about an identifiable individual, including municipal or local board employees; and
239 (2) (d) labour relations or employee negotiations.

The buzz is that there has been a major disaster over the five municipal works employees that had been fired.

Please be advised that Mayor Bob Kilger has called a Special Council Meeting for Monday, August 26, 2013, at 4:30 p.m. The Mayor will immediately be asking for a Motion to move into an In-Camera Session.

toddlalondeRumors are that two of the workers have been reinstated including potential mayoral candidate Todd Lalonde, while the remaining three have been forced   agreed to enter into retirement.

The City is still refusing all comment which begs the next question which is how much has this disaster cost taxpayers?

After all you don’t fire someone without cause in this day and age of unions and social media, right?    And were the decisions to retire workers and reinstate politicked or simply the unions fighting for their people?

At the end of the day doesn’t the public deserve clear answers and the poor workers and their families  surely deserve better as well?   One insider was stating that the Fire Chief warned workers not to take breaks at Tim Hortons any longer for fear of retribution which if true is kind of insane.   Several city workers have complained of conditions since the incident.

Should city staff have to live in fear of going through humiliating processes like this?

The biggest questions need to be answered by HR Manager Dail Levesque and CAO Norm Levac.  If the city has messed it these two gentlemen are the cause and should have to be accountable.

We will be following and updating this story as more information becomes available.  Calls to the city for follow up as per their release went to voicemail several times.

What do you think Cornwallites?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. We will be following and updating this story as more information becomes available

    Good idea. It is hard to make comments when one doesn’t have all the facts.

  2. Bare Ass sure aged compared to the last picture that I saw him. Bare Ass knows that he is so mighty guilty and it shows in him like a very mean old man before they cash in.

    This wasn’t just about Todd Lalonde and I myself thought well maybe this is just a witch hunt on the part of Bare Ass and I kept on thinking about it but then I said what about the others who are not part of the bunch running for mayor or council so there has to be more to this story than what we are being told. I think that they were just loafing off as usual and not putting in their time at work. No wonder I have so much belief in doing away with unions and keeping people in more of a private industry and if they do not carry the load then fire them all. That goes from the very top position in administration all the way down to the lowest position – I have absolutely no sympathy at all.

  3. Trucks being taken out of town while on duty and spent there for hours, truck used to go working out at a gym while on duty, truck being parked in a garage (Lalonde’s) to be hidden from view, going home for hours shortly after your shift started, taking over time at time and a half and double time and using the truck to go home and hide, this is honest employees? This abuse from various departments has been going on for years. If people are fearful, maybe they should be because they are guilty. The citizens of Cornwall have had enough with everyday abuse, honest workers including honest union members have had enough with the chronic abusers. This had everything to do with people who were not afraid to report what they saw and knew. The fire department is fearful, its about time they too are under the gun. There are so many hard working temporary employees, regular Joe’s who would die for a city job who never get a chance at a full time job who deserve it, its this everyday theft, abuse and dishonest employees that stops them. Mr. Lalonde and 1 other got their job back the other 3 were given a choice.

  4. Was the choice take retirement or stay fired? If Council is truly looking to reverse two of the firings [one of which is the biggest offender–T.L.] then don’t let anyone tell you this is not political. Firstly, Council do not have the authority to hire and fire anyone other than the C.A.O. The responsibility to manage employees rests with Administration. (Perhaps there is an exception in this City.) For this Administration to have taken this step, there must have been cause. My heart goes out to the Supervisors, Manager, CAO, who looked to clean up past practices that were just wrong. If Council decides to overrule your excellent decision, then perhaps the City of Cornwall is not the home where you should hang your hat because they will most definitely drag you down to their level which is not admirable. Councillor Rivette, honestly–you called in Mr. Fournier because of blatant irregularities. Friendships do not warrant any deviation from this theme. That in itself would be a conflict of interest. Speak up for goodness sake and set the record straight because you are not looking good right now. The new Manager of H.R. is just finishing out his tenure which included the directive to get rid of all grievances no matter what–with or without the grievors acceptance. Pacify the Unions at the expense of the employees. Mr. Dale Levesque, take your affiliation with the infamous Hicks Morely firm and find another contract. We truly need a Manager of H.R. who will support employees and not just the Mayor. Has anyone even questioned why he was given a contract for two years. My, my that would most definitely bring us to the next election. So it is a gimme–you are in his pocket and all of your training on what is right and wrong is worth nothing. Mr. Levac, just know that he does not report to you first. Any interference by Council on this issue is most definitely non-support for what is right. If we don’t hear of a recorded vote on the yeah’s and nay’s, then there isn’t one who would be worth voting for. Administration is there to do a job–let them do it!

  5. Parttimer

    With all due respect and if you really are employed Part Time by the City and would like to have full time employment there and think it will help your cause to write a letter as you have done above once your name becomes known you will never be trusted.
    You will be known as a management Brown Nose er or perhaps you are in management all ready just attempting to spin a tale to
    switch the heat off the terrible mess that the City has made for itself in this bungled case .

  6. “Parttimer” is absolutely right. We purchased a house off a former city employee and this employee took the city truck home a lot on a daily basis and even took things from the city and I could name plenty of things. I have seen other city employees drive the city cars as well and take their families in the cars and not just immediate families but aunts, etc. When you see Fitzie abusing the system and for his stupidity then what do you think that the rest of the people will do. Disciplinary action is needed and not just for these people who were caught but for everyone at all levels.


    spin a tale?? Look at the union involved, the union who speak among themselves, put a knife in your back as fast as you turn away, who takes union dues from part time people yet do nothing to represent them. How else did all this get out? very easy the blame the city but your so off the mark there. When that union does not like you they have no problem letting anything out including private matters so please. I have no reason to brown nose. I have a conscience and go to work and do my job with nothing to worry about. If you are a concerned taxpayer as your title says, its obvious you must be the wife of the one of the fab 5 or a relative because your not accepting the truth here as to what went on.

  8. When I worked in the federal government the only time the union represented someone who was on term basis was when they were on a six month contract or permanent. The union had no business taking money from people who were only a three month term contract. Something is might fishy with all of this.

    People today are very fed up of the kind of environment that they have to work in today. Even in the federal government even in the better positions you see brown nosing and yacking about other people in order to get them fired or hated. I also see it everywhere and not just on jobs. You are absolutely right “Parttimer” in everything you said. Nobody is happy today and society itself has gone down hill.

    I felt real good when I read about Mr. Kyer’s good neighbors who helped him out with his food and those who followed the truck to get the number and licence plates and those are good people and you don’t see that very often today. I praise people like that and say thank you for being who you are.

  9. parttimer

    You say you have a conscience , you also say the union the moment you turn away put a knife in your back and further your bitching about part timers having to pay Union Dues . Unions
    have an obligation to represent part timers hence the ( Rand Formula ) came to be . Re the knife claim about the Union giving
    it to you in the back ,that shouldn’t happen , however what you openly wrote about a certain employee clearly was an attempt to
    put a knife in his back and you want us to believe you have a conscience . Me thinks not and you should be ashamed of yourself
    Your statement gives me the impression that you’d do anything to
    have employees fired so you might be hired .

  10. If you don’t like the way the union runs your local (parttimer or anybody else) Maybe it would be a good idea to step up to the plate and run against them in an election instead of lame union bashing.

  11. Unions are only good to a certain point but other than that they are a useless bunch who are just collecting money for their own behalf. I was a union member when I was permanent in the government and they sure didn’t do much for us little people. I liked to work and as long as I got paid for it and was not being treated badly that is all I cared about.

    Today all you see is back biting and brown nosing and that is everywhere you look. People are not people in a lot of cases and have no humanity at all. It is like watching a couple of dogs at one bone. I would really hate to see how things are going to be very soon with the economy going down hill. In order to really survive people are going to have to come together and work together in harmony instead of all this backbiting.

    I can really say again and again that I love what Mr. Kyer’s neighbors did on Lefebvre Avenue – I salute all of you.

  12. “Good idea. It is hard to make comments when one doesn’t have all the facts.” says stella
    Says eye…When has this stopped you before????

    The writer betrayed says in another Cornwall newspaper that his wife has had to enter therapy after you “outted” her!!!!!
    Think another family felt threatened by your comments..then you made claims that somebody was stealing from their employer and go fired for it…
    Seems your speaking out both sides of your “computer”

    ie Betrayed July 20, 2013 at 10:06 pm

    English Lassie your so very right about stella
    For somebody who claims to be so positive she sure seems to be very hurtful against innocent people

    She claims to have asked permission but their is no way in heck that my wife would allow talk about her former job to get out into the public

    Just in recent memory she was accused of making a family feel threatened…and she just laughed it off

  13. Needed therapy? Really? Stop playing the poor victim in the gossip columns..pathetic. Grow some..use your real name.. maybe you’ll get the sympathy you’re desperately searching for. Although I disagree with Stella on some issues, she is probably one of the main reasons why I read CFN..if not for her, I would be reading the same regurgitated message from the rest of the zombies. If you feel so strong about something, stand up for yourself! I can’t empathize with someone who calls themselves “HotAirBalloon”. As for Todd Lalonde..all the best. This guy is always on the clock promoting this city. On cable 11, at recreational events or fundraisers..Todd has always demonstarted composure. To one of Cornwall’s native son’s..and one of the few men that I would vote in for Mayor if Kilger steps down..”Cheers”.

  14. Hot Air……Pray tell me and everyone else how this person who went into therapy was outted?


    THIS PERSON IS RELATED TO ME….AND IT SURE ISN’T BETRAYED’S WIFE. And yes I did have permission to talk about it online……

    As for someone stealing from their employer, it did happen and the same person also lost a job at the mall for the same reason. Guess what? That same person stole from me….the proof is in the pudding as they say.

    FYI… comment was not a threat to anyone. Debbie posted what had happened to her family. I responded and sympathized with their family’s situation. Where’s the threat?

    Devon……thank-you, much appreciated.

    Some people here love gossip and thrive on it.

  15. How much monies 2012 for overtime
    Water and sewer meals? $ 20,000.00.
    Sounds about right.

  16. Yo Bill Dewitt you the same guy
    That had the publics works garage
    disconnect the GPS system in unit
    31 when your wife was sick? Did
    You not run home to the country
    A few times day?

    My How can you be so 2 faced ?

    Lots more to come.

  17. Yo Mr Norm Levac if you
    We’re in charge of 1225 Ont St
    What took so long to fix the so
    Called problem? Lets keep in mind
    The 5 accused had a cell phone
    To take all calls.

  18. You want to point fingers , best
    not to go there.

  19. its about time Greg , tell them the other side of the story . like i was always told , there are three sides to the story one yours , theres second , and then the Truth , let it be told , as Moses once said , tell alll

  20. Did cupe 234 do all it could
    for the bad guys ? Not just the
    local but the National .

  21. im sick and tired of our tax dollars being wasted because of BULLY managers

  22. Mr water and sewer Supervisor what
    Is do diligence ? Vincent Massey and
    Tolegate Road . Water main repair.

    Shawn what was the tab? Not done yet.

    Maybe council should keep tabs on the
    Day to day .

  23. Yo Jamie all is true.

    Just a tip of it.

    Past employee I never said I was

    Perfect . But I was left in charge

    Of the City De Cornwall . I did my


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