CFN Advocate – Fido Gets a Cookie for Customer Care! August 28, 2013

CFN –   The difference between Winners & Losers is how they deal with Adversity.

We at CFN do consumer advocacy at times.   Some companies can be very difficult and very penny wise and pound foolish.

When Ms J contacted us here in Cornwall Ontario with an issue she was having with Fido over her newly contracted   Google Nexus 4 phone we examined the information and documentation and saw that she had a clear issue.

Not all companies are perfect and customer support is never easy.   Sometimes a case can slip through the cracks and the bigger the companies the more cracks there can be which is why it’s so critical that paths exist to remedy them.


Ms J, a single mom that works with children, needed her phone 24/7,  and was really in love with her phone when she purchased it in March 2013.  However when it died in August she went through an especially gruelling ordeal with the extra insurance she paid ($106) for.  All she wanted and thought she’d be getting was a replacement and loaner while all the insurance company was offering was an amount of money that wouldn’t cover the purchase of another Nexus 4.

When CFN took the issue to Fido they reached out to Ms J. Fido issued the following statement via Jennifer Kett:

Hi Jamie,


It’s very unfortunate that the customer had this experience and we apologize for any inconvenience. We have worked with the customer to resolve the matter, including the delivery of a refurbished LG Nexus 4.


I understand that this was third-party insurance and was not Fido Device Protection.  

As for Ms J?

The former Bell Mobility customer sent in the following statement as well;

Fido very graciously put a long frustrating process to an end for me today which has alleviated a significant amount of stress for me today and were extremely generous with their assistance!

I am a very satisfied and happy Fido customer!

It’s great in these hectic times to see a company reach out and take care of a client.

Fido gets our Cookie of the Day!

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