cwrPCornwall Regional Physiotherapy is please to announce the addition of a brand-new shockwave therapy unit.


shockwave therapyShockwave therapy has been around for many years, however previously the cost of the equipment was very expensive necessitating extremely high fees per treatment. These fees could range from several hundred dollars to over $1000 per treatment. With today’s technology advancement newer equipment can be purchased at a reasonable price which allows us to significantly reduce the cost of this treatment making it a more affordable option to the majority of our patients. Our price is only $60.00 PER SESSION.

Although Shockwave treatment does have its limitations it has proven itself to be significantly beneficial in the following areas and augments many of the traditional modalities available to a Physiotherapist.

• Plantar Fasciitis/heel pain/heel spur

• Achilles Tendinopathy/Achilodynia

•Scar Tissue Treatment

• Lateral epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow)

• Patellar tendonitis (Jumpers Knee)

• Calcific tendonitis/supraspinatus tendon/RotatorCuff

.Tibial edge syndrome (Shin splint)

.Trochanteric tendonitis/bursitis

Shockwave therapy typically requires three to six treatments, 5-10 days apart for optimal results. Additional improvement can be noted within 2 weeks and up to 3 months after treatment.

The treatments are provided by or under the supervision of a Registered Physiotherapist and are covered under “physiotherapy” with most extended health plans. After a standard Physiotherapy consultation at $50.00 all treatment options will be discussed with you. If the decision is to proceed with Shockwave Therapy the initial treatment cost in addition to the consultation if done on the same day is $30.00 the cost of this service is $60.00 per treatment there after.

Call your extended health insurance provider for more information to see if you are covered for shockwave therapy treatment, when provided by a physiotherapist as part of your therapy treatment .

For more information check out Shockwave Therapy on our website at

Cornwall Regional Physiotherapy provides many different modalities in an individualized program tailored to your specific medical condition after a thorough initial assessment and evaluation of pertinent medical history.


Laser Therapy

Cornwall Regional Physiotherapy has been providing high quality Laser Treatments for several years to many of our physiotherapy patients where conditions warrant and with no extra charge, unlike many clinics in Ontario that bill the patient a separate charge.

Laser is safe and effective. It penetrates the skin without a heating effect and directs bio-stimulative light energy to the body cells which are converted to chemical energy to promote healing and reduce pain.



At Cornwall Regional Physiotherapy a variety of patient conditions are treated  including  back and neck pain, with and without nerve root impingement, sprain and strain injuries, tendonitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, pain and loss of motion and function related to degenerative joint changes, soft tissue injuries related to falls and motor vehicle accidents, fractures post immobilization, Total knee and hip replacements, post surgical rotator cuff repairs, post mastectomy, ACL reconstructions, arthroscopic knee surgeries, back surgeries, stroke patients,  patients requiring postural drainage and  education in home exercise programs.

diane  kneeeThe clinic has provided treatment to patients who require the use of a wheelchair, walkers, crutches and canes. We have worked with Handi-Transit in the city to arrange for transportation needs. This clinic receives referrals from family physicians, surrounding medical clinics and emergency department physicians. Over 50% of our patients refer themselves to this clinic because they have been satisfied with previous care, been advised by a friend or through word of mouth and/or the fee schedule and provision of online billing.  A Physician’s referral is not required.

This clinic offers the Acute Low Back Program of Care and the Shoulder Program of Care, both of which are funded by WSIB.  For patients who have been injured in Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA) we direct bill to the appropriate insurance funding. We also have DVA and RCMP billing privileges. For some of our private paying patients with extended health coverage billing can also be done on line.


dfry-cjeevesExperienced and dedicated   staff

Feel confident you will be treated by committed and experienced staff one on one we do not have   class   or group treatments.

Diane Fry, PT, BSc.PT, MCPA is the owner of Cornwall Regional Physiotherapy she graduated from Queen’s University in 1979 with her Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy and has since provided physiotherapy services in Cornwall in a Rehabilitation setting, the acute care hospital on in and outpatients and in the private sector.  She is a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and the Ontario Physiotherapy Association from whom she received her 30 years of recognition certificate in 2010.  She continues to take courses to help her keep current and meet the needs of her patients, the most recent course relating to osteoporosis.


Colin Jeeves, PTA, BSc.PT (Ret) graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy in 1972 and completed post graduate studies in sports medicine and exercise physiology. He has provided physiotherapy services in Cornwall at an acute care hospital on in and outpatients, supervised physiotherapy students and provided in-service education. In 1988 he transitioned into the private sector and between 1974 and 1989 he was the physiotherapist for the Cornwall Royals hockey team. Mr. Jeeves choose to retire as a licensed physiotherapist in March 2008 and continue in the role of a PTA.


Our knowledgeable and experienced secretarial staff will help you with your booking and billing needs, helping you through all the red tape reducing the stress all while our professional staff helps you return to your optimal physical health.


Feel free to contact us Monday to Friday 8 AM to 5 PM daily at 613-935-7018 or check out our website at


We are conveniently located at 1217 Second Street West in Riverdale there is ample parking and we are located within 200 feet of a city bus stop.

waiting room

Our Clinic is environmentally friendly for the comfort and safety of our patients and staff.



  1. For anyone that would like a little technical information on what shockwave therapy is and the company that developed our equipment click or paste the following url thanks for taking the time to review this information and remember answers to your questions are a short phone call away at 613-935-7018

  2. Hi, sir/madam
    Am a physiotherapist from Tanzania. Ihave been reading about your services especially that of shockwave therapy & lazer therapy, am real very much intetested in the way that i would like to see something happening in my place like the way you do it. On your assistance can we establish such services of that sort (shockwave & lazer therapy)?

    Machage Lucas , PT, MSc

  3. Thanks for the interest in Shockwave Therapy Diane has taken courses from some of the most renowned medical Shockwave therapist today if you care to send your information (re; Email address ) via the clinics website We will forward to you their names so that you can follow up and connect with them directly. Bill Fry R.E.T, C.C.T.

  4. My doctor suggested me to go for Shock therapy. I had cured my 90 per cent of Scar tissues problems which I have been facing since ages now. It worth every penny.

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