Mayor Bob Kilger & City of Cornwall Ontario Make Surprise Offer to Settle with CFN Over T Shirt Lawsuit – Aug 29, 2013

Cornwall SPRING 2012CFN – CFN today learned that the City of Cornwall & Mayor Bob Kilger made an offer to settle the lawsuit launched after the Mayor hit a panic button leading to 7 police officers removing the editor, Jamie Gilcig, from a council meeting because the mayor did not like the t-shirt worn depicting him on a milk carton.


Mayor Kilger, the city’s law firm or Mr. Gilcig had no comment as of press time.

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  1. Hopefully an apology and a subscription to CFN, as well as the City of Cornwall advertising on CFN, would be in order

  2. Well as always CFN has the story first and the Mayor is probably stuck in highway 138 traffic and the car phone is broken

  3. Author

    SoThick; the only real apology that should have been made was by the mayor and council to the public for the utter humiliation brought on to the city by the Mayor’s action and the cost to the city of Cornwall’s taxpayers.

  4. Based on the current city council’s record of achievement when it comes to the decision making process, really when you think about this offer to settle it comes without the surprise element attached to it.

    Taxpayers, myself included, continue to take the ineptitude from this gang of fools like it was the elixir.

    Really here is some food for thought; taxes continue to increase above the inflation rate now adversely affected by the costs of poor decision making (Diane Shay et al). Yet we continue to build sidewalks on both sides of the street. In the winter the city is unable to adequately clear these sidewalks and as a result most Cornwall pedestrians choose to walk on the roadway. This situation is also affected by the simple fact that people in Cornwall seem to wear running shoes in the winter rather than proper seasonal foot wear. Perhaps if we didn’t pay possible the highest level of taxes for a community of this size the average person here might, just might be able to afford a pair of boots. Just saying.

  5. Meant to say “the elixir of life”

  6. He was wrong,must have been his pricy toronto lawyer that told him to settle now because of his other court dates LOL at any rate Congratulations Jamie

  7. Author

    Hi Mary, thanks, but nothing to be congratulated on at this point. I expect us to have a lengthy trial before Christmas. We need accountability. We need things to be on the record. And if a courtroom is the only place this can happen then so be it.

  8. My mistake as I had just assumed that the offer was accepted then hopefully the final act will be an apology along with the damages incurred plus a contract to advertize with CFN so that all of Cornwall & elsewhere can see city news & business promotions

  9. I guess it’s a win-win situation for you admin. You got more publicity than you probably expected and now they have to pay you for it. What did they offer you? It’s you that’s always preaching accountability and transparency. After all, it’s our money they’re paying you with. What a joke!

  10. Author

    Yes GAB, I do preach accountability and transparency. If you’re not aware of legal proceedings how they work is that your legal reps warn you not to share details prior to a court procedure.

    At this point I can’t share specific details anymore than I can share details I may know about incidents that occur at City Hall during in camera meetings or names of sources.

  11. Exactly my point Admin. You know the rules, yet you’re constantly chastising the city for not sharing personal legal information.
    How much money are you asking for? Was it 40k? It would stand to reason that the city would want to settle. It will save time, money, and give you nothing to write about.
    I hope you follow through with the claim. A settlement will only make you a hypocrite. As you’ve said all along it’s not about the money, but the principle.

  12. @adm…..wouldn’t a lengthy trial yet again cost the tax payer? Just asking.

    Couldn’t things be on the record without a court trial?

    By your comments, you clearly have rejected the city’s offer… least that is the way it is coming across.

  13. With the Mayor pushing money around at everyone I hope you get at least $300,000 as a settlement. Look at what he pushed at Fitzy!

  14. Author

    Stella if all I wanted was money from the taxpayer I’d have sued in Superior court. Some awards have been way over six figures. This is about trying to get some justice from the system, and accountability at City Hall. Residents and businesses should not have to go through this process. This is what happens when there is no accountability. You have to try and go through the court system which also is no guarantee of justice.

    If you want to point a finger there is only one person to point that to and it’s Mayor Kilger who has had months to apologize to the people of Cornwall and myself. He has refused to do so and one insider from City Hall stated that they even were joking that if they lost this case in small claims they’d just appeal it.

    So if you’re concerned about Cornwall tax dollars being wasted I’d suggest you aim at the Big Kahuna and not the victim of the Big Kahuna.

  15. Admin, I totally agree, an apology to the tax payers for stupidity on his part and that of council. At the end of the day, they were the ones who looked totally ridiculous. They are now refereed too as the Gong Show

  16. Well between you, Rob Hickley and myself we should all be in court in 2014. That should be a very interesting year.

    Thank you so much for your support Jamie.

    Take care,

    Diane Shay

  17. Author

    Thank you Diane. The ugliness of corruption and bullying need to be cleaned in Cornwall no matter how many lose their jobs and elected seats. People need to stand up for themselves though and work together if that’s going to happen. I think one of the reasons our traffic has been climbing is while some may not have the courage to speak out or stand up publicly they do read and they do talk among their friends and family.

    Baby steps.

  18. Stella when you are dealing with someone who is “narcistic” and “arrogant” like Bare Ass then you have no other choice but to take him to court. If you think that dealing with Bare Ass is easy you are wrong. He is like the “Emperor Nero” that he is so full of himself. Jamie is right Stella on this matter and I agree with him there. You have to deal with him to know what kind of a person that he is and I can see right through Bare Ass’s character. Bare Ass is not going to go away so easy unless the people get up off their chairs and push him out.

  19. Jamie you are absolutely correct in what you are doing as well as Mrs. Shay and Rob Hickley and I often think of all three of you what you are all going through. Believe me I could see what kind Bare Ass is to deal with and he is mighty “bold”, “arrogant to the hilt” and “narcistic” and like you said Jamie it is a great deal more than money but it is in the “principle”. I know about that because we delt with people in the past and my husband always held on to his beliefs. You never back down at all but you keep on pushing till you get rid of the liars and corruption. Bare Ass is the very worst mayor of all. A very small town like Cornwall should not be as expensive in taxes like what it is. Cornwall is so small that just my area alone is I don’t know how many times bigger than what Cornwall is.

    Keep on trudging Jamie, Diane and Mr. Hickley and stay mighty strong. If Bare Ass sees any of you weak then he feels that he has won. Believe me my husband is very intelligent and can get to the best of us at times and if you show weakness he feels that he has won and the same thing with Bare Ass. Be strong no matter what. I am praying for the three of you.

  20. Jamie, at what point do you stop Jules from commenting time and time again, day in day out? I for one who reads CFN has started to believe because of the continued BS she writes, you are loosing credibility in what you are trying to achieve.

    You can choose to believe me or not, but seriously put a cork in it Jules. For once shut it.

    Diane, many people in the city are behind you and Rob, keep up the fight.

  21. Admin…. Very interesting that this incident happened with 2 Lawyers present, our new City clerk sitting right beside Mayor Kilger and the other Lawyer our very own Bernadette .Did either or both advise Kilger, just wondering ? For certain Mayor Kilger’s action
    was darn stupid and the fact that he had no answer to you as to under what authority and or proper reason for you to be made to leave was dumb . Then to have 7 City Police Officers arrive on the scene was an embarrassment to watch, and what a terrible situation to be dragged into , as I’am sure they didn’t want to be there and certainly would have had better things to do. Seven
    good Police Officers ,enough to handle a riot was as I saw it a
    Tad much no ? Good Luck Jamie and the same to CFN .

  22. Author

    Enough… that’s our Mission statement. It doesn’t mean that we allow every comment to go through. As each is pre moderated the long ones can be painful to read. Any commentator doesn’t speak for anyone other than themselves. Believe it or not one of our most loyal viewers complained when Jules took a break from posting. And as Jules herself can attest only about 1/3 of her actual comments are actually posted.

    We try to accommodate everyone. It’s never easy, but thank you for your feedback and for viewing CFN.

  23. All i can say is go Jamie go.

  24. Jamie,

    I have learned a great deal about how Corporations handle Whistleblowers. My understanding is that they follow the 4 D”s, deny, delay, divide and discredit.

    In my case they denied everything until the eleventh hour and then plead guilty based on the evidence.

    They delayed the court cased until the day after the election.

    They divided me from my coworkers by providing them with an email after I was terminated which identified some of them in a poor light and they allowed them to believe I wrote. I became aware of the email months later (Aug. 2009) which I provided to the City’s Legal Council of the day. By Oct. 2009 I was reinstated and in November 2009 Mr. Fitzpatrick received an unprecedented raise of 14% a little over $15,000 annually.

    The Judith Allen Report covered discrediting me. Mr. Fitzpatrick and Ms. Derouchie told a very interesting story and one they probably would like to be true. Unfortunate for them the truth is the truth and wishing for it to be different does not make it so.

    Once Council unanimously approved that report they put yet another course of action in place.

    This entire situation is more I could have ever imagined being involved in. I did not choose to start this but I do choose to bring it full circle.

    Take Care,

    Diane Shay

  25. Author

    Good for you Diane. As you know CFN is all about exposing the truth. Nobody is immune. We have some great stories coming out next week.

  26. Your right, the law is the law. I will never understand why that is such are hard concept for some people to grasp.

    There is strength in numbers and the more people who speak out the stronger we are.

    Take Care,


  27. Keep the faith Jamie, Rob & Diane…word on the street is that more people are getting the correct picture of just how corrupt the Mayor & entire city really are & that they are well prepared to continue their fight as long as city taxpayers remain quite & they can keep their hands in your deep pockets & drain you dry,lawyers don,t come cheap you know & they hope that the Jamies,Robs & Diane,s pocket run dry before people wake up & push these scoundrels to the curb!!!

  28. Diane Shay
    Your letter stating the 4 D’s – Deny, Delay, Divide and Discredit Whistleblowers is Classic . You have lived through this ignorant arrogant behavior situation forced on you by Mayor Kilger former CAO Fitz and backed up by the majority of City Council , what a shameless lot they really are .
    Your E- Mail comment supposedly written by you and circulated to your fellow workers clearly shows us just how far this City Hall group did and will stoop to wrongly show you in a bad light with your fellow employees , lies and more lies in an attempt to discredit you .
    Diane you are an outstanding LADY you now have the RESPECT
    of all the people even those who opposed you . Good Luck .

  29. I’m a late comer to this story. I can’t believe this happened in Canada! The Mayor, everyone present at the meeting, and the police officers involved are all incompetent useless zombies. No one stood up? ! Not a single person said a single thing while this crime was being perpetrated?! Unbelievable! Wake up people!
    These officers should be fired for not protecting our rights.
    I’ve seen their faces and will be glad to let them know that they are
    incompetent puppets. Not one of them had a mind of their own to
    stand for what is right. Brainwashed brown shirts. And they wonder why the citizens think they’re ALL a bunch of crooks. I hope there is a lawsuit against everyone one who could have stopped this illegal enforcement of communist power! By viewing this video, I’ve witnessed a crime being committed by The Cornwall Police Department against one of our citizens. I will bring a formal complaint to my MP. Heads should roll! Jaime you should send this story and video to The, and The Sun.
    Expose these criminals as they should be!

  30. Jamie told you all what is true that a lot of my posts are not posted at all and I have never ever hurt any of the posters here at all and that is the truth. I know none of you personally thank God for that and if I have something to say that I find relavant I will say it. Jamie is the boss of his paper and not any of us have a say in that area. Stop bickering and post what you want to post and you won’t read me knocking any of you down for your free speech. If you couldn’t post because someone knocked you down I would be one of the first people here to go on your side to defend your free speech. I hope that I made myself clear but for some people you can speak till the cows come home and nothing will sink through to them.

    Thank you Jamie.

  31. This city owes a debt of gratitude to Mr. Rob Hickley, Ms. Diane Shay, and Mr. Jamie Gilcig for their tenacity in exposing, opposing, and at last putting the boots to the City of Cornwall’s corrupt governance… its criminal administration, its despicably complicit managers, and its useless, complacent, and inept city councillors.

    And what now of this mayor and his ragtag phart catchers… trying to avoid having their dirty laundry exposed in open court.

    The length and breadth of corruption and scandal in Cornwall’s governance proves that if this mayor has been a success at anything… it is by setting an example.

  32. Every time I see this video I roar with laughter. This is so ridiculous of Bare Ass to have Jamie escorted out when he didn’t do anything wrong. The Barney Fife PD came out of their hole like rats and groundhogs and it is like they were waiting for something to happen. LOL LOL. ROLF! This is hilarious. There is no real law – only stupidity. The cops look so stunned and some laughing since it is a ridiculous reason to have Jamie taken out. This would make a good comedy.

  33. So here it is and take the fudge off the cake.
    A settlement was offered in admission of wrong doing, point blank or else an offer would not have been made.
    Offer was not accepted as it was not the intention from the start because simply walking away would have been the easy thing to do.
    So now you have your classic “Mexican stand off”.
    The offer which is an admission of wrong doing was the wrong thing to do and a $1000.00 per hour lawyer should have suggested otherwise.
    One the other side you have thousands of people watching and rooting for the underdog.
    Shots will be fired from both sides of the street but there will only be one standing.
    Excuse me, thousands standing.
    Because no matter how this ends, we see what is going on and even if it seems like we are being fooled, were not.
    So now the spotlight and attention is on the accused.
    Tread lightly on those egg shells because all eyes are on you!
    If I were the accused, I would get out of Dodge and ride into the sunset.

  34. AN OFFER TO SETTLE ?? Or a plead GUILTY as in the DIANE SHAY
    case . Yet no agreement to pay costs involved . The City’s position
    apparently is more DELAY and more cost to the party they have done wrong to . If that party wants costs paid Lawyers etc. they have no alternative but to seek redress in the court system once
    again . Certainly not an even playing field for the average person , as the City has deep pockets ( our taxpayers money), whereas the average person does not. This is why the taxpayers if they believe in justice and fair play must get rid of Mayor Kilger and
    most of the City Councilors as soon as possible . And that’s the way I see it .

  35. Truth & Justice

    Thank you for your kind words. Over the last five years I have been put in the positions of forcing other to do their job because I did mine.

    My one goal right now is to get the Judith Allen Report into a court room and regardless of the outcome everyone who is interested will know all the facts of the case putting all this insanity to rest.

    Take care,

    Diane Shay

  36. I understand you can not appeal a verdict rendered in Small claims court. As for teh Mayor and others, heat up teh branding irons cherry red and get ready to hold tgheir feet to teh fire

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