CFN Call for New Writers, Radio, and Sales Reps! September is Calling!

450_seawayradio12CFN – We will have approximately 14 extra hours to fill per week of radio time!    Do you have what it takes to host your own show?   Do you have a product or service you want featured?   We are targeting an October kick off date so contact us soon!

We’re also looking for regional correspondents?  Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Kingston, Brockville, Morrisburg, and all parts in between!  If you want to cover your city or town email us today!

And as always we’re looking for a few good Media sales reps.    Amazing remuneration packages for top dogs!

CFN Panic Button 2013-05-13

We also have two openings for media interns.  You have to be in J school to qualify.

Email us at for more info for any of the above and thanks for viewing the fastest growing media in Eastern Ontario!

Please click the banner below and subscribe to CFN.  We need 15 subscribers by October 2013 to add a toll free call in number Seaway Radio!

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  1. I am a CFRA aficionado so I am wondering if there might be any thought to a call-in format to address anything from local community issues to issues facing the country at large or the world as a whole or simply interesting exchanges of ideas or opinions. You know a mixture of serious and not so serious but all food for thought .

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    David we will be all talk radio pretty much.

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