Tim Hudak Jack MacLaren & Ron Barr Streaming Conference on Bill 80 Fairness is a 2 Way Street Act – 10 AM Sept 12, 2013

hudakCFN – Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak will be teaming up with MPP Jack MacLaren ( Carleton-Mississippi Mills) and Mr. Ron Barr, GM – Greater Ottawa Truckers Association.

On tap will be their conference about Mr. MacLaren’s Private Member’s Bill,

Bill 80 “Fairness is a 2 Way Street” Act.

If the technology works you will be able to watch it, streaming live in the box below.

Bill 80 refers to how Quebec construction workers can earn in Ontario while our workers are stopped at the borders of La Belle Province.

An Act respecting labour mobility in the construction industry aimed at restricting access to those taking advantage of Ontario’s policy of free mobility

For more on Bill 80 you can click this LINK.

Official release:

In response to Quebec’s infuriating persistence in throwing up red tape to block Ontario truckers and trades from working in Quebec, Tory MPP Jack MacLaren’s private member’s bill aims at bringing that discrimination to an end.


Today, his Fairness is a Two-Way Street Act (Bill 80), will be debated in the Ontario Legislature following its second reading.


“Quebec has a long history of making it virtually impossible for Ontario truckers and trades people to work on its side of the Ottawa River,” says the Carleton-Mississippi Mills MPP. “If you were 10 years old when a similarly-named bill was introduced and passed to cure this untenable situation, you’d now be 24.


“Over the last decade it has got worse, but the McGuinty-Wynne Liberal government has allowed Quebec’s intolerance of our workers while welcoming Quebec contractors to work in our,” added the Ottawa Valley MPP. “This has to end.”


“The only way to stand up for Ontario workers who want to work in Quebec is to place similar restrictions on Quebec contractors and workers when they want to work in Ontario,” says  Tory Leader Tim Hudak.


“This is about jobs for Ontarians.”


The original Fairness is a Two-Way Street Act, introduced by the Harris government in 1999, received all-party support, including from premier-in-waiting Dalton McGuinty.


When the McGuinty Liberal government came into power, however, and repealed the bill in 2006, Quebec began to ramp up its red-tape inhibiting Ontario workers, not only forcing them to fill out complex  French-only forms that take more than 30 hours to complete but demanding Quebec union participation.


“What have the McGuinty-Wynne Liberals done to bring this discrimination to an end? They’ve done nothing,” says Hudak.


“Under our bill , a Quebec trades worker will be prohibited from bidding on Ontario government projects, both provincially and municipally,” he said. “And we’ll make it just as tough and costly for Quebec contractors to bid on private contracts, too.

“Like the bill says, fairness is a two-way street. If Quebec likes putting up cul-de-sacs for our workers, then we’ll put a few dead ends for theirs.”

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  1. You will always have problems working in Quebec because of the construction union that controls everything.

  2. I like this Ron Barr guy, has the facts and is willing to fight for what is right.

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