Legendary Gazette Cartoonist Terry Mosher Hits New High with Quebec Premier Mariois Wrecking Ball Cartoon!

aislin marioisCFN –   Singers have their one special hit; authors their books, but legendary Canadian political cartoonist Terry Mosher, better known as Aislin, has hit a new high note in his long and historic career with his new cartoon depicting the Quebec Premier spoofing the Miley Cyrus song Wrecking Ball!

The long time Montreal Gazette writer responded to my query earlier this afternoon before his trip to Toronto.

I hadn’t actually seen the Miley Cyrus video until watching the CBC news with Wendy Mesley last night. With the yellow hair, I immediately mentioned to my wife that it could be Pauline Marois on a wrecking ball – with a few extra pounds. of course.. But surely someone has already done that, I thought?

Aislin 022213c

However, after checking a number of websites, I realized that the idea was my own. I drew the cartoon immediately last night in order that The Gazette could get it up on its site ASAP this morning. I knew I had something special as I was drawing it.

It wasn’t the first time that Mr. Mosher has spoofed the Quebec Premier….and probably won’t be the last.   His work can be seen in the Montreal Gazette and other fine periodicals.

And now for your viewing pleasure, Wrecking Ball!

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  1. Bye-bye Parti Quebecois, dit merci a Pauline!

  2. LOVE it!!!!

  3. From the lyrics of “Wrecking Ball”

    “I never meant to start a war
    I just wanted you to let me in
    And instead of using force
    I guess I should’ve let you win”

  4. So good, love it!

  5. When France acknowledged that multiculturalism was a failure in Feb. 2011 and echoed the opinions of other European countries, such as Germany and Great Britain it was cited that the nation needed to be protected from extremism. This followed the passage into law by the National Assembly of France on July 13, 2010 of the banning of wearing of face-covering headgear in public except under special circumstances.

    I understand Quebec’s stance and agreement with a growing number European countries whose experience puts them years ahead of our own. The problem is that the separatist provincial government instead of protection the public from extremism appears simple itself to be extremist. Perhaps the political party advisers could do well to consider diplomacy as a delivery option rather than the crass throat ramming approach they are so renowned for. Results might improve, just saying.

  6. The illustration of Pauline Marois ( with the yellow hair) is quite possibly the most flattering representation that I have seen of this woman ! Bravo Mr. Mosher !

  7. ON September 17, 2013 at 12:49 pm Stan Stalk wrote, “Bye-bye Parti Quebecois, dit merci a Pauline!”

    Yes, this is what we, here in the various places — outside — of the province of Quebec are hearing. And yes, this is apparently what is being whispered within the “bilingual” metropolitan city of Montreal but… Is this really the true sentiment of the hard core French powers that be in many of the boroughs who are “the face face” of the PQ base? The thousands that take to the streets on in a sea of blue and white on St Jean Baptist day waving their “national flag” chanting the now oh so familiar mantra of the French powers that be, “vivre le Quebec libre.”

    One MUST wonder.

    Was the PQ voted in “just because” of the “scandal” and how badly the Lib(French accent on the e)rals


    were viewed?

    But then, beyond that one must also realize that the “separatists” parties combined to garner a little over half the popular vote so…

    It almost seems that Quebec and the French power that be really don’t want to be thought of as “part of Canada” and “included” in that image of how Canada is being run under a conservative government

    — as witnessed in young J. Trudeau’s comments here

    but, those French powers that be also realize how well they have it from being part of the confederation and being part of a country that offers them such luxuries as… A pick of MANY of the federal jobs for the area that border Ontario and of course, billions in hand outs from the ROC in transfer payments that allows them to budget for things like inexpensive day care and the cheapest university tuition in all of Canada, just to name two.

    SO, they are torn and end up

    pumping their fists in the air every evening while watching the news about how Marois did this and imposed that, seeing Marois “do her dance of the separatist mentality”

    while at the same time being careful not to admit in public that this is really what they want.

    Or perhaps, they want the PQ – separatist party but just


    That’s also possible too.

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