La Citadelle in Cornwall Ontario Hosts 2013 International Day of the Girl Event – October 11

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Friday October 11, 2013 is a celebration of

International Day of the Girl

La Citadelle School in Cornwall Ontario is hosting a series of events and workshops.

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The second International Day of the Girl will be celebrated at L’École secondaire la Citadelle in Cornwall on October 11, 2013 with a free event targeting girls aged 8 to 16. 115 girls along with their parents participated last year.

Girls will take part in workshops promoting healthy lifestyles, positive self-image and the arts. “We want to celebrate being a girl,” said Renée Yelle, Project and Community Development Worker for Maison Interlude House and a member of the organizing committee. “We want to empower the women of tomorrow.”

Workshops cover everything from Zumba to yoga to mini-manicures.  Throughout the evening, girls will be invited to put their mark on a collective art piece, treated to healthy snacks and will leave with a goody bag loaded with surprises.  There are also draws for door prizes generously donated by local businesses.

Parents will be invited to a separate area where they can visit the booths of local agencies and gather information relevant to raising their daughters. Constable Jeff Lalonde of the Cornwall Police Service and Sarah Kaplan from ASAP will be doing short presentations to the parents.

The event takes place from 6 to 9 p.m.  Doors open at 5:30 p.m.  There are only 200 spots available.  To register, visit the News & Events Page at for your registration form or call 613-933-8035 and speak to Suzanne.

Other organizations involved in the planning of the event include Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cornwall and District, Counselling and Support Services and Partir d’un bon pas.

International Day of the Girl was declared by the United Nations after a campaign spearheaded by Plan Canada’s “Because I am a Girl” project.


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  1. Maybe it is just me but it seems to have come to the point that at the rate we are adding INTERNATIONAL DAYS OF … we will, in the not to distant future, have used up all the remaining available days of the year and then what do we do? Point being never over do a good thing otherwise it begins to lose value. I find myself beginning to become desensitized as a result of over saturation.

    But please do not get me wrong I will honour on October 11th INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE GIRL. Girls turn in to women and I DO admire women !

  2. Part of being a girl is to have fun with other girls. This is great! Ironically, girls (from the womb to age 16) in many places on the planet are aborted, sold, forced into sexual slavery, sent off to work in factories, married off or promised to old men.

    Maybe, over time, and in addition to mini-manicures girls could be taught a mini-course on human rights issues around the globe and celebrate those hard won in the West – from education, to reproductive and healthcare rights.

    They could also be taught a mini-history of how women achieved voting rights in Canada; a long and arduous battle only won in the 1940s.

  3. Women have access to a wide range of opportunities in Western economies (USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, South America (3-lady presidents . . . Brazil, Argentina & Chile). Perhaps the greatest economic freedom accorded to women in these countries is the freedom to start up and run a business . . . several businesses started by women individually employ several hundred people.

    There is big problem in several Asian and Middle Eastern countries where traditional and religious customs restricts opportunities for women. Some of the newly imposed restraints on educational, entrepreneurial and employment opportunities are occurring in nations where Western foreign political intervention occurred . . . . the newly imposed restrictions on women’s opportunities may be part of a back-lash against foreign political involvement.

    Several years before the young girl named Malala was shot and near killed in Northern Pakistan, a lady named Benazir Bhutto headed the government of that nation. Despite the rape epidemic that occurs in modern day India (thoroughly disgraceful), a lady Prime Minister named Indira Gandhi headed India’s government for several years.

    Beginning some 125-years ago, ongoing advances in the world of technology opened the doors of new employment opportunities for women . . . . and the range of those opportunities has steadily expanded. The new age of online and distance learning has allows interested persons to acquire the basics of an education at home, even crucial training for future employment . . . including entrepreneurial training. There are women (and a few men) who learned new skills through online and CD learning . . . plus entrepreneurial training . . . then started businesses based on their new skills (that expanded greatly on skills they already had). Perhaps this may be a future trend . . . get entrepreneurial training via online and CD . . . also get new skills training via CD and online . . . then start and run your own business based on your new skills.

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