Rick Lee of Ingleside Ontario Upset at Harper MP Guy Lauzon on TTA Bus Contribution LTE – September 23, 2013

lauzon poopedMr. Guy Lauzon Would you be able to explain this to me?


Your Party just gave full support to a Subway Line for Toronto.


Your Party clawed back my CPP by 37% and my EI by almost as much since I draw CPP,there are no Jobs here in Eastern Ontario, (Your policies gave them all away to foreign countries) remember you live here too, oh but thats ok you have a job, anyway so the Subway in Toronto will have a stop here in Eastern Ontario so we may get to work in the GTA???


Since that’s where my money seems to be going right now, as it sure as hell isn’t going here, Tell me Mr.Lauzon when is something going to be done for those of use who are just regular old born and raised Canadians????


The Jobs in Toronto will all be going to ethnic’s who will certainly vote for your party hands down!!! When are you going to start to grow a pair and start to do something progressive for here, something that will actually mean something to this depressed neck of the woods. I’ll tell you one thing if something doesn’t happen soon don’t you dare come knocking on my door at next election time.

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  1. It has been obvious for quite some time now that Mr Lauzon represents the Conservative Party of Canada, not the voters of SD&SG. Extreme partisanship at it’s ugliest.

  2. I no longer vote for any political party anymore because everyone of them are thugs, thieves, liars, corrupted to the core and you name it they are all evil. I am very conservative in my ways at home and have to be in order to survive. There are no jobs in Eastern Ontario and just the other day one of my daughter’s former co-workers e-mailed her saying that she was still out of work here in Ottawa along with the others. The conservatives cannot make miracles but are taking from the poor and middle to give to their rich buddies. No thanks none of them deserve my vote.

  3. I see help wanted signs and ads EVERYWHERE…some people are too picky…some people like handouts…some people just aren’t qualified for the particular job…but there are jobs….

    How’s that medieval english lit. degree working out for you?

    Serious shortage of trades out there…but alas…that would mean getting your hands dirty…we can’t have that.

    Those that go back to school and pick up a trade will be writing their own cheques in the very near future.

  4. There are many jobs and yes they don’t pay enough. You have to crawl before you walk, so take a position and meet new people and get connected with that better paying job by being professional. I have worked some very nasty, low wage jobs over the years. I’m still alive and kicking.

  5. Mr Lauzon is proud of the jobs he has brought to the new call center here in Cornwall and oh yes he is very proud of the English ones there as most government jobs are bilingual today but remember its law that you have your yearly evaluation in the language of your choice so most bosses and hiring personnel have to be very french and i have talked to a couple of those bilingual job seekers and these very bilingual hiring people have told them to make sure they apply for the English job because if a position came up lateron the french side they would be trained and get hired because their seniority would be a shoe in , so they did and got the english only job so much for the English designated jobs .for unilingual Cornwall citizens Saves on the training curve
    Thanks MR Lauzon for creating English jobs locally.

  6. reality plus, those statements show why government needs to review their involvement on language and why we need to tell them to.

    I am tired of the decade after decade of photo ops with large checks, they just show we can be bought with our own money. But 75 million for the low level bridge is not peanuts Rick Lee.

  7. What does the federal government helping immigrant city have to do with Lift-Off.?

  8. Jobs? Who the heck can survive on part-time 10 hrs a week min.wage or casual/call in (my all time favorite) and not everyone especially females can or want to work in a warehouse lifting over 50lbs per minute during a shift where a percentage of your wage is clawed back from these headhunters companies from Montreal etc. Not everyone owns a car or can afford the daily commute to companies who have settled in outer regions of Cornwall like Morrisburg, Ingleside even Long Sault where bus routes do not exist. We need jobs that will benefit the people young and older who worked hard to obtain a post secondary diploma/degree (past & present). We need good fulltime job opportunities that will keep our young educated in Cornwall or give them a reason to return and settle. We need good fulltime job opportunities for older (40 and up) highly experienced and educated workers who have lost their positions due to company budget cuts downsizing etc. CornwalI ,might add needs a decent college like Algonquin, Humber, Seneca, offering a decent list of courses and trades and night courses and we need a decent University in order for this town to move forward to a better future. This is the responsibility of our elected officials.

  9. Firefly, as a taxpayer I would rather not put more people on the Ontario sunshine list (88,412 public servants already making 100,000 plus last year) for another small university. Perhaps some of those “older (40 and up) highly experienced and educated workers” you mention, could approach St Lawrence College and teach what they know to eager people.

    Our elected officials won’t do anything unless approached!

  10. Another conservative charged under the elections act and revelations of the mob possibly infiltrating Canada revenue giving a huge tax refund to a well know mob boss owing million in unpaid taxes . after all the comments on the Liberal governments scandals does this not make the conservative government hypocritical ?

  11. @ reality check. The charges against Del Mastro is just the beginning. The robo-call thing will be next. And of course, Wallin and Duffy, who Harper appointed to the Senate as top Reformatory fund-raisers, will likely be facing fraud charges soon. Poor Harper. Things are piling up pretty fast. He’ll likely pull the plug on his political career within the next year.

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