Cornwall Ontario Mayor Bob Kilger Ditches Settlement Hearing in CFN Panic Button T Shirt Lawsuit

MilkCartonHoodKilger2CFN – Two high priced Ottawa Litigators from the firm of Borden Ladner Gervais LLP  descended into the Courthouse in Cornwall Ontario to represent the City of Cornwall and its mayor Bob Kilger, over the incident that took place in council when the Mayor elected to hit the panic button and call police to remove CFN editor Jamie Gilcig because Mr. Kilger found Mr. Gilcig’s t shirt offensive.

The irony that the man who hit the panic button was in fact missing from the hearing and left CAO Norm Levac to spend the morning in the courthouse with the two tax dollar paid lawyers for a situation that he solely created by initiating a conversation with Mr. Gilcig in council was not missed by many present for the settlement hearing.
It appears that there will be a 3 or 4 day trial in the new year; after nominations open for the 2014 Municipal elections.
The bigger irony for struggling taxpayers is that the cost of the trial most likely will exceed the amount of the claim.  This after the Mayor and council suggested taxes may be going up by at least 2% in the next budget.
What are you thoughts dear viewers of CFN?   You can post your comments below.
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  1. Why does none of this sound anything but familiar. As many know, along with the CFN– the same thing is going on all over, including in my city Oshawa, where similar gutless attacks by politicos in city halls defame, target and marginalize residents (customers) – everywhere. Keep on them Jamie!!

  2. Hmmm….. It all revolves around the principle of the situation.

    We have two people who won’t back down, want to save face if I may use that expression and make a statement…….enough said.

    Hopefully the judge is fair and not influenced by politics.

  3. Author

    “We have two people who won’t back down,”

    No Stella, we don’t. You’re 100% wrong.

  4. Bare-ass could have taken the high road, paid your damages,but unfortunetly does not care just how much the poor taxpayers have to pay for his lawyers shame on him,raising taxes to pay lawyers is a crime indeed,has the city had enough of this crook! Speak up…its your money he is wasting! Stay on his ass Jamie

  5. Jamie…..ok 100% wrong.

    I am not pointing the finger nor being accusatory, but one would wonder why it could not be settled without going before a judge.

    The expense will be outrageous for all concerned.

  6. Author

    Stella only the mayor and council can answer that. We showed up. We made an offer. We tried. I’d love to share how much they’ve spent so far roughly. I think the mayor and council should pay for this rodeo out of their own pockets.

    There’s no excuse for the taxpayer to do so. That’s why I’m not suing in Superior Court for ten times the money.

    Nothing about this case is about the money.

  7. Author

    Mary there’s a tiny part of me that hopes he will run again because the day he signs his re-election papers is the day I sign mine to run against him and hold him accountable in debate.

  8. The sad part is Bob Kilger totally disrespected his family (wife and kids) for having an affair with a women in Ottawa, not only having the affair but fathering a child with her and keeping it a secret until all hell broke loose.

    With doing such a cowardly low life act like that and it not bothering him one bit, do you really think he gives a crap how much money (our tax money) he spends to get out of this mess?

    What I also have a very hard time with is how this scum bag can walk around the city knowing full well the horrible image he and others have painted on Cornwall.

    Cornwall is not by any means A City with a World of Possibilities, it’s a city of corruption, liars, cheaters, politicians who will do what ever they can to damage and hurt people. A group of people who will stop growth if it does not benefit their pockets or their own agendas.

    I would never move back to this shit hole called Cornwall if life depended on it. So thanks Mr. Kilger for all you have done to destroy such a beautiful city, you SOB.

  9. Jamie…..believe me when I tell that I know it is not about money. Never thought that for a minute.

    To be honest with, I have the highest respect for Diane, Mr Hickley and you Jamie, for standing up for what you believe is wrong. People need to feel comfortable and secure when coming forward with wrongdoing.

    Hopefully when all is said and done, the outcome will have paved the way for others so that the partisanship and harassment will stop.

  10. There comes a time when someone with guts does stand up to the bully . You Sir have done that.
    What happened in council the night in question was totally wrong. I am not picking sides however there are rules and procedures and none were followed .
    Running for mayor would bring this matter to the public forum where it belongs .

  11. How come there is no story about Chuckles Charlebois here on the CFN? Surely another attempt by the Family’s lap dog to rape the city again must be stopped. They ruined the port. Let’s not let them do more damage to the city by getting public money for a far out waterfront project on their turf.

  12. enjoy skydiving

  13. This current council and its lame duck leadership has been a bitter disappointment and repeated embarrassment to this community. At a vulnerable time when all of us needed to feel the rush of forward movement this administration spiraled straight down totally out of control. Taxes continue to rise without apparent concern for the burden this is placing on families already challenged by poor decision making of the past which shows no sign of change. Policing costs escalating indicating that crime is on the rise or resources are not well managed. Lack of vision or poor communication of the proposed future of this community. General lack of enthusiasm from those in a position to motivate and promote. And individuals without taste suggesting that the current eyesore at Pitt and Second should be salvaged and used in the future in other locations of the city. Really ? We continue to be made the laughing stock of eastern Ontario with suggestions like that which was probably conceived to cover up the fact that it was a poor idea and poor use of funds in the first place. Nobody says anything, no one takes a stand against the insanity of our collective situation.

    Despite all of this, like you ADMIN, I sincerely believe in Cornwall, I want this to be a great place to live, raise a family and the the inevitable, grow old. I want to be proud of our accomplishments and our reputation as a people. I have faith that going forward to the next municipal election people in this community will rally to support a candidate who can rise to the challenge.

  14. Go Jamie! Bare ass Bob should be bare ass embarassed! He will spend every cent of taxpayer money to cover his ass.

    Tick tock tick tock keep digging the hole Bob!

  15. The arrogance of the Mayor Bob Kilger shows the disdain he has for the justice system. If I were the judge I would have issued a bench warrant to get Bob into court and face up to what he has done. He has dug his own hole now, whats left is to just bury him! I wish you the very best of luck Jamie.

  16. Author

    Thanks Stan. In my opinion the mayor not showing up is just a continuation of the personal vendetta he seems to have against myself and CFN.

  17. No settlement….guess they have a pretty solid argument then. To me, it seems open and shut. You were asked to leave. Upon refusal, the police were called in to remove you from the premises. You were given ample opportunity to cover up or leave. You even blurted out remarks about Kilger’s conflict of interest. That alone is enough to have you escorted out. To put this on the backs of the taxpayers of this city only shows your disrespect for it’s citizens. You knew what would happen. You loved the publicity. You couldn’t have scripted it better. Can’t wait to read your spin on it when you drop the case or lose. Also, please run for mayor. When you lose, please make the same promise Korey Kennedy did. What a joke!

    p.s. pretty sure Skydiving`s anonymous comments go against everything you preach on your blog. Hypocrite!

  18. that video is a classic

  19. @ gimme-a-break or Diane should we say. Receptionist for the Mayor and CAO. NOTHING speaks more then your post and who you get your pay from.

  20. Author

    GUAB I think you have the wrong Diane.

  21. Re Bob Noble : Not picking sides
    Sir You better re-read your post
    Make it a great day

  22. I am with you Jamie and the posting by gimme-a-break and give-us-a-break
    I support you jamie

  23. OOPS! Our mayor has gone missing again. Time to bring out more t-shirts to find him.

  24. GARY W. SAMLER the heck with finding him ! Make some Dear Clementine shirts, LOST AND GONE FOREVER ! One can dream anyways.

  25. IS that WALDO ?

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