Smiths Falls Former Hershey Chocolate Plant Goes Green as Chuck Rifici Tweed Inc to Start Medical Marijuana Plant

hershey canadaCFN – For generations chocolate lovers in Eastern Canada would venture to Smiths Falls Ontario in an odyssey to indulge their cravings for Chocolate.

Hershey thought it better to move its plant from Canada to Mexico; right near a cattle yard, decimating the workforce of the town of about 9,000

In fact Mayor Dennis Staples shared that they are rebuilding after losing nearly 2,000 jobs between Hershey and other factories and industry leaving including the shutting down of the Rideau Regional facility.   In fact the town recently lost its Economic Development Officer as well as other high end city Managers.

weedGood news for the town; is that Tweed is planning to turn the facility into a Medical Marijuana plant.    The connection between Marijuana and chocolate is a long friendship that this creation hopefully will stay connected  to.   The old Chocolate store at the plant will be having some interesting offerings surely?

chuck rificiCEO Chuck Rifici had quite a team put together and it may not be a coincidence as his background with the Federal Liberal party whose leader Justin Trudeau is calling for the Legalization of Marijuana.

In this case, with this project, they are talking about 100 or so jobs returning.   Wage points have not been released, but this might be a real example of “Green Job” creation in Canada at a time and a place that surely needs those sustainable jobs.

While the ins and outs of Medical Marijuana are still evolving it certainly will be a growth industry both here and in the US over the next decade.

Marijuana tourism is also becoming a growth industry in areas like Washington State.

Tweed will not have a store for Marijuana.  Its website states that its product will be available via phone or internet only.  It is hoping to fully utilize the facility and develop related business as well.

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  1. Great for the economy…..but as a patient who needs medicinal marijuana I should be able to provide for myself FREELY and not be forced to depend on a large manufacturer to supply me with an extremely expensive product that can I CAN GROW ON MY OWN! The laws need to change …. Legalize…. but don’t stop the patient from being self-sufficient 🙂

  2. Perhaps they could sell cookies in their store or some other appropriate snack food. Personally, I always liked steak and pepperoni submarine sandwiches to accompany my….ah….medication. But that was a long time ago when they used real steak and good quality pepperoni and crisp dill pickles….mmmm dill pickles.

  3. I have nothing against marijuana, but to open a huge plant to grow it for medicinal needs…a pure waste of tax payers monies. Why not put in an industry that an ordinary consumer can go into and buy the product, example another chocolate factory or other products that are useful to non medicinal people.

  4. This might be a great thing for Smiths Falls, but it’ll probably be a relatively short-lived business. Canadians will sooner or later elect a progressive government, and our asinine prohibition of marijuana will be a thing of the past.

  5. To” Whom” do I send my resume to.

  6. Yes Furtz, we’ll elect those pot-smoking Fiberals to lead our country.

  7. Fiberals? That’s genius! It’s not going well for the Cons these days. Those danged election fraud charges sure suck.

  8. I am very naive sometimes but am still amazed by the connections these people have with government groups. This guy is a CFO for the federal Liberals.

  9. @ Eric. It is pretty strange that Chuck works for the party that would put him out of business if elected.

  10. Correct me if i am wrong are they not legalizing the use of marijuana not the growing of it . But what a great market gardening opportunity lol

  11. I think Trudeau is blowing a little smoke with his push to legalize and regulate the evil weed. Sure it should be legalized… Le Dain Commission made that clear back in ’72. But how does one regulate something that’s easier to grow than tomatoes?

  12. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  13. I would like to know if Tweed Inc. has a website with a career option.
    I’d like to submit a resume 😀

  14. Author

    Peggy click on the links in the story.

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