Cornwall Ontario – Marc Emery has led an interesting crusade in the name of making Marijuana legal and accessible to Canadians. He, his wife Jodie, and his supporters,  along with others in the mostly BC led industry deserve thanks from all Canadians who think it’s insane for marijuana to be prohibitedContinue Reading

A Cornwall Ontario doctor may be facing charges from two patients over his refusal to deal with the patient’s request to access medical Marijuana. CFN has learned that there were two patients in particular with both feeling bullied and one being allegedly “fired” by the doctor after the doctor wasContinue Reading

  Over the past three years from 2013 to 2016 marijuana prescriptions given to veterans has increased from slightly over a hundred to over a thousand. Clayton Goodwin gave a speech from the steps of Parliament Hill on April 20th on behalf of Canadian Veterans this 2016 to an escalatingContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Ottawa Medical Marijuana user and advocate Russell Barth issued a release today after his complaint about comments made by Mayor Jim Watson were made public last April.   The Mayor refused to apologize for a comment that Mr. Barth feels was discriminatory. In the release below Mr. BarthContinue Reading

CFN – For generations chocolate lovers in Eastern Canada would venture to Smiths Falls Ontario in an odyssey to indulge their cravings for Chocolate. Hershey thought it better to move its plant from Canada to Mexico; right near a cattle yard, decimating the workforce of the town of about 9,000Continue Reading