RIP Denis Brodeur 1930- 2013 – May He Enter the NHL Hall of Fame Soon

denisbrodeur1956CFN – A great man passed away.   Denis Brodeur was a kind and generous man.  He loved sports.  He loved his family.   He was warm, a great story teller, and had an awesome sense of humour.

When I was working in Sports Card shows in the early 90’s in Montreal I was introduced to him.   At first he sold me photos for the players I used at my shows and at other gigs.

I got to meet his family and visit their home in St. Leonard.

In that basement; in those wonderfully warm rooms were some of the most amazing pictures I’ve ever seen in sports.    Denis cherished some Muhammad Ali shots.    You can see how much he cherished the sanctity that comes with being a champion.  It was something that his son and family carried with them.

I remember seeing his Olympic goalie mask.   I remember the time that his boy Marty would tag with to one of my events.   Marty did his first show with me and his agent, Gilles Lupien even once called me up screaming that I was trying to steal his client when all I was doing was protecting him at a few signing gigs.

When I wanted to explore journalism, Denis, Marty, and his brother Claude took me for lunch at the old Biftheque restaurant on Cote de Liesse in Montreal.   Not until I was well lubricated did my recorder come out.  It was funny.    It felt like…family.

When I left hockey and moved to Los Angeles I drifted away from most of my hockey connections and people.   Over the last few years I’d wanted to look Denis and Marty up; but I made the mistake that so many of us do.  I was too busy.

A moment of silence at the Bell Centre.  A true honour for a gracious man.

Reading today about Denis passing away after his fight with a horrible illness reminded me of so much.  Of a great man who should be in the Hockey Hall of Fame for his contributions to the history of the game with his amazing and legendary photographs.

I truly was a very lucky man to have met and worked with him and to his wonderful family my deepest condolences.

RIP Denis Brodeur, a champion who fathered a Champion and gave so much to so many.

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  1. One of the most decent photojournalist to carry a camera
    You would be hard pressed to find one photographer in Montreal today that didn’t get a helping hand from this fine fine man
    RIP my dear friend

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