Apples and Art 2013 Virtual Tour by Reg Coffey – September 30, 2013

Marlin Orchards Studio 9
Marlin Orchards Studio 9

CFN – This was a terrific weekend for the annual Apples & Art Tour in SD&G. Not only was the weather fantastic but the art at each of the Studios was breathtaking. Over the two days of the Tour I visited each Studio and walked through with my video camera trying to capture all of the pieces on display. I didn’t actually follow any particular order but I did get all of them in.

Day 1 – Saturday, 28 Sept 13

I thought that the picture of Marlin Orchards was appropriate to use a the feature image at the top of the page because, as I was informed by Gilles Givogue at Studio 6, this is where it all started and why this artistic celebration is called the Apples & Art Tour.

Studio 10 Old Grey Mare's Studio
Studio 10 Old Grey Mare’s Studio


The first video here begins on Saturday at Studio 8 with Rose Desnoyers and includes Studio 9 with Joanne & Doug MacKenzie, Studio 10 with Mary Anne Pankhurst, and Studio 11, Virginia Lake.



The second video includes Studio 12 with Cynthia Gatien and Cheryl Langford, Studio 2 with Beyond Clarity Photography, and Studio 1 with Elsie Gallinger.


Studio 12 Cynthia Gatien Studio
Studio 12 Cynthia Gatien Studio


Day 2 – Sunday, 29 Sept 13 

My tour begins again on Sunday at Studio 3 with Micheline Tanguay and her collection of paintings and jewelry. This video also includes a walkthrough of The Art Gallery where we saw the works of Moneek Miller, Ana de Wilson and Johanne Pidgeon.


Studio 4 (TAG) Moneek Miller
Studio 4 (TAG) Moneek Miller


Next on my tour was the Studio 5 or the OBO Studios which featured 7 artists and deserved a video all to themselves.


Studio 5 OBO Studios
Studio 5 OBO Studios


My last video of the Apples & Arts Tour includes Studio 6 with Gilles Givogue, Studio 7 with Heather J. Smith and a return to Studio 2 to see Barbara Bracken and her Beading by Barb.

Studio 2 Lost Villages – Beading by Barb


Studio 2 Lost Villages - Beading by Barb

I would like to point out that videos and pictures on the internet do not do justice to any of the art work which I saw this weekend. To fully appreciate the talent of these artists you have to see their work in person and up close. The lighting, textures, vibrant colours and even the expressions on the artist’s face while they talk about their creations cannot be duplicated with a camera.

If you missed out on the tour this year it was your loss but you can always file away the idea in your memory bank to attend next year. You can still visit some of the permanent studios that are open all year round such as the TAG and the OBO Studios. Treat your senses and go see some real art up close and personal.

Coffeys Coffee 300x250 2013-04-14


SouthStor Celebrate 300X250 2013-06-23 REV03


  1. So generous of you (CFN) to spend time at each studio. I’m sure everyone is thankful. Nothing like video to capture the sights and sounds of a wonderful community event as it’s happening. Great job, Reg! Thank you

  2. Very good coverage Reg.

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