Sobey’s Freshco Car Crash Raises Development Questions in Cornwall Ontario by Jamie Gilcig – POLL Waterfront

jg2CFN – Cornwall Ontario reminds me of Pittsburgh in many ways.  As its early industries faded away new opportunities were created.

While many suffer during transitions if handled well new opportunities can lead to prosperity.

In Cornwall’s case a whole waterfront will be up for grabs.  While there are some pollution issues and we do have a freaking toxic mountain of a dump named Big Ben in our core; some changes are showing that without sound planning generations will suffer.

Right now Sobey’s is opening a new Freshco at one of the few intersections that had traffic issues in this city of 45,000.   Not much thought was given to the new traffic issues or those thoughts were buried for quick development dollars.   The new hospital renovations also will impact the intersection of 9th and McConnell.

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First Freshco Crash!

Now with the huge 7th Street development by Smart Centres promising a new Wal-Mart Super store the buzz is the reason why the city chose not take advantage of purchasing the ideal location of the former Tourism property is that Smart Centres can have access to the busy Brookdale artery at the foot of the new $75M bridge to the US.

(Smart Centre’s Aaron Clodd was called for this story, but chose to not respond.)

That too will be looking to become a traffic nightmare.

Growth is a wonderful thing.   But vision and proper planning are critical to the true growth of a community.

With a BILLION dollars worth of potential development of our Waterfront in Cornwall this just might become an election issue.

Kilger Beard

With the mayor and his colostomy bag already attending meetings of a waterfront condo development on former Domtar lands questions are being asked as to how this development will benefit all of the residents of Cornwall and not just a few “friends” and the local Remax office?

What do you think Dear Viewers of CFN?  Are you happy with the way that some of the projects are impacting our city?  You can post your comments below.

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