Sobey’s Freshco Car Crash Raises Development Questions in Cornwall Ontario by Jamie Gilcig – POLL Waterfront

jg2CFN – Cornwall Ontario reminds me of Pittsburgh in many ways.  As its early industries faded away new opportunities were created.

While many suffer during transitions if handled well new opportunities can lead to prosperity.

In Cornwall’s case a whole waterfront will be up for grabs.  While there are some pollution issues and we do have a freaking toxic mountain of a dump named Big Ben in our core; some changes are showing that without sound planning generations will suffer.

Right now Sobey’s is opening a new Freshco at one of the few intersections that had traffic issues in this city of 45,000.   Not much thought was given to the new traffic issues or those thoughts were buried for quick development dollars.   The new hospital renovations also will impact the intersection of 9th and McConnell.

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First Freshco Crash!

Now with the huge 7th Street development by Smart Centres promising a new Wal-Mart Super store the buzz is the reason why the city chose not take advantage of purchasing the ideal location of the former Tourism property is that Smart Centres can have access to the busy Brookdale artery at the foot of the new $75M bridge to the US.

(Smart Centre’s Aaron Clodd was called for this story, but chose to not respond.)

That too will be looking to become a traffic nightmare.

Growth is a wonderful thing.   But vision and proper planning are critical to the true growth of a community.

With a BILLION dollars worth of potential development of our Waterfront in Cornwall this just might become an election issue.

Kilger Beard

With the mayor and his colostomy bag already attending meetings of a waterfront condo development on former Domtar lands questions are being asked as to how this development will benefit all of the residents of Cornwall and not just a few “friends” and the local Remax office?

What do you think Dear Viewers of CFN?  Are you happy with the way that some of the projects are impacting our city?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. “Remax office” is the new “Holy Gilles Latour”. Son. Very funny.

  2. Accidents at Malborough and 9th are not a new thing – check the records – my sis lived at that corner for 6 years and said there was an average of 3 accidents a week. Don’t blame this on the new mall.

  3. i live on 9th and the traffic is awfull you cant get out of your driveway city really needs to sit a figure soemthing out as we are going to have many accident on 9th and someone will get hurt real bad we need another stop light where the park is on 9th to stop the cars from coming way to fast from sydney street to malborough and only one stop light comeon city wake up maybe the city people who sits on the board should come and live on 9th and i bet something would get done then

  4. This is a ridiculous article with such an ignorant Headline.
    If there is a traffic accident then you should be blaming the driver that didn’t yield the right of way..Your article doesn’t support the headline or explain how construction was to blame for the cause of the accident.

    Ridiculous…but congratulations on wasting my time and enticing me to write my feedback….

  5. * With Respect to the Domtar lands…

    PARIS Holdings has had quite a tax holiday considering the value of the former Domtar lands. And REMAX stands to make money hand over fist in the development and sale of those lands.

    Meanwhile we are about to see a new “fuster cluck” of an intersection built at Brookdale Avenue and Water Street. Traffic will be directed along the waterfront, where you can expect to see developers begin tearing up our parkland.

    A pathetic “green ribbon” (as the waterfront committee cheerfully calls it) along the St. Lawrence, will be all that remains of our current huge swath of green.

    * With respect to “Fuster Clucks” in general…

    Cornwall is beginnining to look the part of a needy and pathetic beggar. Developers are beeing given a free ride with no development fees, and can build willy nilly thanks to the inept and incoherent planning department.

    That bunch is more likely found celebrating birthdays with cake at the office, than hunkering down to plan and promote development consistent with healthy neighbourhoods, prosperous small business (outside of City Hall’s Friends and Family), public transit, youth recreation… and everything else that doesn’t just line someone’s pockets.

  6. Development of Domtar lands benefits the city by increasing property tax revenue. Anything would be better than what is there now! What do you suggest is built in that space?

  7. More taxes a benefit to the residents of this city?

    Of real benefit to the residents of Cornwall, would be to stop the corruption, managerial inneptness, and innappropriate relationships (sexual, social, business and otherwise) that have cost us $3 million or more dollars in unnecessary legal fees and settlements to the victims of the degenerate buffoons reigning over City Hall.

    And it continues…

  8. Hi Gimme,

    Your previous comments, “Development of Domtar lands benefits the city by increasing property tax revenue. Anything would be better than what is there now! What do you suggest is built in that space?” No argument with that logic, however, how long must we as citizens, tolerate the Hiroshima looking landscape, that we now have ? Granted, we (City) does not own that waste land & the owners can pretty well do as they wish, but when you apply for a demolition permit, is their not a deadline for the completion ? Why isn’t the City taking action against this bunch ? Get a legal opinion, Lord knows, this City Council sure seems to know to retain a liar for advice ? The City is bankrupting us, by having liars on speed dial !
    But getting back to the former Domtar lands, the City should be exercising their influence in getting that property up to standards ? ? ?

  9. More property tax levied means more cash in the coffers Simon. As long as maintenance and service costs don’t exceed the revenue, it will benefit us all.

  10. Dear Ms. gimme-a-break, and anyone else missing the point,

    It’s a given that more taxes = more cash. But we wouldn’t need more taxes and more cash but for the degenerate wastrels at City Hall.

    It’s because of corrupt and inept managers, and innappropriate sexual and business relationships, that we have millions of dollars in legal fees and settlements to the victims of these buffoons at City Hall — as if moral bankruptcy weren’t enough, we’re broke financially as well.

    Cornwall has now slid into the role of starving pathetic beggar, while developers are allowed to build willy nilly, and we sell or children’s birthright…. “for a mess of pottage”.

  11. The despicable and greedy scum that governs where our money goes and where our children’s futures lay, somehow think they’re here forever; even with colostomy bags, rotten livers, pancreatic failures, plain old saggy aged frames, and flaking brains.

    Well I’ll be “phoqued” if I see a single room, plaque, building, or park with their moniker on it when they’re voted out, or when they inevitably croak.

    They’re a selfish delusional lot, and it’s time for a sane, empathetic, and in touch group of citizens to take up the fight for fair and honest governance for Cornwall.

    Jay Ehm

  12. No need to mince words JAY EHM, nice to see someone get passionate and put it out there ! Sounds to me that you have no intention of wasting your next municipal vote ! Get your neighbors excited too and encourage them to attend any and all meet the “candidate” functions. See you there !

  13. Author

    Yes I hope to see lots of people who are passionate about their communities at our first Town Hall meeting at the Air Force Wing on Sunday October 27, 2013

  14. LOL LOL. ROLF! Jay Ehm you sure made me laugh this is good one thanks. Bare Ass is so busy dreaming contemplating how he is going to rip off everyone and take off like a dog with its tail on fire down the highway saying goodbye to all the suckers who lined his fat pockets. Young people are leaving Cornwall and saying goodbye to Dodge and they have had enough. All you will see are frail, old folks with colostomy bags and white hair getting their funerals ready until not one person will be left in town. So much for development when people will not be around to use the facilities. I have a good laugh this evening and came in the right time.

  15. Jamie you cannot compare Pittsburgh to Cornwall by any means possible. Pittsburgh is a big city and Cornwall is a farm. Yes Pittsburgh is kind of run down but there is no comparison at all. It takes people with a good visual planning and money to make a city work and without any of that forget it. Cornwall has been in the dumps for longer than what you or I were born and they never changed nor do they want to. There was a General Motors plant offered to them and they turned it down and many other businesses as well. You have been very fortunate just to make your little business there while so many are turned away for no reason. When the administration is no good and the people don’t have a broad spectrum but want to stay behind then it is their own fault.

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