First Car Wreck in Front of the New Freshco in Cornwall Ontario – September 30, 2013

9th marlbourogh sept 30 2013CFN – The 9th & Marlborough/McConell are of Cornwall Ontario is already one of the traffic areas of concern here in the city.    Now with the development of the hospital and new Freshco shopping mall has scene its first car incident before its doors open.

9th marlbourogh sept 30 2013b

Photo courtesy Michel Lalonde

The two car collision led to two passengers in the sedan being examined.  The pick up driver was not reported to be injured.

It should be interesting to see the number of incidents occur once the grocer actually opens.


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  1. Drivers in this city are going to dam fast , to go where ? I nearly got hit today at Pitt & 2nd , we had signal to walk north from the south west corner , Fullerton Drugs, we all started to walk across, this female driver had to slam the brakes on and came with inches of hitting me, she said sorry ! REALLY

  2. Is it possible that this accident is unrelated to the FreshCo, since it isn’t even open yet? There seem to be assumptions being made by the writer. Though you may disagree with the decision to develop this land, you can’t use one (unrelated) accident to support a theory. Your motives shouldn’t be this transparent! Report the news, don’t judge it!

    Sorry, not very good journalism!

  3. Far too many accidents at that corner, just wait until Fresco opens and people exiting the mall from 9th wanting to head east to Marlough Ave. not much thought in that area at all. Also, lets repave McConnell from 10th all the way to 5th yet leave a stretch of old cracked and warn out pavement in front of the hospital, smart engineering that was.

  4. people are so silly now a day running red lights!!!! !!!!!and” its not your driving you have to watch out for its the others driving” you have to watch for its sad that this has happend but in the real world what did you think was going to happen????!!!!!!

  5. Don’t blame in on a store that hasn’t opened yet. Blame in on the drivers not paying attention. That’s what it is….not necessarily speed.

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