Courthouse in Cornwall Ontario Struck Overnight By Bad Guys…or Gals… October 1, 2013

cwl court house break inCFN –  The court  house in Cornwall Ontario was broken into overnight.   Police confirmed that nobody has been charged so far and that there have been no reported injuries or any theft reported.



At 10am they were still investigating the scene and the clerks didn’t have access to any of the files. Court rooms were delayed by about 1/2hr

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Photo courtesy of Jason McEvoy – Facebook.

townhall meeting


  1. Was there a break in…or did somebody throw a rock thru the door
    Back in my day…there was a real breakin..and evidence against a local man ..supposedly disappeared

  2. Anyone know about the murder on first & Gloucester the other day?

  3. Stella you must mean all the sex tapes belonging to a defense attorney which was the smoking gun from project truth,how friends protecting pedophiles suddenly LOST this evidence

  4. My God I have a lucky day for laughs and news of abundance. A murder on 1st and Gloucester, a break in at the court house and probably some very juicy films missing to incriminate Cornwall’s “evil archy” of corruption of all sorts of goodies. Who said that Cornwall is boring to the hilt. There is more going on there like “Peyton Place” than anywhere else in the country. I can’t stop laughing I had to get up for water all is so very funny indeed. Jamie has a lot of goodies in store today.

  5. I only ask because no news has been reported anywhere, and there is now a makeshift vigil set up there.

  6. Usually someone wants to break out of the courthouse and not in. Something is mighty fishy for sure. There cannot be any money of food stored in there for anyone to steal. How low some people can get.

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