South Stormont Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart Goes Rogue – Blasts Mayor Council Staff Over Organizational Review

Tammy Hart at RO Craft Show 27Nov10CFN – South Stormont Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart has gone rogue after making strong accusations  in the Standard Freeholder today against not only her council but staff.

In particular she seems upset with what she calls a “lack of transparency” after she was not happy with the results of in camera meetings.

In particular the Deputy mayor seemed to target South Stormont’s Ms Betty DeHaan who does double duty as both CAO and Clerk.

CFN Spoke with Deputy Mayor Hart Saturday.


The release of the story in the Freeholder also is odd as it’s Saturday and hard for council and the township to respond; especially considering the gravity of the assertions.

One of the questions that the Deputy Mayor cleared up is that she made her statement in advance knowing that a public statement on the Organizational review was about to be released.

Ms Hart shared that she felt that the Freeholder reporter had been waiting for answers and wasn’t happy with official answers so she decided to divulge details.

Insiders in South Stormont have been sharing how communications with the Deputy Mayor have been strained over her ongoing feuds with Mayor Bryan McGillis; other councilors, and staff.


Reached by phone a very surprised South Stormont Mayor Bryan McGillis stated the following;

I was very surprised to read today’s story in the Freeholder as I had told Greg (Peerenboom) that we had to inform several staff before we could comment or release our statement regarding the Organizational & Compensation reviews which council had unanimously agreed to participate in.

I am very proud to work with our team who are both cost efficient and effective for the taxpayers of South Stormont.

After speaking with council, we are disappointed in the release of this statement as we are committed to being transparent and accountable to the voters.   Only Deputy Mayor Hart can answer why she felt she had to prematurely divulge information prior to the process?

I’m confident that the public will be positive about the results of our review and we will be releasing an official statement soon.

The next meeting of council this Wednesday night should be interesting.

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  1. I congratulate Tammy Hart for her accountability & transparency . She puts taxpayers first I like that! Keep up the good work.I will remember at next election those who chose in camera meetings

  2. Hart is a lose cannon and Obviously can’t work with anyone. Hart thinks we are all stupid but her.

    Hart has stated in the interview that she does not THINK she is in violation of closed meeting proceedures regarding personelle.

    In other words she could care less if she is in violation of the code of conduct. Council and staff must have there hands full with this idiot. She obviously lost the trust or her Council, Administration and the rate payers of South Stormont.

    Tammy Hart, I have NEVER heard of one good idea come from you in all the years you were on council, other than negative remarks. You have single handedly made a mockery of the entire Township. Good Job………………………………………………..Not

  3. Oh come on Newbie. Tammy lead the charge against the bilingual signs on the Long Sault Parkway a few years ago. She’s not afraid to fight for what’s right.

  4. I’m right on Furtz. Hart made herself look like an idiot then too. Tammy LED what charge? She was a loan wolf standing under a park sign running the Parks Commission down to the lowest.

    Then a year later, I read in the Paper that Hart thinks the Park Commission and Manager Deglish is doing a great job. She said this not long after the parks Commission reclaimed Farran park on the Twp. This was very confusing to say the least.

    She is not afraid to fight even though it’s WRONG would be more accurate. Winston Churchill said it best…Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.

  5. What is it going to take for Furtz to understand that it was and is the placement of some of the French and English on those signs that is wrong. The upper left corner should have the English component and French then on the upper right. If placement is not important, ask the Quebec government or read the Federal Identity Program on it.

  6. The mayor and council don’t have to worry about Tammy’s remarks to the Standard-Freeholder because readership has been going down and down on that newspaper. Today, the news comes by CFN, they are the best!

  7. I for one applause Tammy Hart for speaking out on this issue.We have all seen way to many incamera meetings in both South Stormont and Cornwall.
    If issues are sensitive and of a personal nature then I can see the justification however most details should be made public asap. My understanding here is that this meeting took place at least 2 weeks ago and the public has not been made aware of the results.
    If the employees at the municipal office can not write a summary of the meeting in that length of time maybe they should be REPLACED instead of being given HUGE raises.
    The mayor does not run the township nor the city of Cornwall ,however most on council sit quietly and vote in favour of pay hikes for themselves and do not make it public.
    Good for you Tammy Hart and people like Andre Rivette who have the public interest at heart and not your own pocket book .

  8. Anyone who can read their high-school French or English grammar texts will know that the language placement and use on the Parkway signs is perfect in every aspect: from a design point of view, and the proper use of both languages. They are award winning signs in every aspect. That was never the issue. That “narrow-minded, ignorant” furor also caused the loss of one of the townships’ most important investors.

  9. As the taxpayer, the person who pays ALL public servants, at every level, along with their bosses, I question why anything discussed that I have to pay for, is allowed to be hidden from me under the guise of “in camera” sessions. Who invented such a “transparent” way for the public to have a say in how much they have to pay those that work for us? We find out AFTER it is too late, the raises have been given, and even then, we only get a portion of the story. Tammy Hart has always, and continues to, be the ONLY council member who is truly concerned with the public’s right to know what is going on with YOUR tax dollars. I, for one, appreciate it. Keep it up, Tammy!

  10. Politics needs more Tammy Harts!!!
    Thanks Tammy for speaking the truth & standing up for the people.
    There is a time & place for in-camera meetings, but the public deserves to know what is hoing on behind closed doors .Your spending our $$$$, remembere that Bryan & friends!!!

  11. Not sure about the parkway signs but if there like most bilingual signs French will most often come first I am going to have to look next time but all over the city the English language is bastardized to a point it is difficult to read if your in a moving car IE in big gold letters

    bibliothèque de Cornwall library

    English people read left to right the correct signage should say

    Cornwall Library and underneath bibliothèque de Cornwall the same was true on the the old hospital sign on McConnell site

    “Hopital Hotel Dieu hospital”

    not sure how they write the new one of course safes space and money using the formats mentioned

    With the majority of the residents reading English with many french speaking residents that cannot read french priority should be to creating a sign for the majority like

    Cornwall library -bibliothèque

    also signs should be English on the top again so the majority can read it easily especially if driving after all that’s what signs are for .

    recently a detour in Cornwall had two signs the first one was in french the other in English was right after it by the time i realized it was in french i was past the second as it was too close. this becomes a safety issue big time .
    Its time major studies are done with regards to human perception and bilingual signs and spacing this should be a federal funding not Ontario tax payers if money is needed maybe a portion of the Quebec transfer money could be used as it will benefit them more. hmm in Quebec road signs are uni lingual putting us all at risk

    as for Tammy hart have only heard good things about her as she fights for transparency on many issues like the pellet factory now there is a story that continues to be untold rumor has it that the township lost money on that one . In camera meetings are a very good way of hiding all sorts of things from the public.

    by the way I am french Canadian by birth and proud of it but i prouder to be a Canadian and believe in true equality something that never enters the debate over bilingualism unfortunately as your called a bigot versus protecting your french heritage . Just the reality of the debate .

  12. And who was that investor Roger did they stand up and say it were they financially strong or possibly use it as an excuse to leave possibly ??

  13. @Reality Check
    English to the back of the bus, if we ask for fairness we get chastised & called names. I am sooo tired of it!!!
    Thanks again to Tammy for standing up for “signs” that are NOT properly displayed as per the Federal Identity Program.
    I too have noticed how French is now first all over Cornwall, I’m just waiting for a big Franco flag to be planted on entrance to city on 401.
    Silence means consent & KUDOS to Tammy for using her voice!!!

  14. It is so narrow minded and ridiculous to fight over bilingual signs and they are NEEDED. It is terrible to read all the insults about French language being kicked around and it is about time that the French-Canadians speak up for themselves and not take any of this crap anymore. A sign is a sign and for everyone. When foreigners come over and many speak French as a second language then those signs are very useful. The way people behave you can see that Cornwall is very racist. I don’t even need that to know that Cornwall is very racist – I was born there and grew up there and later lived there for a while before moving on. You sure won’t get ahead that way.

    As for Tammy Hart I don’t know her nor do I read or listen to much but Mayor McGillis is doing a pretty good job for his community. Long Sault and all the other little towns are clean and what a huge difference to looking at Cornwall. If I were to live in a small community I would never live in Cornwall for the life of me but rather the places outside – I think as far away from Cornwall as anyone can get that has any sanity.

  15. @ Jules. Are you saying the Cornwall is a racist community?

  16. @Jules
    Your right!!!
    Cornwall is racist as English people can’t work in their own community.
    Just put a Big “E” on my shirt & ship me out of town to work, even though I was born & raised here! !!
    I pay taxes, but who cares, its ALL about appeasing the French.Too hell with us English!!!!
    Just like I said, we complain & the name calling starts!!!

  17. Yes Furtz you read me right.

  18. Jules you missed the point big time as usual English people needs signs they can read thats all i was saying and that’s what tammy hart was saying too at the time i seem to remember

    the following does not make sense in English at any time

    bibliothèque de Cornwall library

    since the majority of Cornwall is english would you not say it should read

    Cornwall Library
    Bibliothèque de Cornwall

    a sign my friend is not a sign if it cannot be read, jules because your bilingual there is no way in hell you can comprehend what a english person goes through often and unlike you who claim your hard done by have you ever traveled on a highway where you can’t read the signs telling of danger ahead drive in Quebec!!! by the way a stop sign in france says stop not arret and parking there is parking not de stationnement i have talked to many educated french people who laugh at our signs .

    mr Roger E. Roy agrees fully with me on this topic he states these words

    “from a design point of view, and the proper use of both languages.“ from that statement alone he would agree on the library sign from a grammatical pôint of view

    bibliothèque de Cornwall library from a design point of view when English is read left to right to a period ending a sentence this sign is nothing but poor language and i am sure if it was reversed there would be an immediate response from the french critics so don`t give us the crap as you stated
    it is terrible to read all the insults about French language being kicked around and it is about time that the French-Canadians speak up for themselves “

    you are the racist one because you jump to conclusions my comments were not about not having french signs my comments were about having proper English on bilingual signs and placed in ways that they can be read properly in the case of caution signs on the road hence my recommendations for a study but you jules can only read it one way and its people like you that create the kickback thats becoming stronger all the time why can you not be like many of the English that say okay if we have to do it do it properly not slanted one way only .
    love to hear your comments on how the Quebec government treats English speaking people .

  19. Tammy I commend you for being honest in a profession that often avoids honesty and infact has a disdain for it.

    You stand proud with your principles ,the voters and the people will recognize this.
    I believe (taxpayers) employee’s(elected officials) must be accountable to thier employers the taxpayer and in camara discisions are in the publics interest and the public should be made aware of.

    Thanks Tammy for speaking up for your constituents its just unfortunate that it has become a rarity in politics as opposed to the norm.

    realitycheck October 6, 2013 at 1:42 pm

    ” by the way I am french Canadian by birth and proud of it but i prouder to be a Canadian and believe in true equality something that never enters the debate over bilingualism unfortunately as your called a bigot versus protecting your french heritage . Just the reality of the debate .”

    Very well said and thank you for being honest to us but to yourself as well. I stand up for my English rights and I am labelled,called a bigot ,french hater ,racist .
    Yet for French its supporting thier culture and at the taxpayers expense.

    When will fairness come back to the equation as I must wear a “E” for job interviews ,forget about that merit thing ,it holds no value nor an education if you are an “E”.


  20. I agree with English Lassie RE: her post on October 6, 2013 at 1:27 pm
    English Lassie wrote, “Politics needs more Tammy Harts!!!
    Thanks Tammy for speaking the truth & standing up for the people.”

    I admit i don’t know Tammy personally and i also admit that i don’t generally have a deep interest in the politics in Cornwall but, i admire Tammy for standing up on that sign issue. I would vote for her ANY DAY.

    Same goes for South Stormont Mayor BRYAN McGILLIS as well. I admired him for standing up Re: the bilingual funding issue back when. I made the effort to call and email both of them at the time to be sure they were both aware of my admiration & support.

    Truth be told, that was actually the issue which brought me to find out about the CFN web forum and the good folks here that i have come to know over the past few years.

    Folks that I consider a great team of concerned Canadians that are helping to disseminate the warning message regarding the insanity of how the majority English language is slowly, and ever so skilfully, being pushed aside in this country.

    Keep it up Tammy.
    There are MANY in your corner and I AM proud to say,

    PS: Thanks also to Jamie & CFN for their support.

  21. @jules Re: POST on October 6, 2013 at 4:35 pm

    jules wrote, “It is so narrow minded and ridiculous to fight over bilingual signs and they are NEEDED.”


    “A sign is a sign and for everyone.”

    I have told you before Jules, and i will tell you again. PLEASE take this silly argument of yours and bring it to the French people Quebec who have outlawed the English language in CANADA.
    Once you done that and convince the French not to discriminate against our fellow Canadians who happen to speak the common language of the VERY COUNTRY that the province of Quebec resides in, THEN you can come here and direct this kind of blaming the WRONG PEOPLE stuff towards the English who have done nothing but give and accommodate the French for years while the French do things like outlawed the English language in that backwards province over there.

  22. The sign issue should be looked at a different way, and proper grammar is not at issue.
    Look at the highest, top part of the sign, above the “chemin” for those that are height challenged or of a certain age that skips the first part anyway.

    The “Parks of the St Lawrence” in English should be first, on top or to the left depending on the sign to show respect for the majority language. We also need and in some minds, more importantly, consistent road signage designs for people to know where to look while driving.

    You think it is no big deal or petty, stand up for your rights or have them removed or time, asked a business owner in Russell how easy that is.

  23. Mr Roy are you the Mr Roy that worked before retirement for Parks Canada if so then your earlier comments regarding the signage at the parkway are probably Bias as your probably bilingual since you would have been a federal employee whose mandate is to push Bilingual signs and since the hierarchy of the federal government in this area of the country is predominately french heritage they tend to see french on a sign first with out any consideration for the majority of the people who would be reading that sign . the majority is English followed by bilingual people who all read left to right and would understand a sign designed this way that leave a very small minority of people that would be served by french first. You mentioned the signs at the parkway as quote” language placement and use on the Parkway signs is perfect in every aspect: from a design point of view, and the proper use of both languages”

    thanks to Eric i now seen that sign

    considering the majority of the sign readers speak English or perfectly bilingual your view as language placement as perfect shows your contempt for the majority who read left to right making them very less than perfect and showing how out of touch the people who made this sign are and maybe bias and even pushing a personal agenda instead of doing what the majority of Canadians paying them are looking for .
    I comment Tammy for all her efforts to arrive at fairness and transparency inspired by Jules statement it time English Canadians speak up for themselves and not take any of this crap anymore.

    remember Mr Roy if your Bilingual you have absolutely no understanding of what we are saying as any bilingual sign you have only seconds to see if your driving you can read unlike the majority . hopefully you will understand and join the club that wants bilingualism done fairly addressing the majority over the minority and make signs FUNCTIONAL NOT BILINGUAL

  24. realitycheck, perfect.

    The City of Ottawa has just begun changing some road side library directional signs to pictographs of a person reading a book. The only word is Ottawa on top and the change is because some listed Bibliotheque with Library below it.

    It looks like there are well over a half million people in Ottawa who only speak English, glad to see someone sticking up for the rest of us. Funny how under a half million Francophones for all of Ontario are so entrenched and vocal, but more than that number in one town.

    Francophones, don’t come back spouting 600,000, the Ontario government changed the definition of Francophone, Canada Census did not.

  25. What does a lack of transparency in SS have to do with language on signs.

    Really now!!! Who the h*ll cares what language comes first second or third as long as the two official languages of this country are visible. Take the knot out of your shorts and get with the program.

    If you haven’t all the things you want
    Be grateful for the things you don’t have
    That you wouldn’t want.

  26. Author

    Just a reminder to everyone to please try and stay on topic.

  27. stellabystarlight, I will assume your note is towards Furtz or Quebec LOL

    But actually the openness of the Manitoba government is connected, they say they are officially bilingual through one side of the mouth but are not through the other. Like Ontario they have French Language Services that are not fully entrenched across the board.

    People really need to start demanding better from the people we are paying.

  28. 2 Thumbs Up Tammy! Proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Tammy, you are absolute right , it is about time someone is trying to fix the idiotic way the Township is run.
    I hope some day the Mayor and council are the ones to make the decisions and rules and run the day to day
    Keep up the good work, Tammy.
    I admire your guts and will support you all the way.
    Best regards, Charlie

  30. Way to go Tammy..folks you want a shake up..Lets change our council next election..Dont vote for the same idiots all the for people who want change..and rarely see dual language signs in Quebec..why should the rest of Canada bow to them…

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