South Stormont Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart Goes Rogue – Blasts Mayor Council Staff Over Organizational Review

Tammy Hart at RO Craft Show 27Nov10CFN – South Stormont Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart has gone rogue after making strong accusations  in the Standard Freeholder today against not only her council but staff.

In particular she seems upset with what she calls a “lack of transparency” after she was not happy with the results of in camera meetings.

In particular the Deputy mayor seemed to target South Stormont’s Ms Betty DeHaan who does double duty as both CAO and Clerk.

CFN Spoke with Deputy Mayor Hart Saturday.


The release of the story in the Freeholder also is odd as it’s Saturday and hard for council and the township to respond; especially considering the gravity of the assertions.

One of the questions that the Deputy Mayor cleared up is that she made her statement in advance knowing that a public statement on the Organizational review was about to be released.

Ms Hart shared that she felt that the Freeholder reporter had been waiting for answers and wasn’t happy with official answers so she decided to divulge details.

Insiders in South Stormont have been sharing how communications with the Deputy Mayor have been strained over her ongoing feuds with Mayor Bryan McGillis; other councilors, and staff.


Reached by phone a very surprised South Stormont Mayor Bryan McGillis stated the following;

I was very surprised to read today’s story in the Freeholder as I had told Greg (Peerenboom) that we had to inform several staff before we could comment or release our statement regarding the Organizational & Compensation reviews which council had unanimously agreed to participate in.

I am very proud to work with our team who are both cost efficient and effective for the taxpayers of South Stormont.

After speaking with council, we are disappointed in the release of this statement as we are committed to being transparent and accountable to the voters.   Only Deputy Mayor Hart can answer why she felt she had to prematurely divulge information prior to the process?

I’m confident that the public will be positive about the results of our review and we will be releasing an official statement soon.

The next meeting of council this Wednesday night should be interesting.

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