Kevin Langlois Expresses Frustration as Judge Delays Hearings Against Fellow Funeral Brawler Lawyer Nicholas Dougan

Kevin Langlois earCornwall Ontario – A very frustrated Kevin Langlois left court this morning in Cornwall Ontario.  Mr. Langlois shared some of his frustration over the ongoing saga that started the day of his father’s funeral when a brawl broke out between himself, lawyer Nicholas Dougan, and eventually his sister who came to his aid after Mr. Dougan bit off a portion of his ear and bloodied the lawyer’s forehead with one blow ending the brawl.

Charges were laid against all three, but because of “Conflict of Interest” Mr. Langlois could not get legal aid in Cornwall and was not furnished with any assistance to retain counsel from outside Cornwall.

In fact today was the first day after months that Mr. Langlois was able to address the court as his case was remanded to April.

Mr. Langlois shared that the Judge said he didn’t need legal aid as the Crown was not seeking jail for him.    He said he addressed the court, but that a bailiff shushed him.

He stated that he feels frustrated that Mr. Dougan will be “let off” because he’s a lawyer.

Video from original story way back in June!

For Mr. Langlois the memory of his Father’s funeral is forever marred.  His ear tip was never found, and for his family the hope of punishment for the man they feel ruined their solemn family occasion seems to be fading.

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  1. In Cornwall there is no justice it is only JUST US. The whole thing is rigged and we were told that many years ago and never forgot it.

  2. I think we are not getting the full story…..

  3. This guy jumped out of a car during the funeral precession to attack the lawyer. Any unwanted memories of that day were all made by himself and his family. I certainly do not feel sorry for what happened to his ear

  4. This is a town that has proven itself to be corrupt in every aspect, sadly the system is designed to protect those within. There is no justice to be found by entering politics with good intentions. in order for democracy to function there always has to be two sides. This brings me to think of dr king, who always stressed the point that peace cannot be produced by our current system. It’s designed that someone always must suffer for others to be on top. Our only way to overcome is to band together, not as cults or groups but as one. If blacks grouped together, made their own political party and began to fight for themselves as a race they might bring some benefits to other blacks, but once again others who aren’t black would be penalized and mistreated. Democracy, fascism, communism, they all have one end goal: Support Corportate Establishment

  5. I continue to say right up till today and till the time that I am no longer around on the earth is that the whole thing is rigged, corrupted to the core and it is only JUST US and there is no justice at all. Mr. Langois’ ear is disfigured because of what happened. The lawyer who attacked Mr. Langlois was supposed to be an educated man but he proved to be of a low category to go and spit on Mr. Langlois’ vehicle and he saw that it was a funeral. I am not saying that Mr. Langlois was 100% right – no but I am saying that an educated man who is supposed to be a pillar of the community does not go out and act like a hoodlum. I do blame the lawyer for his act that promted Mr. Langlois to get mighty angry since he was going to bury his father. The blame mostly goes against the lawyer. There is no justice in Cornwall and only JUST US.

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