Is Bernie Boo Boo Going to Run Again for the Liberals in the next Federal Election? Bernadette Clement

Bernie BoredCornwall Ontario – This has been a rough political period for legal beagle Bernadette Clement.    The city councilor in Cornwall Ontario failed in her run to upset MP Guy Lauzon in the last Federal election actually finishing worse than previous Liberal candidate  Denis Sabourin inspite of having a two year lead in!

Maybe the buzz mounting over Justin Trudeau has her sniffing around to run again as she’s on a current public appearance and media chasing frenzy in Cornwall?

Insiders in the local tiny Liberal scene say that her flirtation with Premier Kathleen Wynne and a possible Provincial run are over as the Premier is possibly expecting a  Spring election and Ms Clement currently has a lot of political baggage due to the scandals in her municipal government.

The irony isn’t so much that she herself triggered them, but the general public feeling that as a lawyer she of all the councilors should have known better and not let her loyalty to Mayor Kilger allow her to watch illegal conduct such as the mail tampering that kicked off this term.

There also has been a clear non achievement for Ms Clement and her council this term.   Most of the limited successes in Cornwall were from the last term.   Job losses are still hurting the River City and the cloud of Conflict of Interest clearly are starting to show cracks in City Hall, as well as a struggling small business economy for the River City.

With at least two whistle blowing cases and the lawsuit from this very newspaper of the Mayor and council allowing the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to be trampled when the Mayor had this scribbler removed from council by seven police officers because he didn’t like my t shirt estimates are that the City has burned over $3M in cold hard cash in litigation, settlements, and investigations alone.

It certainly has been a black period in Ms Clement’s political career.   She might be wishing she took that judge offer in Sudbury after all?

Where do you see Bernie Boo Boo politically in the future?

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  1. She was so excited about the replacement No-Frills she may have no time for more politics. I heard she makes a mean voodoo doll.

  2. Ms. Clement has the impressive ability to speak often and at length without saying much of anything.

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