is Clearing My Snow This Winter – Will they be clearing Yours?

SnoGo 480x140CFN –   November is almost here.   I just signed up with to make sure when I need to get out of my driveway it’s clear.

With highs this week dropping below 10c and overnight lows heading south of ZERO it’s time to sign up for peace of mind with

   Have you called Mike and his family at to book your winter season snow removal?

Due to the warmer start of winter in the East, lake-effect snowfall across the snow belts of Ontario will be heavier than normal this winter with more sustained invasions of Arctic air moving over the mostly unfrozen Great Lakes.

Brr!   Tired of clearing that deadly ice and snow after the plows block your driveway?

Some frequently asked questions:

What equipment do you use?
We use John Deere 6330 Tractors with inverted Normand blower units. These units offer the best job in the industry today.

How come you don’t use snowplows or backhoes?
Our tractors do a much neater job on your driveway, not to mention safer! We dont need to push up onto your lawn. There is no pile of snow at the end of your driveway or damaging your grass. Our blowers drag the snow away and blow it where ever its best. Also the blowers are equipped with Stainless Steel and teflon blades so they are unistone or interlocking friendly. Many communities (IE: Montreal) are now banning trucks or backhoes because of the damage to city property.

Will you come back after the snowplows have been by?
Yes, we always watch for this, and will swing by again after they have been by.If the plow comes by again, Please call us to let us know.

What should I do if I have an emergency and you havent been by yet?
Call our office! or if you have any advance warning, like a family member is coming home via an ambulance or a wheelchair van, We will dispatch the closest tractor to you.


Don’t get stuck this winter.

613 577  7669

Cornwall, Summerstown, Lancaster, Bainsville, Glen Walter


Call Mike at and make sure you’re covered this winter!

And tell him you read his ad on CFN and you might just get a surprise when you sign up!

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  1. Yes, I have hired SnoGo this year and am hoping to not get burned again. I had Syljack last year and had to have others clean my driveway. So a little nervous about hiring someone again but heard good things about SnoGo so fingers crossed.

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