Aislin Cartoon Not Run in Gazette – Can you Guess Why? October 25, 2013

mosher oct 25 2013CFN – Legendary Canadian Cartoonist Aislin created this cartoon today for the Gazette, his home newspaper, but they elected not to run it.

Can you guess the reason why?

I’m not being critical in any fashion.  I find it interesting how larger corporate media work as I learn and evolve in this field.

I’m not even sure I disagree with the Gazette.

I do know I admire the work of Mr. Mosher though and am honored to run any of his work here on CFN.

More information is available at:

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  1. It is certainly respectable of Lac-Mégantic residents to not run it, maybe in a few months it would not hurt as much. I don’t think the senate is train wreck just yet, but I hate that happened, and is now taking away from the Ontario liberal mess notoriety.

  2. I’ve been a big fan of Aislin for years, but that one is a stinker for obvious reasons.

  3. not even in mention of lac-megantic its truth of how this senate scandal is becoming might as well say its a runaway train

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