Will Subban Sign with Habs Long – Vanek Moulson Trade a Winner for Isles & Sabres – Sens Missing Something by Jamie Gilcig

jamie n fitzy 2013 SMCFN –  PK Subban is about to become a truly wealthy man.  Habs GM Marc Bergevin may regret not signing up his star D man when he had the chance, but this is where it can get hinky on PK.

Push the envelope to the wall, and the pressure will be Gomez like.   Each and every plink in the Hab’s performance will point at number 76.

Look at goalie Carey Price right now because of his big money contract.   Because of PK’s holdout the feeling of many fans is whether PK is a long time Hab solution or not.   He’s certainly the most talented player on Montreal’s squad and is about to become the highest paid; but the bottom line is how hard do he and his agents push because in this age of the salary cap you need balance to have a deep and talented team.

The Islanders & Sabres made a very interesting trade.   Buffalo sent Vanek to the Isles for Matt Moulson a 1st and 2nd round draft pick.

Vanek should benefit more by playing with John Tavares than Moulson did.   While many expect Vanek to sign in Minnesota in the off season the deal isn’t that bad for the Islanders.    If they don’t sign Vanek before the trade deadline they probably can get at least a 1st plus as a rental back and in the meanwhile Vanek will help them get to the play offs.

Buffalo in the meantime gets a 1st and 2rp and if they don’t like what they have in Moulson still can flip the UFA as well.   Good hockey deal for both clubs.

The Ottawa Senators though are a team in need of something…  They lost to both Anaheim and San Jose.  Their bottom six just aren’t clicking and the are missing grizzled vet Sergei Gonchar’s presence.

While the team found ways to win without their vets last year through injury, something seems to be missing this year…Daniel Alfredsson?   Were the Sens Penny Wise Pound Foolish and are the Hockey Gods upset with them?

What do you think Hockey fans?  You can post your comments below.

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