CFN is Proud to Introduce The Art of Everything with your Curator Mary Anne Pankhurst

gold fish pankhurstCornwall Ontario –  As most regular CFN viewers know I’m a huge fan of the arts and artist myself.  While I may never be able to paint like Mary Anne Pankhurst or some of the talented folks we will be covering; it’s something that I cherish in life and am proud to share with the public via The Art of Everything!

Mary Anne Pankhurst is your curator as she and her team will scour the region for some of our very most talented people in various mediums.

From Ms Pankhurst:


Gracious thanks to CFN for providing a virtual space where creative people will show and tell us what they “do.”

I’m not an art critic.  Nor do I have a fine arts degree.  My university years were spent in the biology department and in journalism school.  But I’m also a self-taught painter.  And having recently participated in the Apples and Art tour, am struck by idea that art shouldn’t only be an annual celebration, but a daily one.  I believe further if we continue to stick art away in brick-and-mortar places like galleries and museums, the more we are likely to distance ourselves from understanding what art – or artfulness –  is.  
pankhurst 2So what is it?  I think artist Michalangelo Pistoletto says it best.  To paraphrase: “That artists must be present in all activities, as sponsors of thought, in whatever endeavour people take on, at every level.”
So with that in mind, the Art of Everything could potentially encompass anyone from the pastry chef to the palliative care nurse, the pop music performer or the preacher.  
One by One Mary Anne will be sharing her finds with our viewers.   To contact her email via
And to view The Art of Everything CLICK HERE
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  1. Thank you Mary Anne for sharing your art with us. I think this has just become my favorite column in CFN.

  2. Good luck Mary Anne and welcome to CFN. I look forward to reading your future articles.

  3. What a beautiful way to share ones spirit, throught that sometimes misunderstood language called art.
    Very nice Mary Anne 🙂

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