3-2-1 NHL Mulling Shoot Out & Over Time Habs Hit by Lightning in Shoot Out by Jamie Gilcig – Nov 13, 2013

Jamie arms foldedCFN –   4 on 4 in OT?  3 on 3?  Is this NHL hockey?   I hate gimmicks.  Hate them.  I hate 4 lines of hockey.    I think some fans do too.  I mean you pay top dollar for a ticket, parking, dogs, beer, do you really want to see fringe players?

That’s for a whole other piece; today is about how to end games.   Right now we are seeing too many OT and Shoot out situations.    I hate the shoot out personally.   I get that some people dig it, but it’s just not NHL to this long time hockey fan.

I’d like to see a 3 point win in regulation.   That would have teams chasing the win and keep the night’s a little shorter.    Some teams play it safe and playing it safe hockey is like the trap; boring!

One period of OT with a 2 point win and if still tied, 1 point for each team.    The laws of diminishing results should push teams harder to go for the win.

NJ, Detroit, and SJ already have 5 OT games each this season; that’s nearly 33% of games not counting Shoot Outs.   Is that making the games better?  More exciting?   Fighting for that 3 point win will force some teams to play some fire wagon hockey and frankly we need more octane to the game.  It also would force teams to play more of their better players which is another win for the fans.

In tonight’s game Montreal fought back against a Stamko-less Tampa Bay.    Carey Price, who most people know I’m not a huge fan of held the Habs in after giving up the first goal.  He stopped 45 shots in a game that saw Montreal out shot in each period including OT in their own barn!

After over time Montreal choked in the shoot out and Carey could throw a tantrum.   The importance of giving up the first goal.   Maybe that lesson will stick.

Montreal is starting to get healthy.   Daniel Briere was back from concussion and slotted at Centre while David Desharnais sat in the box.    Mr. Briere scored the Habs lone goal which is good news.  Better news is that Boom Boom Alexei Emelin is back this weekend and not a moment too soon as Montreal isn’t the same team without him.      How hard he hits it after coming back from knee surgery should be very interesting.   Having Emelin and Douglas Murray on the same back end should have some forwards skating with their heads up more in against Montreal.

What is becoming clear is that Daniel Briere seems to be the replacement from David Desharnais instead of Erik Cole/Michael Ryder.   With Max Pacioretty not being Max Pacioretty the Habs really seem to be one forward shot in their top six.


What also seems clear is that Montreal needs to improve its 5 on 5 play and the shoot out.

Montreal is at Columbus Friday with the Rangers visiting Saturday which means Peter Budaj should get a game in; but more importantly Montreal will have to up the ante as the Ranger have improved and Columbus is not a team to take too lightly especially if you compare team templates.

The Habs need to pull the trigger and rejig the roster; especially with other teams fishing around to do the same or they will end up becoming sellers by the All Star break.


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