Pastor Tom Newton: Response to David O. blind scientific faith LTE

Pastor Tom Newton:   Response to David O. blind scientific faith  LTE


LTEIn my last letter on Halloween, some wrote about science and the Bible – David O. is one of them, I would like to reply to him and others like him.


David you fail to make a distinction between truth and science.  I understand that in a materialistic mindset that the secular world can only observe, and therefore believe only what science can dictate. Often my son and I go around on the changeableness of science – I accept the changeableness of science, but I also see a supernatural world that is governed by the Lord God Almighty, and He has revealed Himself via His Son’s incarnation, and by giving to us the Holy Scriptures by the work of God Holy Spirit.


When it comes to the spiritual, supernatural, miracles, etc. science has a blind eye, I accept that, but David the Bible long ago declared that the earth was round, but religion and yes even science said – “no the earth is flat”. The Bible is a scientifically sound revelation. Of course one might argue the point of creation vs. evolution, but evolution is a theory, same as Darwinism. Don’t try to redefine the word “theory” – I majored in science, mathematics, in the college I have taken, and I was a HVAC technician, appliance repair, furnaces, etc. as a trade before I became a pastor, so I know something about the scientific method – a theory is not absolute. Big difference between what real science calls a theory and a law.


And by the way where are all the missing links in Darwin’s theory? The transiental fossils? Just one – reptile/bird one? I like the tadpole myself! Can’t science come up with more than that? Modern science sees through their observations that Darwin’s theory can not hold up to what they are discovering in God’s world. How unreliable is many, if not all the dating techniques today? And shall we discuss the change from global warming to climate change? It takes more blind faith to believe some of the stuff science comes up with and passes off as fact – the truth, absolutes then it does to simple believe in an Almighty, loving God, who is well able to create a world that appears to be old.  Like NASA finding a planet just like earth, and how many billions of light years is this supposed planet from us – hogwash. Science has limitations, or don’t you believe that? The oracle of science never lies!


Data, observations can be twisted to say anything the science community wants it to say that is politically correct in order to fund their pet projects. One scientist says this, and another says this, and another, and another… These scientists have more credentials than they know what to do with them, and yet, they fail to agree. While each one cries – “I have the truth”.  Where are the honest scientists today anyway? The Bible’s track record on it being scientifically sound has never been disproven otherwise, but the Bible is not an exhaustive science book; it is a divine revelation from our Creator, who has purposed to communicate to His creatures what is the absolute truth, that does not change, because God does not change. How can you scientifically determine what is right from wrong? Is the Bible reliable when comes to archaeology?  How about its history facts?  Say all you want about science David, but don’t call it truth, or pretend that it is absolute!

Pastor Tom Newton, Calvary Baptist Church

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