Denis Thibault – The Darker Side of Cronyism – Ontario Liberal Hustle in Cornwall Ontario?

Thibault WFCornwall Ontario –  We get a lot of email each and every day at CFN; about 800- 1000 emails each day.  Most get dumped promptly to the trash bin and then you sift through what’s left.

Some of those are tips or pieces of information.   Many times they are not valid or impossible to prove.

We recently had this gem come in.

Am so tired of the “old boys ” club here in Cornwall….a few things for you to look into Denis Thibault leaked news of Rob Hickley losing support for lawyers payment for his suit against the city to Todd Lihou at 2 pm today  

Do you think it is odd that Denis  T. has hired Todd Lihou’s WIFE..and recently given her a promotion ( with zero justification) ….talk about influencing media. Oh and Kelli Shaver _ Rick Shaver’s daughter – was the only staff member of an EOTB project (SNAP- with 5 employees- most more qualified than Kelli) to be offered continued employment??? She has now moved on…but the nepotism is ASTOUNDING….more to come

As it turned out the judgement against Mr. Hickley was accurate.
Kimberly Vass Lihou is of course the wife of Seaway News Editor &  Team Cornwall Suck up Todd Lihou.
Now Mr. Thibault wears many hats and one is as head of the Eastern Ontario Training Board.   Mr. Thibault will not return emails wearing that hat or provide service to this company for example while sucking back his provincial salary.   (The Eastern Ontario Training Board is Provincially funded)  His relationship with CFN via council should not colour his paid gig with the EOTB; yet it has to date.
If you were at the Liberal leadership  nomination meetings at the KOC Hall in Cornwall you would have seen Rick Shaver and his family toddle in and vote.
So what we have is the head of agency that dispenses public funds hiring the wife of the editor of a newspaper, and also working with the daughter of said newspaper’s  Manager ( Mr. Shaver lost his publishing title with the Trans Con owned paper)   The same manager who is actively supporting the Liberal Party of  Ontario which Mr. Thibault also is active in.
Mr. Thibault also writes a column for Mr. Shaver and of course spends a lot of EOTB money with the Seaway News and of course was the architect of the boycott of CFN with the City of Cornwall.
The Province of Ontario, and all provincial agencies to date under the Liberal Governments of both Dalton McGuinty and Premier Wynne also boycott CFN.
Anyone seeing a trend here?    There were suggestions and  conspiracy theories that Mr. Thibault was also behind the termination of Greg Kielec at Le Journal de Cornwall over his stories exposing corruption at City Hall here in Cornwall.      Mr. Thibault  via the EOTB had the ability to impact ad dollars for the tiny regional chain in cities like Hawkesbury, Rockland, etc.
Since that time Cornwall City Councilor Andre Rivette, another Liberal, has joined Le Journal and lo and behold many ads have started to appear again.
Sometimes glimpses of light spill through the shadows of darkness from the halls of politics and business; is this one of those occasions?
Is this random?  Is this just friends taking care of friends?  Is this something more dark and sinister?    Should anyone spending tax dollars be able to use them in a partisan fashion?  Is there not a responsibility to the public?
The dots in these relationships certainly do connect.  While the conclusion may be not clear and still be questionable it certainly does deserve some scrutiny and consideration.    And government services should be open to all; not only those that support the despot in that position.
But with Mr. Thibault supporting the criminal actions and conflict of interest of Mayor Bob Kilger ( a good friend of Dalton McGuinty) and Liberal candidate for just about any position, Bernadette Clement, one can surely wonder how local conspiracy theorists radars are going off?
Is this partisan politics at an extreme with deep tentacles leading to Queen’s Park or is it just a sleazy bunch practicing nastiness and cronyism?
What do you make of this dear viewers of CFN?   You can post your comments below.


  1. More like an episode of the x-files. Where would any of us be without some Nepotism????

  2. Cronyism has always existed and always will, This not only happens in Cornwall nor just in politics. Who you know and how willing one is to play the game will determine the success of most and of course a little money will help in any situation.

  3. EOTB
    How can anybody, such as Mr. Thibault, expect to tell people what they will need for experience over the next few years? ( arbritrary expanse of time) when industry has no clue what will be in production next week?

    EOTB is a bad joke

    Friends helping friends…It’s ok to put pen to paper but you would get more action if you put foot to pavement. They steal tax money while smiling at you I think now it is yur time to get back in their face…But do so with pride and respect….

  4. Author

    Yes it also was Mr. Thibault that was on stage at Lift Off after the non secured $30K loan from council who then helped get funding for a position for Lift Off. The only jobs his agency should be helping fund should be sustainable ones.

  5. Admin I assume you read the Labor Market information available on line.

    What a joke it is merely marketing marketing marketing….there is no answer provided to where any of these changes will be necessary, who will benefit nor who precisely needs what.

    It is a way to have people go back to school and earn a fraudulent document by a fraudulent system while keeping people in debt…
    See our last discussion on the other topic…’s coming here

  6. Denis Thibault is a bully and a corrupted liar and {MODERATED}. When people put none of the above to be re-elected they were absolutely right not one of them are any good at all.

    Haley I have read not {MODERATED because Jules went waaaaaay off topic}

  7. If the owner of a private business that operates exclusively on revenue from sales of goods and service, whom they hire is their business. In this history of this area, journalists have had involvements with politics . . . onetime Charlottenburgh Township Councillor Bob Roth wrote a column for Seaway News, Onetime Cornwall Mayor Gerry Parisien had previously worked as an announcer for CJSS News and may have worked there during a stint as an alderman. While still an elected councillor, Roth actually wrote a column some 20-years ago in SN that called for the closure of Cornwall Regional Airport.

    When cronyism prevails in private, unsubsidised businesses, a competitor can often rectify such a situation, unless the business is protected from competition through government regulation (a more ‘polite’ form of cronyism). The worst examples of cronyism occurred when federal and provincial governments gave grants to companies to open in economically challenged communities, such as Cornwall that literally became a revolving door for such businesses . . . they even hired relatives of public sector people.

    Easy access to money from federal and provincial governments has fueled much of the cronyism and favouritism that has and still prevails in Cornwall and surrounding area. The City of Detroit declared bankruptcy while the constitution in some American states requires administrations to keep a balanced budget (NO DEFICIT). In Canada and Ontario, when federal and provincial governments reduce expenditures and require municipalities to use financial resources more efficiently, perhaps that would reduce occurrences of cronyism and favouritism.

  8. Seaway Valley news huge comment posted online…because they only get two comments a yr or so i figure
    Well, so much for a prime minister giving butt-kissing members of the media a place at the public trough. Thanks Mike and Pam for ruining it for the rest of the pack.I am willing to bet Four quarters of beer that former SF scribbler thought he was going to make the Senate short list for all his PR work for a local politician while he was suppose to be an independent journalist

    Recent comments

    “butt-kissing members of the media” Very sorry Big Mac but this seems like the Pot calling the kettle black

    Stellabystarlight, November 18, 2013, 23:27

  9. I wonder if a certain crony magnet remembers thinking he was a chick magnet around Canada Manpower… back in the day when harassment wasn’t discouraged, but was instead rated by other bully perverts and secretary/clerk harassers.

    And does that crony magnet remember a little chat that set him straight (for a little while anyway)?

    Does he think there won’t be another chat in the near future on behalf of his current victims?

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