Weird Freeholder Agape Story Goes Boom As Council Rejects Funding After All by Jamie Gilcig

Weird Freeholder Agape Story Goes Boom As Council Rejects Funding After All by Jamie Gilcig

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Cornwall Ontario – You know it must be getting close to election time when Cornwall Ontario Mayor Bob Kilger doesn’t back Councilor Elaine MacDonald who tried to back door funding for the Agape Centre which she is on the board of.

It was Twilight Zone time for the while  which started earlier in the day when the Freeholder released that headline as well as the odd dating of Sunday November 24th.  The story even quoted Exec Director Alyssa Blais of Agape doing the happy dance about getting her funding and talking about the construction project she would be able to turnover to her friend or family member to get cracking on.

Of course the Freeholder released that headline prior to the actual council meeting where the Agape funding was on the agenda.   One wag actually said it was our CFN story of yesterday that put pressure on the mayor and councilors to vote against the funding which was a 5-5 tie with Mayor Bob Kilger casting the deciding vote against his good buddy Elaine.

Syd Gardiner summed things up best; the benefits of being around long enough to remember the odd thing;  in this case that Agape took $200K from City Hall for renovations on the proviso of not returning for more.

btw, what the heck language is Clerk Helen Finn speaking?  Can you understand her either?

The debate and discussion show how dysfunctional some members of this council are from clear lacking of propriety (Elaine MacDonald) to comprehension….

I asked Ms MacDonald about her clear conflict, but she insisted that she isn’t making money off of this so it isn’t a conflict. (She’s on the board of the Agape)     I know insane.  And of course if her works for Agape and other boards lead to her winning the MPP ticket like she tried last election she wouldn’t get paid?   And the influence she exerts and abuses in her roles in these organizations has no value either?

It was a double act for Ms MacDonald as she led the charge against a company that leaves donation boxes for items in cities and towns which she actually stated was hurting Agape which she is on the board of!

Btw Ms MacDonald an easy fix would simply to charge high license fees for placement of such a box on City Property in Cornwall and allow entities to apply for a credit from the City.    So the Agape or Sally Ann would pay the fee; but if the city chose to, would reimburse them which they most likely would  as opposed to  an out of  town carpet bagger.

However it should be pointed out that in many cases these bins are filled with garbage that would not end up in our land fill; something Ms MacDonald’s protege, Alyssa Blais complains about.

Personally I feel sorry for the talented Mr. Peerenboom of the Freeholder as writer’s rarely write their own headlines.  Although the interview question with Ms Blais in yesterday’s story does beg the question of whether this was a back room deal gone boom by exposure to the public?

The Freeholder online pulled down yesterday’s embarrassing story and replaced it with a new one as though nothing had happened also killing all the comments posted.

Again isn’t it time that Cornwall adopts a policy that   a councilor can not sit on the board of an entity doing business or asking for funding from City Hall?    And isn’t it time that people like Ms MacDonald stop trying to use charities to pimp their own political aspirations and those of their cronies?

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.

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