Eric Little LTE believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear”, and I will add, until you investigate for yourself

LTEOften when reading political documentation, blogs or some media reports, you can sense a bias or an underlying point of view. Since I began following the back and forth of language issues in Canada, there has been at least one constant, our federal official languages commissioner. Through reports, news releases and media reporting, it is and has been very one sided. Sure, he is careful to add words like equality,  ensure bilingual capacity, linguistic duality and such, but take a look at his reports, there is an obvious lack of equality on promotion of English and an over promotion of French.


You don’t have to believe me, take a look at the federal website(s), news releases and media reporting. Also take a look at some French media, especially this one. Did you notice the part where a Francophone has observed the commissioner function being for the protection and promotion of French? And this Memo of Understanding with Ontario’s French Languages Services commissioner does nothing to create equality for each official language, which the federal commissioner should be offering. Thank you Graham Fraser, you have united the Anglophones and Francophones on this issue.


Edgar Allen Poe has been credited with the quote “believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear”, and I will add, until you investigate for yourself. Canadians must be getting tired of political correctness, double speak, expensive programs, games and should question every expense, law, direction and policy.


Eric Little

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  1. This BS has been done to death over the last few years.
    @ Eric. You really should consider taking up a hobby or activity that will make your life more fun. It isn’t healthy being in a constant state of outrage and angst, especially if there’s no hope of defeating your Franco enemy. You are living in one of the best places on the planet, where people mostly get along, and all you can do is bitch and squawk about how unfair life is. Your whining and blubbering is getting pretty tiresome.

  2. You never fail until you stop trying Furtz. Fighting for Human Rights and Freedoms and fascism doesn’t make for outrage and angst but your defeatist attitude is beyond indifference. You do seem to be under the impression, or selling point, that the Frenchification of Canada is a done deal and I would like to point out that you are the one calling French an enemy. WE are addressing the misinformation and exploitation while contacting government about this matter while you are showing your contempt… Seems that advocates propagating Frenchification aren’t very tolerant – just like the divisive measures being put forth by segregating the two linguistic communities. Hmmmm….

  3. Reminds me of the slogan that was circulating on Facebook: I don’t hate mean people so much as I dislike those people who pretend to be nice and do really mean things to others. Or words to that effect… You can defend the violations of Human Rights and Freedoms but you are simply showing your true colors in doing so Fartz – oops, Furtz…

  4. I enjoy long walks along the beach, sometimes using a BS detector in the sand. I reserve 7 minutes daily for outrage and 4 for angst. I have no Franco enemy, but am concerned for future Anglophone generations with so many laws and so much money thrown at guaranteeing Franco rights. Most Francophones are good people and some are as outraged with how government uses them for votes.

    Life is unfair, stand up for what you believe and make it better! Each of us has that power and democracy requires you to do just that.

  5. OMG… we go again, the same BS only a different day.

    @Eric For the last three years you have been repeating English is the majority, why the need to promote English if the majority speak and understand the English language? There is NO NEED. Because this country has TWO OFFICIAL LANGUAGES, FRENCH AND ENGLISH. common sense would dictate that French being almost lost in the shuffle would be promoted before English.

    If this issue is so great a concern for you and yours………do something instead of forever complaining.

    PM’s comments seem very familiar…me thinks he chose a new moniker.

  6. Tactics intended to “try to” defuse interest and make people believe they should just shut up and go silently into oblivion along with the Doublespeak — — from the those who wish to do everything they can to let this unjust inequity and discrimination — — continue unabated in this country should be taken as the rubbish that they are. Never stop raising the issue. Always stand up and speak your mind at every opportunity. Don’t be swayed by these tactics.

    As you see in these videos, It is obvious that our politicians and people like Graham Fraser, Bob Rae and Alan Rock (who are supposed to be unbiased) are VERY biased towards moving the French agenda forward against the will of the English majority in this country.

    — Alan Rock — — sharing a coy wink wink moment with this French majority audience about how the French was even “FIRST” and “ON TOP” back in the early years. Something they are working towards as what they want as a template for ALL of Canada right now.

    When the English argue that English should be used first in any capacity in the English majority areas outside the province of Quebec the “tactic” they use to defuse things is trying to argue “what difference does it make.” Of course, this only seems to apply when the English are demanding English first as we see in these clips
    — it is VERY CLEAR that it does “make a difference” — TO THEM — which language is first or even present

    French MUST BE — first, on top or dominant and yes, it does MAKE A DIFFERENCE — TO THEM — As a matter of fact they have legislated it to be French first, French dominant and even French ONLY.

    As long as the French continue to show disgust for the English language and English culture

    and blatantly demonstrate that they want nothing to do with the English language, then the English majority in this country have a right and a duty to stand against the ongoing Frenchification of Canada

    Remember this…

    and don’t forget

  7. stellabystarlight, you know full well that more and more laws and policies are being ingrained into various towns and legislatures. What does that mean? Well, guarantees concerning French services will be in law while the (yes the majority) English speakers will have no such guarantee. Or funding for that matter!

    The Montfort hospital is one of the 210 institutions that have signed on to the French Language Services contract. With that, funding is guaranteed. There is no such guarantee, and no such English only anything.

    Jobs are then affected because they need to provide bilingual staffing, and because the vast majority of bilinguals in this country are in Quebec, well you know the rest. The morgue attendant at the Cornwall Hospital among others need to be bilingual, really?

  8. Yes, and when good men say nothing then look what happens…

    That’s right, you have the Pauline Marois running around in this “best places on the planet” to live and calling one of the “PARTS” of this “best places on the planet” to live a country.

    And also, when good men say nothing we end up in a situation where instead of a place, “where people mostly get along,” we end up in a place where one group believes their French language and culture is better and more deserving and they push the other people around.

    “all you can do is bitch and squawk about how unfair life is.”

    Yes, it seems you are right and we learned it from people like this

    But the numbers are growing with each and every day…
    English people are waking up to the Nycole Turmels (a woman who can barely speak English) demanding federal ministers respond to her NDP party questions in French even though people like her are the very same people who are supposed to believe this is a bilingual country.

    I guess English isn’t allowed as the response language to the French even thought the (yet again) believe it’s just fine to respond in French to questions ased of them.

    And People are also waking up to the young Trudeau’s who believe that, “Canada belongs to the French.”

    And people are waking up to the factg that there is an EXTREME double standard with regard to language and culture coming from the French

    and people are just WAKING UP in general as to what the French powers that be are up to

  9. This letter is a great opportunity to address the very inequitable approach with Graham Fraser and government with regards to language services.

    Ontario with its 4% Francophones have provincial support to the tune of 760 million to promote bilingualism(French).
    Quebec with 10% of their population as Anglophone spends 50 million to support bilingualism (French and English).

    In total 2.4 billion spent on bilingualism of which 50 million in part to promotion of English language in Quebec.

    Still waiting for Mr.Fraser defending Anglophone language rights in Quebec.

    Stella,Furtz once again no contributions to the subject matter ,but once again to criticize others rather then address the subject matter only goes to say you have no rebuttal or proof contrary to that subject.

    Canada has 2 official language ,this does not mean all must be bilingual and in fact by encouraging.g the promotion of language not of your own heritage is assimilation ,that same assimilation Quebec utilizes bill 101 for.

    Funny in that assimilation is the rallying cry in Quebec but fully utilized in the rest of Canada for assimilation of English to French at the taxpayers expense .

    This has been termed language apartheid internationally.

  10. People are waking up!!!! “Praise the Lord” justice is coming!!!!

    Stand up and fight for your English rights. Quit crying, complaining and repeating the same stories over and over again. The entire world knows already how badly you are treated and how terrible Canada is their people… don’t delay, discrimination must end today **smile**.

  11. Now there is the Stella we all know ,no debates,or informed comments,nothing on the subject but always rely on her sarcasm and her inflammatory responses ,just good old propaganda as usual as its the perfect tool of the uninformed.

  12. **s**
    Trying to belittle the message and use reverse psy tactics to create a sense of discomfort when people stand up for themselves and their rights does nothing for your case or your so called “side of the debate” which in your case is not “real” debating it’s just ridiculing and using misinformation and doublespeak to try and bend the TRUTH. PLUS it actually gives people a real sense of the small mindedness it mus take to “pretend” that there are no legitimate causes for concern in this country coming from the French powers that be.

    Like this situation
    and this situation
    and of course this one
    and the nerve of this MP in the HOUSE OF COMMONS which is modeled after the British house.

    Then we see the double standard here.
    and here

    UHmmm , speaking of “your side of the debate.” What is that again ? Oh yes it’s, everything is just fine. The French minority deserve to have all the jobs in Canada… And the French powers that be deserve to be the only ones who can run to be Prime Minister… And if those damn English people (who incidentally are in the majority of this country) are not happy about this then … They can stuff it, you say.

    And rather than put the French in their place like the French have put the English in their place in the “province” of Quebec they should simply just shut up and let the French powers that be do whatever it is they feel like doing. Oh and, the majority English should all just force themselves to go out and learn French (a language that only represents 4-8% of the ENTIRE COUNTRY) as the solution while at the very same moment in time the French powers that be have decided that English language is an insult to them

    Oh and, no… they don’t have to learn English and don’t have to speak English. It’s French ONLY for the French
    as bilingualism is “DEATH” to them


    And on that note i bid you a “thanks for coming to the show” kinda day eh 🙂

  13. Thank you very much, Eric, Edudyorlik, Highlander & PatriotMuted – you are all doing a great job standing up to the attempts on the part of Furtz & Stellababy to shut you up!!! You have all been informing yourselves on the injustice of the Official Languages Act which has been used to promote ONLY the rights of French-speakers!!! Protecting the rights of minorities only seems to work when the minority is outside Quebec. Within the bankrupt province of Quebec, minorities are not given ANY consideration & laws are passed against them on the basis of language & religion. Stella keeps repeating over & over again that Canada is officially bilingual – she keeps ignoring the fact that only the Federal government is officially bilingual and that language is a provincial prerogative. That is why Quebec is allowed to pass French-only laws. New Brunswick is the only officially bilingual province!!! Please educate yourself before engaging in any debate with people who are more knowledgeable than you.

  14. @ Kim Lian Khoo. I would never attempt to “shut up” Anglo freedom-fighters. Although the endless bellyaching and whining does become tiresome, it can sometimes be amusing.
    Fight on!

  15. Yes Furtz, being told by a hiring manager you can not work here because some of the staff are French, is very amusing. Seeing fewer and fewer opportunities to work for our own government institutions is very amusing. Seeing how much money is spent with no results is also very amusing. NOT!

    What is wrong with the English? Why not complain? Why not demand better of our elected officials? Where are the language freedom fighters who can run for office?

    Furtz, if you want to see ” endless bellyaching and whining ” check out the ACFO, jeviveottawa and the online French papers! You will find it very amusing.

  16. Hi Kim ,thanks for the support.

    I tend not to listen to those who choose to remain ignorant of the situation.

    Funny how some choose not to be informed when particularily that information is posted by reputable sources,and its ease of availability as our sources are posted.

    The fact is that he is promoting hate by calling the French “The Enemy”,the issue is the Government Legislation and the inequality ,yes there are interest groups that encourage this type of legislation,but most French people I know disagree and think it unfair in its approach.

    Quebec politics go figure ,where bilingualism is discouraged and legislated out for fear of assimilation,yet the rest of Canada must be bilingual for opportunities ….is this not the same assimilation
    The next year will prove to be very interesting ,Quebec politics will shine and language will be at the heart of it.


    Quebec is broke and its the most taxed province there is very little that can be done and 2014 the transfer payments will be renegotiated and the Feds have no choice but to cut transfer payments to le welfare province ….they have been on the Fed welfare program since 1957.

  17. Again, I can’t stop crying. When is the mistreatment of the majority going to stop.

    Liam……that is why I come here to get educated. You see, the freedom fighters have taught me so much. I never knew they were the majority in this country, I didn’t know how badly they are being treated nor did I know that we had to be grateful and forever thankful that the English gave us so much. The most interesting and the most educational of all are the you tubes videos. So Liam, that is why I don’t debate, I am too busy learning.

    Eric wrote: What is wrong with the English? Why not complain? Why not demand better of our elected officials? Where are the language freedom fighters who can run for office?

    Gee…..that one sounds contradictory. According to your buddy’s post, people are “waking up” and the support is tremendous…..hmmm.

    When Detroit went bankrupt did the other states suffer or care? NOPE. Quebec will do what they have to do and will survive.

  18. Once again Stella no surprise ,no relevent info just inflammatory reponses .
    But to be informed one must be open minded but as well have the intellectual capacity to grasp the subject matter but judging by your historical reponses this could very well explain why you are unable to contribute to the subject .

    Yes Quebec will do anything to survive with their social benefits including prostituting itself to the highest bidder …Canada at this moment is its pimp.
    Say goodby to the French culture and it will be of their own doing ,sadly.
    For you cannot eat language and culture …let them eat cake!

  19. @ Stella. You are correct about being educated re this travesty. Here I’ve been happily bumbling through life all these years, and now I know I should be miserable and p!ssed off at the world. It takes some effort trying to change one’s attitude, but I’m working on it. It’s the constant whining that I have difficulty with. Might have to hire a misery coach, if I can find one locally.

  20. @highlander…..again, you are right. My intellectual capacities are limited. If you can find it in your heart (if you have one) to try and be compassionate with me as I am educating myself when reading these posts, it would truly help me accept my unworthiness when trying to respond to highly educated and intelligent people like yourself.

    You may ask why I bother even trying, it’s just who I am, someone who has this hunger and thirst for knowledge. Coming here is helping me accomplish that goal. smile**

  21. Here are some encouraging words to the twelve members of the Anglo Freedom Fighters (AFF) from our prime minister, who happens to rule Canada with a majority iron fist.
    “Canada is not a bilingual country. In fact it less bilingual today than it has ever been. … As a religion, bilingualism is the god that failed.”
    So the AFF has Harper on their side, and all the power that that entails. Probably a good idea to push the Cons on this before they are tossed in the next election.
    Fight on!

  22. Highlander wrote, “Quebec is broke and its the most taxed province there is very little that can be done and 2014 the transfer payments will be renegotiated and the Feds have no choice but to cut transfer payments to le welfare province …they have been on the Fed welfare program since 1957.”

    So true Highlander. Well said…
    “Let me tell you the story of Quebec’s debt…”
    Among the top five most indebted “countries”

    Quebec’s public debt has reached:
    – $62,320 per income tax payer
    – $30,202 per person
    – $120,807 per family of four

    now at 260, 000, 000, 000
    This much debt yet i was speaking to a Woman from Quebec tonight who was glorifying their so called
    fitness “card” which only costs twenty dollars a month and allows those living in Gatineau to attend any one of MANY “exercise venues” which most contain Olympic sized pools as well as many other state of the art physical activity centers scattered all over the province including but not limited to, skating rinks, ski areas, weightlifting etc etc etc… It’s like getting a membership at a health club for just 20.00 a month. Try THAT anywhere else. You would be looking at upwards of 65.00 a month just to start which does not even include the basics in many cases.
    That’s OK thought eh? Canadian tax payers will pay for it…

    Must be nice to get — state built and run — day care for 7.00 dollars a day along with this twenty dollar fitness / activity card. AND, let’s not forget that they get their electricity at 40% less than what most other Canadian tax payers are paying for it. THIS IS NOT because Quebec can afford these things as we can clearly see from their aforementioned debt situation. It is simply their way of screwing the ROCandian tax payers.

    Oh and they also have their own “embassies” scattered around the word which ALL Canadian tax payers are paying for

    Thankfully Canadians are gradually becoming more and more aware about things like… the fact that that the 40% discount that Quebec means that the government gets less income and thus has more need for a high amount of transfer payments from the pot which is actually at the en of the day — the rest of Canada’s tax payers —

    they also provide some of the lowest tuition rates for college and universities. Yes, that’s right. the students were protesting even though their rates are among the least for most other provinces in Canada already.
    which again brings in less income for the “state” so to speak.
    So, whether they are screwing us at the street level or just simply amassing a huge debt that they KNOW the rest of Canada will eventually be on the hook for and have to absorb to “save them” it still comes down to they are screwing the rest of Canada, PERIOD !!

    So now that these things are becoming more well known issues, and now that the other premiers of the other provinces are starting to realize they are getting shafted, things are starting to heat up.

    While their provinces “go without” Quebec simply adds it to the “majority English Canadian tax payers” credit card and as things like Hydro rates keep climbing in most other provinces yet again we see the “province” of Quebec still getting away with these tactics like paying 40% + less.

    AND IF ALL OF THAT WAS NOT ENOUGH — The majority English tax paying citizens in Canada are also paying billions — for what?? To TRY TO FORCE the majority English people to accommodate the French while at the very same moment the French are being anything BUT accommodating by basically outlawing the English language in their (let’s be honest and call it what it is… — homeland — ) NICE….

  23. Stella,
    Kim is a very nice woman and is very knowledgeable and dedicated so yes, you definitely COULD learn many things from her. You would be well advised to show a little respect.

    Oh and Furtz, it’s too bad you are not a so called “freedom fighter” (your term) as “FREEDOM” can use as many supporters as it can get considering “FREEDOM” is a universal concept. It is not limited to a so called “small group” (again, your term) who voice there concerns here in the VERY PUBLIC forum which is read by many…

    Oh but, i get it, it’s NOT “your” — freedom — that is being diminished (for the moment) so why not attack those trying to stand up for theirs.

    However, it could be much more constructive if you were stand against these types of injustices and inequities.

    Besides, standing up against people who abuse others just because they are not French
    could make you a better person,
    You never know, — ONE DAY — it might be YOU that needs someone to stand up for you.

    And on that note, i bid you a “try to be kind to your fellow countrymen as they are also human beings” type of day eh 🙂

    ya know… Maybe if the French were really fighting for “true” bilingualism it would be more acceptable but, it is VERY clear (as you see here)

    that bilingualism to them means French first, French dominant and ultimately… French ONLY.

  24. @ Kilroy. Do you honestly believe that anyone would actually watch all the crazy vids you keep posting?

  25. Well Furtz, i know your not too keen on little things like “FACTS” & “PROOF” PLUS, i tend to hesitate to deal with people of little substance therefore i debated whether to respond or not but, let’s say… For the benefit of others that happen upon your question, here ya go…

    YES… PEOPLE DO watch and have been watching and also sharing my videos.

    These are indeed actual statistics from Youtube of ACTUAL people who have watched my videos from not only Canada but indeed from ALL OVER THE WORLD as well.

    Yes, that does say almost 100 thousand views.

    Also, I get messages every day from many Canadians thanking me saying, they are glad that someone has put all these ACTUAL Canadian news clips from legitimate Canadian news agencies together in one place.

    I also get comments from many Canadians who re-affirm that they themselves have either witnessed French folks treating people in these disgusting ways or are actual victims of these types of language based abuses.

    Of course, then there are the Nycol Turmels of the French side of things in Canadian society who seems to think that EVERYONE should speak French and that English people should not — have the right or a choice to speak English in their own country.

    Not to mention how many good hard working tax paying Canadian citizens who have told me stories of how they have either lost a job because of the idiotic, crazy, skewed French (official bilingualism) criteria that has been forced down the throats of Canadians. Then others have just given up as they have no possibility of advancement as a result of the same idiotic crazy, skewed French (official bilingualism) criteria.
    Like Bill Brownstein say’s, “the English people in Quebec accept the fact that they live in some kind of theater of the absurd” and now they are exporting this cr@p to areas outside of Quebec.

    Thankfully, many are starting to wake up…

    After all, it’s certainly quite clear that the French powers that be are on a mission and they could care less about the optics of what they are doing as long as the end result is an eventual “pure laine” place where French is KING and all other languages and cultures are either banished or discriminated against so badly that they get fed up and simply leave.

    Considering attitudes like these

    It’s pretty clear what the English are up against and also
    illustrates that this girl is right…

    Much of it is all spelled out here for those who are interested…

    And on that note, i bid you a “it’s in the ACTUAL Canadian news on practically a daily basis” kinda of day eh 🙂

  26. stellabystarlight written: “You may ask why I bother even trying, it’s just who I am, someone who has this hunger and thirst for knowledge. Coming here is helping me accomplish that goal. smile**”

    With such a hunger for knowledge why do you not and many times admit that you do not look at the links that the opposing argument provides that backs up their statement?

    Hungry for knowledge means putting aside your biases and listening or reading viewpoints that are not necessarily yours and through reasoning and factual based information make an logical conclusion, whether this serves your interest or not.

    Furtz written;” @ Kilroy. Do you honestly believe that anyone would actually watch all the crazy vids you keep posting”

    Well that” anyone ” is myself and others and by your statement it clearly indicates that you choose not to be informed and have limited yourself to reading apposing views backed up with factual information due to your biases .

    Think of this :Do you not think in the political arena that politicians do not read opponents biographies?If not you need to come back to reality ,for an efficient strategy one must have a good grasp of knowledge of their opponent as well as their views .

    None are so blind as those who choose not to see!

  27. Furtz, this is good reading on your Harper revelation from years previous.
    A unilingual anglophone or unilingual francophone is as much a “real Canadian” as a bilingual one.

    The difficulty only comes when the federal Liberals insist Canada become the bilingual country it is not. But the ugly truth is even the Liberals are losing faith in their own creed. They are not practising what they preach.

    While there have been attempts to promote French outside of Quebec, the federal government has increasingly surrendered to Quebec’s activist policies of official unilingualism.

  28. Adding to the concept of — “believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear” —
    mantra we then have the doublespeak that spewes from the linkes of Marois, Jean Fracois Lisee, Diane Decoursie and the rest of “the gang” in the land of French first, French dominant and French ONLY.

    A language that dileberatly disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words (or concepts) IE: Marois saying,to the Anglophones — “don’t worry, tyour rights will be fully protected.” I guess that fits in with distorting since the English have very few rights to begin with so it should be too hard for those tiny amount of rights they still have to be protected.
    Or, Marois saying, “we’re not doing anything against the English. We are doing somethign FOR the French Quebecers. Guess that falls into the reverse or disguises idea in the sense that while doing all of what they are doing FOR the French it absolutely does A LOT AGAINST the English but as long as they phrse it that way, it’s perfectly fine i guess.
    Then we have Jean Francois side stepping this issue when the previous story clearly goes against everything he say’s.

    Or this famous one with Louise Beaudoin saying, “we believe in diversity.” Holy freakin madhouse. Can there possible be a phrase so darn contradictory to the actuakl essence of what she is saying she wants in this clip

    Then there’s this litte Marois gem telling the English “the PQ respects the English” and “they should choose
    the PQ to vote for/” Yikes… what nerve…

    Oh well, Bill B says it best inthis clip

    _____(o o)

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