Woodhouse Museum Curator Ian Bowering Apologizes Over Unprovoked Physical Attack on CFN Camera in Cornwall Ontario

Ian Bowering Dec 7 2011Cornwall Ontario – Museum curator Ian Bowering has authorized us to print his apology to CFN after openly smashing his hand into our news camera and shutting if off by flipping the door to the camera shut while we were covering the Waterfront Chemical tank protest here in Cornwall Ontario.

Below is his email unedited.  Please never physically interfere with news media.  We are just doing our job.



I am not authorized to agree to the costs without a referee, but I am sincerely sorry that the incident happened, as I know that you are trying and are successful in covering Cornwall news.


With regard to costs, if you do find that there has been damage do let me know and I am sure that we can find a resolution.  As for printing anything I have written, I do not write anything that the public cannot see.



Ian Bowering

Mr. Bowering had been attending the rally and handing out material about the history of the lot where the construction was taking place.

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  1. Strange lead in to an apology, “I am not authorized to agree to the costs without a referee” but still admirable that he apologized, especially if it was his own decision.

    His on camera actions were very bizarre. Actors might wish to study it.

    Mostly, I hope the young police officer learned something.

  2. Yup. That’s out of line for sure. He should have at least got a warning from the cop, if the cop saw it happen.

  3. I m very happy to hear this apology,it takes a big man to admit that he was wrong,something that Cornwall doesn,t hear to often.I believe that it was sincere,everyone can have a bad day,I,m only still wondering what made him do it as Jamie was polite & only continued to give the museum a plug after Ian mentioned it first.There was no indication that Ian was getting annoyed until you see the hand go up

  4. I don’t know, Mary. Bowering sure didn’t look like a friendly fellow to me. Maybe he’s camera-shy?

  5. In agreement, a gentleman apologizes when he erred . Mr. Bowring did the correct thing ! We all have real crappy days. Accept his apology Jamie…..

  6. Mr. B admits he was handing out information but that he was “all out.” Why wouldn’t he say what that info was…he was making statements to the public through his handout…pamphleteering is a form of media. What was the big secret? He said “check the website.” A website is a form of media also. Did anyone check the website?

  7. I sure won’t visit his museum under any circumstance. This {MODERATED} Bowering I think they called him is more like a wild bulldog. That was totally uncalled for. He could have politely told Jamie that he didn’t want to be filmed or interviewed than to touch the camera. The “Barney Fife PD” is a useless bunch of cowards and there are no laws in Cornwall and we sure experienced that when we lived down there and never ever again.

  8. Author

    I accepted his apologized and did not press charges.

  9. Be careful. He knows librarians and genealogists.

  10. Great to hear the apology. Yes that first sentence is a weird opener.

    Tolerant of you that you have to put up with all the crap that you do in your business. Great of you not to press charges. We know that you do your job to try and make Cornwall a better place.

    ….and I thank you for that!

  11. And tiny woodland creatures.

  12. Mr Bowering very first sentence means absolute sense it simply means he apologizes but that is not a carte blanche on cost of repairs This would be especially true if he felt he was representing his bosses when he took the actions and could not bind them he wrotre “if you do find that there has been damage do let me know and I am sure that we can find a resolution needed “but resolution means again he would like to have an outside mediator or repair estimates before damages would be paid I know i would like that if i did damage..
    Its quite obvious he one of the many people who feel that they can’t talk to CFN for some reason and he frightened and that probably resulted in his bizarre way of saying no more filming me.
    But it does look like he has values as he did come forth with a letter of apology for that he has earned my respect to some degree and will earn it more if he in the future in a similar situation he just make clean honest answers that all.

  13. He does remind me of a character of Grumpy doesn’t he. Yes 420 tiny woodland creatures alright. A mighty grumpy out who will jump at you from behind the bushes.

  14. I like Mr. Bowering, perhaps he just wanted to get on his way and out of the spot light so to say. It shows strength of character to make amends and offer to pay for any damages immediately. Some of us may find a camera trained on us a little uncomfortable, perhaps you caught him off guard. All to say, some organizations have strict policy about speaking directly to any media regardless of the venue or event. Good for you Jaime to accept his sincere apology, now shall we move ?

  15. Admin., congratulations you have officially been Forded.
    This is the real item too, complete with apology.

  16. I had a good laugh yesterday evening and thought about something “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfts” and we found one with that little cabin in the woods who is mean and nasty. Now we have to locate Snow White and the other six dwarfts. I just had to add this in since Grumpy really suits this one.

  17. I am here and now, laying my legal claim to the above described phenomenon as “Fording” and have sought all legal copyrights pursuint to the aforementioned actions described.

    I have moments of torturous regret dating back to when, as a callow youth, I accidently dropped a penny into the strapping of my loafers and it stuck there. The next thing I knew EVERYBODY had pennies stuck in the strapping of their loafers. And do you think I got any credit? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  18. {MODERATOR} Vancouver if you wish to post attacks you have to use your name. If you wish to post using a user id then you have to register by emailing info@cornwallfreenews.com with your name, address, phone,and user id that you wish to register.

  19. {MODERATOR} Karenina if you wish to post attacks you have to use your name. If you wish to post using a user id then you have to register by emailing info@cornwallfreenews.com with your name, address, phone,and user id that you wish to register.

  20. Author

    Update: Mr. Bowering has refused to cover the costs of the repair or replacement of the camera and we have been forced to take steps to resolve this very sad situation.

  21. What damage was done to the camera? What’s the cost to repair or replace?

  22. Author

    Furtz there was damage to the door the opens and closes to turn the camera on. A small flap on the top broke off allowing some snow to his the insides. The Camera went to JVC Canada and Mr. Bowering was given the first results. Because it was a rare model not even sold in Canada JVC offered us a new camera discounted that would be lower than the repair cost which Mr. Bowering has refused. The cheapest used model of the camera Mr. Bowering stuck that we found online was $750US

    After over a month of waiting, and not having access to a good quality camera we had to acquire a replacement rather than keep waiting.

  23. That’s too bad. I hope it all gets resolved soon. Might be an idea when doing streeters to not crowd the subject with the camera. Just a thought.

  24. Author

    Furtz we have never crowded any subject. Not a single time; for one thing it makes for a lousy shot. You have to remember that these cameras can zoom in and out. If you watch how Mr. Bowering has to reach out to strike the camera you can get a feel. Also, I was on the road and he was on the sidewalk.

  25. Author

    And frankly there is no excuse to ever strike a camera on public (or private) property.

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