Is the Next Ontario Provincial Election Tim Hudak’s to Lose? Is Kathleen Wynne the New Kim Campbell? By Jamie Gilcig December 10, 2013

hudak A chamberCFN – Is Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne turning PC leader Tim Hudak into a viable alternative as Ontario inches its way closer to an election?   Is the trick for Mr. Hudak to say as little as possible and let horrible news like Kellogg’s closing down following the Heinz plant and insane hydro rates for more residents of the province?

Andrea Horwarth and the NDP have been playing that card but with voters in the  booths at some point in the future is she different enough politically from Wynne to over take the Liberal leader?

Many voters are frustrated over the offerings of the three major parties.  I know I am.   There really isn’t one I’d give my support to at this point and as someone that has embraced hyper non partisanship my vote is up for grabs.     For me it’s about my riding and the issues that are important to me.   I will vote election by election and frankly I don’t care who I vote for as long as they are the best of the worst we have to pick from.

And that’s the problem with our political system.   The party system beats out most independence and quality from most candidates that have to adhere to strict party politics just to get nominated in their ridings.    It’s why we get such horrible political leadership with dimming voter turn outs.

Here’s my take so far on the three and my take in our local riding of SD&G.

Wynne Truck CornwallPremier Wynne and her Liberals.  Frankly the party had a real opportunity to change after Premier McGuinty fell on his sword after the many scandals plaguing his government.  Instead they brought in the loyal faithful to him and it’s been much of the same old same old.    If I see another teacher running for public office I’ll taste chunks!     Locally Mark MacDonald had problems mustering support from the local Liberals who in typical Liberal fashion damaged themselves more than the opposition did.    Mr. MacDonald has not confirmed that he’d run again.

Andrea Horwath.    I kinda liked Ms Horwath until I interviewed her.   That experience has left a sour taste in my mouth and for some reason Toronto’s loyalty to local failed candidate Elaine MacDonald dooms the party to another third place finish locally and probably third place finish provincially.   But stranger things have happened as Andrea is not a dumb cookie….

Tim Hudak sits in an usual place.   He not only can capture the Blue vote, but the male vote.     No matter how much we like to say we’re not sexist or racist in Ontario this is a huge factor.  Frankly this election if it were held today would be Hudak’s to lose which sadly he’s very capable of doing.  Locally after a few bumps Jim McDonell is starting to make people forget past MPP Jim Brownell.

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Odds are the next election will generate a minority government; probably for Mr. Hudak unless things change for better or worse.  Who will you vote for Ontario?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. So far I see nothing new from Hudak. Just the same old Harris style union bashing and such. And I see no indication that he’s learned how to play well with others, or shed his huckster image. The Cons will hang on to the usual back-woods ridings. The Libs will lose some seats and the Dippers will pick up some seats. Looks like we’ll be in for another minority government unless somebody does something really stupid between now and then.

  2. Nobody will vote for a thespian. Look at Smitherman. Nobody votes for homosapiens either.

  3. @ 420. I know at least one Cornwall preacher who would never vote for a thespian. But keep in mind that Ronald Rayguns and Arnold Schwarzenegger were thespians.

  4. a thespian – is that another name for a hypocrite? At lease when former President Ronald Regan came to the White House, he stopped acting. His record is impressive, but what can one say about Hudak and Wynne’s record? A no show, a thespian in office, and out of office. Pro 14:34 “Righteousness exalteth a nation; But sin is a reproach to any people”.

  5. I wouldn’t vote for those kinds of people either. I put down just now that I will not vote. There are none who are able to get Ontario out of bankruptcy mess and in a good shape. None are capable of running a dog kennel let alone a province.

  6. For an actor Ronald Reagan did pretty good for someone who was in show business. I wonder if he had a chimp as one of his advisors. LOL LOL. I sure won’t forget his films with the chimp. As for Arnold the pig Schwartzenaegar I don’t like him at all and he bankrupted California. So many people are moving out of California and the Mexicans are moving in instead living ten and twenty people to a house.

  7. “Who dat” aka Hudak is a first cousin to your very favorite Ontario PM McGoo aka McGuinty and yes they make quite a pair. Whether it be the homosapian or some other weird name we are all being gouged, lied to, bankrupted and anything evil that you can ever think about. Not one of them are any good at all and like I said they would all bankrupt a dog kennel let alone the province is already bankrupt. If these jerks didn’t have government jobs they would bankrupt companies and everyone would be put out to the soup kitchens and the bread lines. Well they did just that as well including the feds not one of them are worth voting for nor is it worth it at the municipal level. I told all of you what is going to happen to Cornwall as well and I mean every word of it and never back down. When things are done in secrecy then you know that something evil is coming.

  8. Yes Jules. And Ronald Raygun was in tight with Senator Joe McCarthy in the late forties and fifties. We all know that McCarthy was the greatest American senator that ever was.

  9. Furtz Ronald Reagan was called “Red Ronny” back in the old hay days and you know what that means and yes I know about Senator MacCarthy and that era back in the 50’s and many communists were picked up for being just that. MacCarthy was right and many writers, professors of universities, writers in Hollywood including actors were well watched. One was Elia Kazan a film producer or something like that who was very famous. Everyone was under mighty strict scrutiny.

    There is a book on the net by William Guy Carr – he wrote two of them that I am aware and you can google them. The books have to do with communism that has infiltrated the US and Canada. William Guy Carr was a Canadian in the Royal Navy or Canadian Navy and look him up. One of his books is on PDF format on the net.

    Ronald Reagan was not perfect in any way but I think that the man did a better job than what a lot of them have done. He brought out Reaganomics and so many people lost their jobs. It was Nancy Reagan who made Ronny what he was and without her he was nothing. I know so much because I was looking into things for years now.

    I can tell you honestly Furtz that I am very upset at a lot of things and one of the things that I hate is complete and utter secrecy of what is going on and what is going on with those tanks in Cornwall. When something is done in secret then it spells out that they don’t want the people to know. This is a worrysome thing and all of them Bare Ass and his shisters all know what it is about.

  10. The libtards and the cons are like the bloods and the cripps both are gangs who are ripping off the people or should I say sheeple. These cons (both parties) con everyone out of their money. Oh wait hold your shorts a litre of gasoline is going up 10 cents more at the pumps to help with the buses as well as the roads. That will put another dint in the cost of food, clothing and everything else. You haven’t seen anything yet. Wait until the mortgage rates go higher and they will. I was listening to Gerald Celente yesterday on his latest and he was very angry the way I get as well and many are going to lose their homes and everything else. Yesterday we drove by a place near Moonies Bay but not quite that far and a house that sold last summer with an inground pool is now up for sale again. I couldn’t believe my eyes and said to my husband that it just sold during the summer and now this – unbelievable. Well people only learn when they get stung with the high cost and don’t learn. Many homes are up for sale with no buyers and then put them up for rent and still nobody rents them because the rents are over priced as well. Very few people in the stores and are not buying but looking around and prices are beyond belief and the quality is crap.

  11. Warren Kinsella is part of the problem. This liberal spin doctor just wants the party reelected, spending mismanagement be damned! People, start paying attention.

  12. Actually, Eric, Kinsella is no longer involved with either the federal or provincial Liberals.

  13. Author

    I dropped them both too Furtz. I am not hyper non partisan. I will never belong to any party again. It’s one election and one candidate at a time.

  14. Furtz I had a good laugh yesterday looking at the weezle and the other weezle and they all look alike don’t they with their beedy little eyes out to steel from the people and lie to them even looking directly in peoples faces. Honest to God Furtz I swear to you and all I will no longer vote. I have had it with all those thieves and liars. Things are not good at all and they won’t improve at all the way things are going. The west is dying.

  15. The common sense of voting is to vote for a local representative to champion local causes. Regardless of party affiliation the main criteria is simply to meets the needs of the electorate. Therein lies our current political reality and quandary. With representatives being whipped to follow party lines and not their conscience or electorate needs we now really have a crippled system which is solely party oriented. I advocate for a voting system like Australia however I seem to be faced with the dilemma of how to vote responsibly in the next provincial election.

    I am not a socialist so the NDP are out.
    I am not a glutton for punishment nor can I afford the Liberals, so they are out.
    I am not a fan of organized chaos, I embrace strong leadership. The Conservatives lack depth and leadership and I fear that Hudak will pull another disappearing act just prior to election day. So I stand on the edge for the first time since becoming eligible to vote considering spoiling my ballot to register my disdain for the direction that Canadian politics have taken.

  16. @ Jamie. I still vote by party, especially now that all MPs and MPPs are forced to toe the party line. Sadly, the good folks in my riding have elected ONLY Cons provincially for over a hundred years. It makes voting a rather depressing exercise.

  17. @ David. You should embrace socialism like I do. That way you’ll know how to vote with no question, and at the same time know that the person you vote for will never be elected. Go for it Man! Be a rebel!
    Just kidding.

  18. I listened today to Hudak on the CBC Radio Noon phone-in program. Good Lord! What a repulsive little man! Not just his politics, but the man himself. Could the Cons not have chosen a leader who could at least present himself as something other than a two-bit huckster?

  19. Furtz like I said before Hudak (aka Who Dat) is first cousin to McGuinty so what more do people want since they are of the same family and the same expectations of robbing the people (sheeple) blind. I remember some men in the US in high positions (not government but high up) who said that both the republicans and the democrats are the same and are both controlled by the same people. There is very little difference and that the sheeple do not know anything about this. The same is true here in Canada. Things are not going to get better at all no matter who you vote for. Usually you elect someone at the local level – well we all know the outcome of that one. When we first came back to Ottawa we were at our friend Robert’s house and the topic of who was going to get in as mayor here in Ottawa. Robert said that people were keen on Jim Watson since they found that he did a pretty good job for them in past years and wanted him in since he was good at keeping a tight rein on the books. Well Jim Watson got in this time after Chiarelli was in as mayor and not much has changed. They all rip off the people like they do in Cornwall except that being a big city it doesn’t show as much. According to what my husband read that there was a building that caught fire and a fire hydrant that was outside of that building didn’t function and some people died. It was a long time that it was reported to have that fire hydrant repaired but it was overlooked. Like my husband said which is so very true is that those in as mayor and aldermen pocket the money and then up goes the taxes and the people are on the noose for it all. When a good person gets into government at any level they go along with Satan’s way of doing things and become very corrupt. We have seen it in Cornwall more so with Bare Ass than any other mayor who has ever served.

  20. Question for Mr. Hudak. You want to cut 100k Ontario PS jobs AND bring in 1 million new jobs. Can you explain how this will be done? I don’t know who to vote for. The Liberals are definitely out due to them continually screwing the Ontario taxpayer. Now, it seems to PC’s are out due to Mr. Hudak’s plan to cut 100k Ontario PS jobs (& you can bet health care will bear part of these cuts.). I don’t trust / like the NDP candidate in our riding due to her talking out of both sides of her mouth at the same time and failure to declare her conflicts of interest at the city council table. Do I vote Green? Perhaps as a protest vote.

  21. Author

    Hugger that’s where I’m at. Green or an Independent in this riding. Hopefully the NDP get a minority win in the province so that the Libs and Cons can reload.

  22. @ Hugger. I’m waiting for Hudak to announce his plan to round up all welfare recipients and ship them off to work camps. You know who his chief strategist and adviser is? Google “Deb Hutton”.

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