My Press Conference in Front of City Hall in Cornwall Ontario Thursday January 2, 2013

jg2Cornwall Ontario –  Ah Choo!    I am recovering from a nasty bug.    It’s freezing out.   I may not step outside until April, except that tomorrow I’ll be in front of City Hall having called a press conference.

Thursday January 2, is the opening of the Ontario Municipal Election season.  It’s the first day that people can put their name forward as a candidate to serve and honour their community.

Recently that wacky old scribbler and speech writer for Mayor Bob Kilger, Claude McIntosh, was flinging poo from his column in the Trans Con owned Seaway News.

In between adult diaper themed musings of yesteryear he took his swipe not only at myself, but his former employer of five decades, the Standard Free Holder.   Claude is classy that way.

Mayor Bob Kilger (again) confirmed during interview on Corus radio that he will be in the October Mayoral race.  So far, no official challengers but Mark MacDonald did indicate several months back that he was planning to run.   No other takes in the hopper at this point; albeit on his website the blogger “threatened” to run against the mayor.  Ho-Hum! For the mayor, that would be the election campaign gift that keeps on giving….

Kinda school yardish, but hey that’s Claude.

Well Bob I’ll be at City Hall after lunch for my press conference.    Not sure if you’re in town or not as you spend so much gosh darned time away from Cornwall, but if you really are going to run why not get your name on the dotted line first thing in the morning?

You never lie to the voter on any issue; especially in this day of Social Media and the internet.  I know you’re not big on those things, but many of the voters of Cornwall are.

So Bob it’s showtime!    And by the way; you still have not condemned the Chemical tanks on our waterfront.   How will you be representing the clear will of the people of Cornwall at this big meeting with MP Lauzon and the Ministry when you yourself have not taken a position?

Just curious as many in Cornwall are….

In many ways this 2014 Municipal election will be a key factor in the future of our city.   Cornwall is in Transition; a return of Bob Kilger to office and/or many of his council means that the public knowingly support their handling of the many issues that have been exposed from Corporate Welfare, Conflict of Interest, wasteful tax spending; abuse of  long time senior managers, stealing mail, withholding information from council and the public, and finally an endless raising of tax while reducing services and being the Sexual Assault capital of Canada.   Essentially a vote for Bob Kilger is a vote for HIGHER TAXES!

As I’ve printed before I will only be putting my name forward to run for Mayor if Bob Kilger does.    That doesn’t mean I won’t support others that may also put their name forward in the interim (if there are any).

I owe that much to the people of Cornwall as I made the mistake of endorsing Mayor Kilger in the last election.   I’ve learned a lot since then about the man that Bob Kilger isn’t, and what he doesn’t stand for.

No, this election will be the integrity and truth test for this community.    Now if we can only find a way to ensure that it’s a clean election….And if I do run whether the other media and organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce will be professional and allow me to run fairly or pull some stunts as occurred in 1997….

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  1. I have been counting down the days for this for almost a year now. My application form and money is all ready to be turned into city hall which will happen for me very soon in the near future. What holds me back from applying tomorrow is waiting to see who else is running. For your last comment, Admin. “Now if we can only find a way to ensure that its a clean election”. What we need here is to have a real Voter turnout but probably will not be what we will get if the same thing happens here voting in the same Ratpack as was done in 2010. I hope to see more of Cornwall wake up and this time vote for a complete change at city hall before I run off spending my hard earned dollars to run for council again. Whoever runs this time will truly be in for an interesting ride.

  2. Nothing ever changes in Cornwall,same old voters voting,same old council,same old problems but yet they expect a different outcome each time & simply never learn,hopefully new younger voters come out this year,hopefully new younger Council to lead with their top head.I welcome change for 2014 Cornwall can still be saved & prosper It,s not too late

  3. Jaime; I wish you luck in your pursuit of your political aspirations. In regard to Cornwall being the sexual assault capital of Canada that was in 2010. In 2011 (the latest year I could find any stats for) it was St. John, NB. So, please stop referring to Cornwall as the sexual sssault capital of Canada.

  4. I would love to see big changes happen in Cornwall and one thing is that I agree with Mary Bray where it is the same old gang that keeps applying and gets in and that is why the whole town stinks of corruption to the core. As long as people’s mentality is the way it is then nothing will change and of course it can get worse with Bare Ass and his corrupted gang of crooks. As long as people bury their heads in the sand and not want change then nothing will change. The best of luck to you Mr. Samler and I do hope to see other people get in including Jamie and I want to see Mark MacDonald as well as Leslie O’Shaughnessey and other good people go and run and make the changes. Even if a lot of you run for council you are making a big improvement compared to the useless eaters around the horseshoe.

  5. Hah had you fool Big Mac
    When Jamie is Mayor these people will hide hide hide
    Right WingNUTT
    • 32 minutes ago

    What the difference between cfn leader and leader of north korea???
    One of them has nukes

    There goes that old wacko stella yet again

    • 28 minutes ago

    Whats the difference between the trapped deer and fedoraboy
    The deer had enough sense to KNOW WHEN TO LEAVE

  6. Gary W. Samler… Just a thought Gary, run as your own man and do not make it contingent on whom else is running. Success is about taking a stand not on who else is standing. Good luck !

    Mary Bray…As with the rest of us the younger voters need to be inspired by an individual who will acknowledge that their support will be recognized by having their concerns fairly evaluated. I agree that a complete change in the governing administration is required in order to take Cornwall out of its current abyss and into the light of a new reality to enable opportunity and possibility to flourish. other I remain optimistic for this communities future successes. You and I with the assistance of other like-minded individuals with the concern of all at heart can make the coming election the much needed success story that we so much need.

    Hugger1…Not to dispute your information (anything can be accomplished with stats, ask a mathematician) I would just remind you that a certain chief of police stated that rape amongst family members or individuals known to one another was not the same as a random sexual assault. I would differ with that opinion wholeheartedly on the basis that rape is a violation regardless of who the attacker was, just as a murder is not dependent on the identity of the victim.

    Jules…A better contribution, thank you. Continue to just be yourself Jules, something you are not is a fake and although we may not always share the same opinion or view, you are real and I appreciate that.

    To all a Happy New Year. See you all on voting day !

  7. What time is the press conference? Will you be fielding questions from the public as well as media?

  8. Thank you Mr. Oldham. We are all different and do not have to share the same opinion and it is good that way because we all contribute what we feel is right. Nobody is 100%. If we were all the same this world would be very boring indeed. I would love to see you too in whether to run as mayor or in council and you would be a valuable addition. Take care and the best to you and Happy New Year.

  9. I wanted to add something else here and Mr. Oldman said something very valuable to Mr. Gary Samler and that is to be yourself and not toe the party along with you or to imitate or be like anyone else. Be your own person and don’t let anyone influence you at all. We all want change everywhere and good change and not the corrupted bunch like what we see now. A leader makes up their own minds and is not influenced by anyone. There are good people in Cornwall who can do this kind of job and the thing is to have confidence in yourselves. I want to see new people running and not the same old thing all the time. In order for Cornwall to improve you need new people to give their own opinions and you are not that different to anywhere else. The citizens of Cornwall should come forward themselves and give their opinions as well and go to the meetings as much as they can. If you do not get involved in what is going on then don’t blame those in charge. We need to get rid of what is there just now. Only a few do some good around that table and I have named them and will again: André Rivette, Gerry Samson and former councellor Leslie O’Shaughnessey and Mark MacDonald. The rest are failures and brown nosers and useless. Mr. Oldman and Mr. Samler would make a great team as well and I have said that before as well. Jamie would contribute as well if he has the time and is a wonderful asset since he has been in Cornwall and that is the whole truth. I do not beat around the bush and say what I think and I don’t hold back and Jamie knows that from what I have posted even things that he hasn’t published. There are people that I hold in high regard and that is the truth. I speak from how I feel and mean it.

  10. Mr. Samler it doesn’t matter who is running against you and everyone will have their own agenda. If Jamie was your opponent and no matter which one of you won as mayor both of you would be great even as councellor. There is no loss but a real gain after what we have been experiencing. Every man that I have mentioned are good people indeed. I wish all of you the very best that I could send to all and I say the best of luck and I hope that you all get into positions and do a very good job. Do good for the community as a whole and not just for a very few. We had a very good mayor back in the 50’s era Mayor Horowitz and he did for the community and I want to see that kind of representation. Thank you.

  11. Jamie,

    Like you I have learned a great deal about this council over the last four years and I have been very disappointed by their behaviour to say the least (with lack of character being a recurring theme). I will be dealing them once again in the near future and it be one of the final steps leading to my day in court which I have been waiting for a very long time. Regardless of the outcome the truth will finally be released and I will then move forward.

    Take care,

    Diane Shay

  12. Author

    Thank you Diane and be brave and strong. I was saddened to see Rob give up. While I understand; to come so far and not get the truth to be properly told is very disappointing.

  13. Jamie,

    I don’t think that Rob gave up. It is more like he ran out of options and funding. As you know the City has the taxpayers funds at their disposal which leaves us at a distinct and clear disadvantage which they are well aware of and have successfully used to their advantage.
    My issue has been going on for a very long time and there is a substantial amount of evidence which I provided and was accepted by the Courts as the facts of the case when the City plead guilty in 2011 in accordance with these facts and for no other reason. Fortunately for me, it is Council who opened the most resent door giving me another avenue to follow when they unanimously approved the Judith Allen Report which contradicts the court findings.

    Tale care.

    Diane Shay

  14. Author

    Diane we offered to initiate a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo; but Rob didn’t move forward. Many in the public had already offered to help pay the cost of moving forward.

  15. Diane the very best to you. I often think of you and Rob for what you are both going through. Dealing with Bare Ass and his council is mighty bad indeed and he is the worst mayor ever that sat on the seat in Cornwall. Be strong and brave because these people are dangerous and you have to fight fire with fire. All the very best to you and to Rob even though he backed off his health alone is at risk. My prayers and good thoughts to both of you.

  16. Jamie,

    My statement of claim will sent to the City in the next week or so. If a funding campaign can be initiated it would go a long way to assist me to bring out the truth related to the City’s stand on Elder Abuse and the their retaliation against me since I reported the Abuse to the Ministry of Long Term Care in 2008.

    Take care,


  17. Author

    Call me today Diane when you have time and we’ll see what we can do 🙂

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