My Press Conference in Front of City Hall in Cornwall Ontario Thursday January 2, 2013

My Challenge to Mayor Bob Kilger. File your name on January 2!

My Press Conference in Front of City Hall in Cornwall Ontario Thursday January 2, 2013

jg2Cornwall Ontario –  Ah Choo!    I am recovering from a nasty bug.    It’s freezing out.   I may not step outside until April, except that tomorrow I’ll be in front of City Hall having called a press conference.

Thursday January 2, is the opening of the Ontario Municipal Election season.  It’s the first day that people can put their name forward as a candidate to serve and honour their community.

Recently that wacky old scribbler and speech writer for Mayor Bob Kilger, Claude McIntosh, was flinging poo from his column in the Trans Con owned Seaway News.

In between adult diaper themed musings of yesteryear he took his swipe not only at myself, but his former employer of five decades, the Standard Free Holder.   Claude is classy that way.

Mayor Bob Kilger (again) confirmed during interview on Corus radio that he will be in the October Mayoral race.  So far, no official challengers but Mark MacDonald did indicate several months back that he was planning to run.   No other takes in the hopper at this point; albeit on his website the blogger “threatened” to run against the mayor.  Ho-Hum! For the mayor, that would be the election campaign gift that keeps on giving….

Kinda school yardish, but hey that’s Claude.

Well Bob I’ll be at City Hall after lunch for my press conference.    Not sure if you’re in town or not as you spend so much gosh darned time away from Cornwall, but if you really are going to run why not get your name on the dotted line first thing in the morning?

You never lie to the voter on any issue; especially in this day of Social Media and the internet.  I know you’re not big on those things, but many of the voters of Cornwall are.

So Bob it’s showtime!    And by the way; you still have not condemned the Chemical tanks on our waterfront.   How will you be representing the clear will of the people of Cornwall at this big meeting with MP Lauzon and the Ministry when you yourself have not taken a position?

Just curious as many in Cornwall are….

In many ways this 2014 Municipal election will be a key factor in the future of our city.   Cornwall is in Transition; a return of Bob Kilger to office and/or many of his council means that the public knowingly support their handling of the many issues that have been exposed from Corporate Welfare, Conflict of Interest, wasteful tax spending; abuse of  long time senior managers, stealing mail, withholding information from council and the public, and finally an endless raising of tax while reducing services and being the Sexual Assault capital of Canada.   Essentially a vote for Bob Kilger is a vote for HIGHER TAXES!

As I’ve printed before I will only be putting my name forward to run for Mayor if Bob Kilger does.    That doesn’t mean I won’t support others that may also put their name forward in the interim (if there are any).

I owe that much to the people of Cornwall as I made the mistake of endorsing Mayor Kilger in the last election.   I’ve learned a lot since then about the man that Bob Kilger isn’t, and what he doesn’t stand for.

No, this election will be the integrity and truth test for this community.    Now if we can only find a way to ensure that it’s a clean election….And if I do run whether the other media and organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce will be professional and allow me to run fairly or pull some stunts as occurred in 1997….

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