Carilyne Hébert A Proud Young Candidate for Cornwall Ontario City Council in 2014 by E.V. Hutcheon

Carilyne Hebert & EVCornwall Ontario – On Monday, Oct 27th 2014, thousands of people will be leaving their homes and jobs to come out to support their favored political candidates.


Carilyne Hébert, a proud young woman, running municipally hoping to become a new member of Cornwall’s City Council.


Originally from Alexandria, Carilyne moved to Cornwall with her family as a child and has grown up in our beautiful town. Attending La Citadelle in her youth, she was involved in a life changing “humanitarian” trip with the school to the Dominican Republic which set her off on a life track. After that her interests began to revolve around how she could go about making a change here at home. This is why she has chosen to run for a position on the city council of Cornwall.


Though most wouldn’t expect such ambition from a simple local girl, her family knew from a young age that she would be the kind of person to make a change in this world. This clear as her mother, as well as rest of her family, had encouraged Carilyne, even as a young girl, to follow her dreams.


We knew from a young age, that I would make an influence, a difference. We didn’t know exactly how, politics seems to be what I’ve chosen.” She explained while smiling.


Now involved as a member of the NDP party, she has become well versed in the ways of political change and now seeks to obtain another role that will help her achieve the change she seeks. It’s very clear that she is very passionate about her work and the changes she wants to see.


Although her appearance was bubbly and cheerful she expressed feelings of anxiety due to her current position with the campaign. This is because she understands the pressure involved with having such a responsibility as this one. Through our interview with her, she explained that the second she looses her anxiety butterflies would be the second she looses interest in what she loves. Every time Carilyne feels nervous, she takes it as a sign that she’s doing what is best for her and for everyone’s future.


I’d be lying if I wasn’t nervous, but I think I feel so strongly and I care so much about this that I really want to be successful that of course I’m nervous.”



When asked how her family, including her loving mother, was handling her recent goal, she replied in a pleasant energetic tone,


So supportive, it’s unbelievable! My mom paid my nomination fee and uh, they’re so helpful and willing to do anything.”


With the support from all her friends and family, Carilyne is lucky to have the help and extra support from such a strong team of loyal voters. However, even with all that help, there is a very strong possibility that the votes will not be on her side. This may raise some issues for our young and successful candidate.


There is the chance of me not winning, but for me what would be really important, if I have the opportunity to encourage people that have never voted before, who don’t necessarily vote because they don’t feel represented. If I can encourage them to go out there and vote, tell them about the differences they can make when it comes to politics and have them go out there, that would be a victory to me.”


Given the major influence that politics has on our beloved city of Cornwall, are you sure you want to be such a large factor in the success or failure of Cornwall? As well, what issues do you feel should be addressed?


I have more ideas that I hope to be seen turned into policies.   I really wanna see Cornwall become a more youth friendly city,  what policies that will take, it depends? I really would love to see greater access to post secondary education. We would keep our youth here and we need to have them engaged in the political process as well. Like I mentioned they seem to not think it matters, but it really does and having them engaged and uh, having the access to their education. We might not loose all of them to the big city, and when they do leave most of the time they don’t come back, which is very unfortunate because we have a beautiful city for them to stay, come back, and raise a family in so that is a very strong point.”


Carilyne also feels that issues regarding the seniors living in Cornwall should be addressed, as they don’t have many people to speak on their behalf.


I believe in same thing with seniors our population is aging significantly quicker then provincial and we need to address that.”



Regardless of opinions or speculation, it is sure to turn into quite a race.  With her mind on Cornwall’s future as well as her own, she sets her sights on the stars. As long as she keeps her eye on the prize and continues to be dedicated to the improvement of Cornwall, this reporter is sure that she will be more than just another name on the political roster, but hopefully a face of change for our little city. 

E.V. Hutcheon is a 2nd year St. Lawrence College Journalism Student.  She has professionally edited a Polish history book and is hoping to see her dream and passion of writing into a career. Previously living Toronto, E.V. is now a proud Cornwall citizen. On her off time you can usually find her at home writing her latest book, or walking along the St Lawrence River. 

Milena Cardinal


  1. You’re writing is getting better, sister. But it is lose, not loose.

  2. Oh God when I saw this I said is that all there is. This girl is so immature and not made to be a counsellor and instead she needs councelling. She has a great lack of education which shows as well as knowledge and how to look and react. God help everyone if others show up the way she does. This sure isn’t encouraging at all. Lord Heaven help everyone down in Cornwall if that is all there is.

  3. such a warm and fuzzy story I thought I was reading one of the other local toerags and not CFN. She comes off to me as such a big phony. Does she avoid CFN directly because of her friends. I can’t wait til Jamie can interview her to see how she handles herself with the real issues affecting our city and in the debates. Good luck first timer.

  4. Author

    Max I did in fact interview Carilyne and she handled it very well. I did give her a free pass on Agape and did find it a bit odd that she kept mentioning Agape I’m sure knowing of our expose on the agency whose board she sits on.

    Believe me there are much worse candidates on the way…Alyssa Blais, Tony Lackroix, Guy St. Jean….

  5. She’s young and at least she loves getting involved and make her community better. Carilyn should be commended for her courage. Although, I don’t share some of her federal political views, she is a good person. Bonne chance Cari

  6. Author

    I give Cari the chops for doing the interview. She’s trying hard and anyone; even a Jason Setnyk type deserves kudos for that. Alright maybe some deserve to be beaten with metaphorical rubber hoses too….but I digress…

  7. I agree with Richard Tremblay on commending Carilyn for her courage. I would add also that an individual who places such merit in encouraging others to step up and vote understands the meaning of democracy and I respect that greatly. Good luck.

  8. OMG if there is worse than this girl then you better get in touch with young Korey Kennedy to come back on board. At least this young man is well educated and had very good ideas and did give us plenty of entertainment while as councellor. All that I had to hear next from this girl was to talk about her cat or dog. What is good is for people of Cornwall to break away for quite a while and go away to university or college to other cities and learn what it is like to live elsewhere and to stop being a hillbilly. Leave Cornwall and learn life and be mature and if you come back then you are an entirely different person who can make much better decisions.

  9. I respect Carilyne’s commitment to our community through volunteering. Congratulations on putting your name forward, and best of luck in October!

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