Cornwall City Council Candidate Todd Bennett One on One With Jamie Gilcig – January 8, 2014

todd bennettCornwall Ontario – Todd Bennett is launching his second attempt to become a city councilor in Cornwall Ontario.   The Belleville native and manager at Farmboy is going to be one of the more interesting candidates.    His no nonsense work ethic and business like attitude are refreshing.      His choices though will be interesting to follow.

To his credit he tackled some tough questions where others might have chosen to duck them in our intensive One on One interview.    He also is one of the few, if only candidate that attended a lot of council meetings, and has put his time in learning.

While we may disagree on some issues; for example Todd supported the $3.5M in corporate welfare to Smart Centres while I didn’t, he has taken a clear stand supporting the community on the Chemical Tanks on our waterfront issue.  (He’s against them.)  Mr. Bennett defines himself as a fiscal conservative which seems a bit conflictive with the concept of Corporate Welfare; but as Todd also mentioned, he’s learning fast.

A hint to those that watch our coverage of candidates.  The longer the video interview the better for the candidate and public.  If they’re engaging me they probably will engage some of you as well.

It also brings into question the factor of voter turnout which Todd mentions.      And can we raise voter turnout in Cornwall in the next election.   I think that if we offer voters candidates they want to support we’ll have a higher turn out.

Frankly far too many elections are about people that are “liked” instead of the realities that we turn over corporations with budgets in the millions that make decisions that impact our day to day lives.   We need not only smart, savvy people that can count and think for themselves, but we need candidates that will be their own people and be able to work with just about everyone in the community.

Todd also has been chair of the kinda farcical Arts Committee at City Hall which this term has had meetings and learned lots; just in time for a new election and probably reshuffling of the committee deck which will mean more learning; although Mr. Bennett feels that somehow we are three or four years from having a Benson Centre’ish Arts Centre in Cornwall.

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  1. although i do not know nor have i met Mr. Bennett, i think that with his business background and no nonsense attitude, he may make a good candidate, i do feel though that there should be more balanceing of what corporate welfare will bring to the table as far as employment of local citizens is concerned. does the output overcome the input? are the tax incentives worth employing for short periods (probationary), only to give the impression this could be a full time job, and then to be locked in at pennies above minimum wage. it hardly makes any sense leaving the house at that rate. it is nice to see he is on board with the cancellation, (hopefully), of the calcium chloride storage tanks, although hopefully this problem will be rectified before voteing time. i would very much like to hear more on his stance other issues, like skateboard parks, low upkeep recreation facilities for children, homeless shelters, maybe a rehash of the city bylaws is in order.

  2. “Mr. Bennett defines himself as a fiscal conservative which seems a bit conflictive with the concept of Corporate Welfare; but as Todd also mentioned, he’s learning fast.”

    In order to support Corporate welfare, he must first endorse Corporate extortion in order to raise taxes to create pools of funds. How else would the $3.5M in corporate welfare be freely offered to the Smart Centres? Do the taxpayers of Cornwall really wish to pay more taxes to subsidize big Corporations? I don’t think so!

  3. I think Todd will make a fantastic Council member, He is always helping people, and so very kind…

  4. It’s refreshing in Cornwall to see someone who is willing to debate an issue such as the $3.5M in corporate welfare to Smart Centres. It’s OK to have a difference of opinion and you’re not considered evil if you are on opposite sides of an issue. Thank you Todd Bennet for keeping an open mind and considering other opinions and other options.

  5. After listening to Todd Bennett that I never knew about before he is a huge improvement over that girl Carolyn and I would go with Todd since he does have a lot of experience in business and could help steer Cornwall in a better way. Please God no more of this type of people of Carolyn please. God help the town if that is going to happen. Counsellors have to be intelligent and know what is going on around them and stop talking about ones mother or family or whatever which shows great immaturity and lack of education. Todd Bennett knows how to react on camera and most likely even better off camera but this is a big improvement over what I saw.

  6. At this point Todd Bennett represents an opportunity for at least one X on the 2014 ballot .

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