Grand Chief Mike (Kanentakeron) Mitchell
Grand Chief Mike (Kanentakeron) Mitchell

AKWESASNE – The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne met with representatives of the City of Cornwall informally on December 23, 2013 to discuss construction of the storage tanks being built on the Cornwall Harbor. The two met again on January 72014 as the Cornwall Mayor Kilger gave a formal briefing to MCA on the City’s efforts to stop the tank’s construction.


The MCA and Cornwall share the same concern of not being consulted by the federal government for work being done on the waterfront.  The tanks are being situated on lands that are included as part of the Mohawks of Akwesasne’s North Shore Claimthat was filed with Canada in 2012.


Both are also concerned about the environmental hazard the tanks pose to our shared waterway. As a result, they hope that through their combined efforts that they will be able to protect the waterfront for recreational, tourism and other projects that will directly benefit our two communities.


Following today’s presentation, the MCA made the decision to pursue a judicial review with the Federal Court of Canada on the tank’s construction and to schedule more meetings with the City of Cornwall.


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  1. I sure do hope that the Mohawk council can come good on this one. Bare Ass is mighty weak and gives in to the fiberals and the cons. I just received a free calendar from the head fiberal in my area David McDuilty and I threw it in the recycling bin. If only I could recycle the entire government into something worthwhile.

  2. I remember reading somewhere some time ago and I can’t remember if it was on Jamie’s CFN or where it was that the native people own part of the river and part of the land near those tanks. I could be mistaken but it sounded like the natives have some kind of ownership in Cornwall. I just thought about that now.

  3. Thanks Eric for sending me the write up which I just read and yes the native people have made themselves kind of wealthy with what they do have but these people have been here in North America as a whole for milenia not counting those in Central and South America long before there was a white man that set foot here. The only white men who have set foot on North America itself after the natives were the Norwegians and later came the French and then the English. The native people have a say in what is going on and the land was stolen from them and I am white and I stick up for them being that they didn’t know anything about the lying and thievery of the whites. The land can be shared and by having the natives have a say in what is happening. Anything that is corrosive is dangerous for people’s health and when it comes to water and people of all races and cultures are fishing for a living or drinking the water, etc. and ones health is at great risk whether living near the water or using the water is concerned. I am glad that the chief came in on board on the subject.

  4. I have read something somewhere today about some chemical plant in West Viginia in the US had some sort of a leak and it leaked into their water system and notices were given to the people of that particular town not to drink the water, not to brush their teeth in it and not to bathe or do dishes. This should be a very valuable lesson to all. I do know that Union Carbide has a plant somewhere in West Virginia. Support what Jamie is doing folks because he is doing what he can to tell everyone what is going on and to try and protect everyone from the harms that come from certain people.

  5. i agree whole heartedly, jules, the question we must ask ourselves is it worth the risk of contamination? we all know what salt does to a car, what do they expect to happen when the walls start to leak inward and water gets at it, rust and lots of it, contamination will follow once the walls are breached, and the fact its on waterfront property, complete and utter destruction of all things in its path. no more perch or any fish in the st lawrence river, from cornwall out. what circumstances may follow when it gets on the united states side, i do not wish to contend with. we are one of the few remaining fresh water tributaries left in the world, even china is buying our water. don’t allow the feds to screw it up. we have to get together on this and i don’t mean tomorrow when its too late. now. do your duty. write the mayor, write your councilors. write your parliamentary representatives, but if your on line take the time

  6. Mr. John Rothwell I have the video for you to look at about the spill in W. Virginia in the US and it is a chemical that is to clean coal. Here it is:

    Video: 300,000 Residents Told To Avoid Contact with Water in W. Virginia

  7. Mr. John Rothwell here is a full write up of that chemical spill in W. Virginia US.

    West Virginia Chemical Spill Triggers Tap Water Ban spill

    We all have a right to be concerned. This can surely affect people as well as fish and the food that fish live on, etc.

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