PK Subban Going to the Olympics – Is he Worth $9M per to the Habs or is it Trade Time by Jamie Gilcig

P._K._SubbanCFN –  Habs GM Marc Bergevin had a chance to lock star D man PK Subban; but instead went the route of a bridge contract similar to the one given Rangers D man Michael Del Zotto.    Different players, same agent.   Del Zotto is now being shopped after flopping; Subban is off to the Olympics which seem to be grooming ground for upping salaries of star players.

Just looking at the roster one might ask if it truly was about the best players or balancing the wrath of star agents like Pat Brisson & Don Meehan and their clients?

Media rumbles are that PK will now be looking for 8-9$M per over a long term contract.

Another Mark Bergevin Boo Boo; penny wise pound foolish move; but hey, we will still have David Desharnais locked up.

Just about any NHL team will give PK that money.   I mean would you rather have PK at $8.5M or Dion Phaneuf at $7M?   Or if you’re like me neither at those price points, and this is where a strong GM would make his move.  PK’s trade value will never ever be higher.

Montreal needs some manly holes filled (pardon the pun) and moving PK to the right team can fill some of  them.  Montreal can probably lock Andrei Markov in for 2-3 more productive years giving the team time.  While you can’t “replace” a dynamic talent like Mr. Subban you can trade him to a team like Winnipeg which is dying to re calibrate.    Would Evander Kane and Dustin Byfuglien or Zach Bogosian balm the wounds of saying good bye to a fan favorite?

Would a chance to maybe get a Ryan Kessler and D man work for Habs fans?  Would Philly part with Claude Giroux?  I bet they would to get a franchise player that sells tickets like a PK Subban.   Nathan MacKinnon & Erik Johnson?

There are some interesting options, and really no desperately urgent rush.  Let PK have an awesome Olympics, and if there’s anything left in his and Markov’s tanks, maybe a play off run this year too.   But the bell is ringing and it’s showtime.

Marc Bergevin is going to have to do something soon to show he’s not Rejean Houle II especially after Alex Galchenyuk is gone for the next six weeks or so.    The Habs have enough bits, bobs, and spare parts to make a deal happen if the right team wants PK Subban bad enough, because if Montreal doesn’t sign him up don’t be surprised to see an offer sheet which will not help the Habs.

Just look at the crazy Shea Weber situation.   Like a wise man once said; “If we don’t make our futures; others will.”

What do you think Habs fans?  You can post your comments below.

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