Arbitration Win for Red Cross PSW After Christmas Strike in Ontario – Jan 10, 2014 SEIU

psw strike FACEBOOKCFN – A neutral arbitrator issued a new contract for our PSWs working out of Red Cross. It is an improvement over the previous tentative agreement and proves that when we stand together, we can put pressure on employers and government for change” said Sharleen Stewart, President of SEIU Healthcare, the union representing the 4,500 caregivers who were on strike across Ontario in late December.


Interest arbitration is normally reserved for essential service workers but was used in this case to help resolve the strike on its second week just before the holidays. The contract is binding for the workers and for the employer, Red Cross/Red Cross Care Partners.


“I was blown away by the passion and dedication of these women and men who stood up for their rights after rejecting a contract that didn’t do them or their services justice,” added Stewart.


SEIU Healthcare continues its campaign to fix the homecare system. It intends to work with government to mandate substantial improvements in recruiting and retaining homecare PSWs. To do this the government must recognize the value of this critical work by providing homecare PSWs the same wages, benefits, and compensation for all hours worked just like their counterparts in hospitals and nursing homes.


The PSWs voted down a tentative agreement in November and went on strike on December 11. The parties agreed to interest arbitration as a means to end the strike as they were not able to negotiate a contract that would be satisfactory for both parties.

About SEIU Healthcare

SEIU Healthcare represents more than 55,000 healthcare and community service workers across Ontario. The union’s members work in hospitals, home care, nursing and retirement homes, and community services throughout the province. SEIU Healthcare has a strong track record of improving wages, benefits and working conditions for healthcare workers, supporting the training and development needs of its members, and strengthening standards in the management and delivery of patient and client care.

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  1. I am one of the people that chose to work. Not to hurt the union or the employer but to be the voice of those that cannot speak for themselves. After all was said and done why didn’t Seiu Local 1 go for binding arbitration right of the bat and hurt no one. The Union calls what we received a gain!
    The lost wages, lost client base the damage to the health and well being of those we are charged to care for just has no place in your reality.
    Sweet 16 great concept to bad in the real world all health care workers are being asked to make wage concessions and do more with less. I have a great idea for those that can think for themselves. Take a look at your pay check and see how much union dues you pay? Then look at the amount over a year I agree with a little redirection you could almost have sweet 16 plus. It is getting harder and harder to sit back and watch the manner in which our membership is being treated. Propaganda is wonderful try reality and maybe we will all succeed. Just a thought from a voice from the same coin only the other face. Thanks for listening.

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