Mayor Bryan McGillis of South Stormont Confirms that He Will Run Again in 2014 as Does Deputy Mayor Hart

mcgillis-OF-571x800CFN – 2013 was a banner year for South Stormont Ontario.     Mayor Bryan McGillis hopes 2014 will be even better.

The fiscally conservative Mayor confirmed today that he will be running again in 2014 and chatted about some of the successes in the Township this year past and hopes for next year.    He attributed a lot of the success to the strong and experienced management team in South Stormont, and the rest of council without whose support many of the positive initiatives would not have moved forward.

So far Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart has also stated that she will run again as Deputy Mayor.    Councilor Barry Brownlee will not be running again, while Councilors  Cyndi Wood and Richard  Waldroff (hope he’s feeling better)  have not confirmed.

Ms Hart said she’s trying to put together a slate of like minded people as she gears up for what she feels will be an interesting race.

There has been some friction between the Deputy Mayor and Council; but she stated earlier today that she wants to move forward and can work with whomever is elected as Mayor and council in the future.


2013 Accomplishments

  • Full Time Fire Chief
  • SCBA Replacement Program
  • Growth of Ingleside Firefighter Challenge
  • Communications/Dispatch Enhancement
  • CIF Funding
  • Waste Management By-law
  • Capital Projects
  • LED Streetlight Project
  • Funding for Maple Street (OSWAP)
  • Long Sault Sewer Master Plan – technical report
  • Long Sault Needs Study
  • Moulinette / Mille Roches development plan(services)
  • Purchase of two waste collection vehicles
  • Website Re-development
  • Introduction of Mascot
  • First Mayors Breakfast
  • QMS Third Party Certification
  • Electronic Agenda implementation
  • CIIF Projects – St. Andrews Pool, Splash Pad, Arena Upgrades
  • Two Kids Day Events Hosted
  • Over 500 Soccer Registrants – Increase From 425 in 2012
  • Increase in Participation with Summer Event
  • Volunteer Appreciation Banquet
  • Further Implementation of Energy Efficiency Measures at arena
  • Official Plan Amendment No. 20
  • Community Improvement Plan
  • Plans of Subdivision – 4
  • NAPA UAP – Restoration of Building and Employment of 50
  • Concept Plan for Commercial Development (Ingleside Plaza)
  • Adoption of New Signage – Upper Canada Region
  • Asset Management Plan
  • FIR Completion Completed Internally
  • IT Support Through Counties
  • Seniors Walking Club
  • Increased Activity in Seniors Clubs (Friendly Circle and Seniors Support Centre)
  • Increased Activity with Lost Villages

2014 Goals

  • New Technology; IPADS (Council/Staff?), GPS (beyond 2014), Upgrades of Computers (Lease), Update to GIS Mapping System, Pictures for Website and Promotion
  • Continue with Financing for Future Fire Hall(s) and Capital Equipment
  • Fire Chief Truck (mobile office)
  • Fire – Public Education and Enforcement Support
  • Replacement of Recycle Truck
  • Additional Yard Waste Days (July, August, September) (Ads can be placed on Waste Collection Trucks)
  • Using Asset Management Plan – select Capital Projects –
  • Replacement of Plow Truck and Water and Sewer Service Truck
  • Sewer Re-lining on Simcoe Street
  • Sewer and Water Reconstruction on Maxwell Avenue
  • Contribution to Reserves for Newington Street Reconstruction and Landfill Transfer Station
  • Long Sault Drain Project – on-going
  • Mascot – Encourage Use – Make Him Identifiable
  • 2014 Election (Successful!)
  • Site Beautification (Culture and Recreation)
  • Focus on Obtaining Photos of Our Community for Communication and Promotion
  • Parks and Recreation – Focus on Completing Projects (Previous Years)
  • Ingleside Community Park Project
  • Replace Rounds Tables – Community (possible funding options)
  • Rental Trailer (14 Foot) with Township Logo (possible to share with Fire and Rescue)
  • Implementation of Official Plan 20 – Housekeeping By-law
  • Concept Plan for Long Sault Industrial Park
  • Moulinette Island / Mille Roches Development (Planning)
  • Building Code Changes to Be Incorporated
  • Ingleside Commercial Area – Concept Development
  • Stormwater Management Plan is on-going (Ingleside)
  • St. Lawrence Parks Commission Partnership 

South Stormont Council

South Stormont maintained one of the lowest tax rates in the region.  Taxes actually were lowered locally while provincial levies and assessments raised costs to residents.   Four new Sub-divisions and 68 new units over the last year with potential to add over 200 other residential units in the near future.

The township is also focused in getting the word out to tourists, business owners, and investors from far and wide with a new tag line; “Come See for Yourself!”

The Township also upgraded its website to serve the public better and is now on Facebook.

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Celebrate South Stormont

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