LED Lights Shine Down on South Stormont by Reg Coffey – 8 January 2014

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CFN – The first regular session of the South Stormont Council was a fairly standard meeting but was preceded at 6:00 PM by a public meeting to discuss zoning amendments and the relocation of a portion of a drain in Osnabrook. There were no delegations or petitions so the department heads reports were next on the agenda.  Fire Chief Marc Desjardin once again started the reporting with an outline of his department’s activities for the past month followed by the Finance Monthly Report.

The discussion during the Building and Development report involved building permits, lot grading issues and drainage. The public works report gave the monthly numbers for recycling and garbage, roads, water and sewage, ongoing capital projects and information and updates on various issues during the month of December, 2013. The Parks and Recreation report covered Long Sault Arena usage, Rosedale Terrace Park Building / Park Plan, Ingleside Community Park Committee, Newington Park Improvements, 2014 Volunteer Appreciation Gala, and Community Outdoor Rinks. The agenda was rounded out by the Administation report. All the information presented in the meeting is available on the newly improved South Stormont web site under Mayor and Council tab.


One item in the ongoing capital project section of the public works report had been mentioned previously during Monday’s meeting and deserves to be highlighted. The LED street lights that have sprung up all though South Stormont are a considerable feat of technology that are not only an improvement visually over the old lights but will be a huge cost savings for the township. Ross Gellately, the Public Works Manager, quickly goes over the progress of the installation during his reports but downplays the impact that this project will have.


After the meeting closed I asked Mayor McGillis if any of the incumbent members of council had signed their nomination papers for the election yet and the response was that no one had. The election in South Stormont is not nearly as contentious as other communities and there is lots of time for candidates to register for the election.

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  1. glad to see south stormont is on the bandwagon with their led lights solution, now if they could only utilize solar power to keep them lit. ever hear of solar powered patio spot lights? they’re high intensity and good for 10 hrs per charge

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