Chuck Charlebois Not Invited to “THE” meeting in Ottawa Over Illegal Chem Tanks on Cornwall Ontario Waterfront


Chuck NO TANKSCornwall Ontario – If things couldn’t get weirder than the bad theatre that has been the dumping of Chemical tanks onto the waterfront in Cornwall Ontario we now have learned that after all the celebration of Chuck Charlebois being invited to participate in the meeting in Ottawa today about the tanks that it wasn’t to participate in “THAT” meeting, but in what appears to be another meeting missing some of the key players.

Frankly there was no reason for any such meeting.     The tax payers and citizens of Cornwall have sent a very LOUD MESSAGE.


This is after all a Harper riding even if MP Lauzon claims that he knew nothing of the tanks being installed on the waterfront.   That means that the majority voted for Mr. Lauzon and that same majority have said:


Guessing that was not quite clear meetings were arranged instead of simply sending some emails and sadly informing Trillium Distribution Cornwall Inc. that there’d been a change of plans and directions; great apologies and the cutting of a cheque by the Feds.

Unless the City knew in advance?   Then that changes the whole mess and that could be why there are these pointless meetings.

The City of Cornwall isn’t even trying to hide that there are two meetings although I have a hunch if the public was notified there’d be less headlines last week about Chuck attending the non meeting in the morning instead of the real meeting with the Trillium folks in the afternoon.

Chuck made his presentation at a meeting which included Mayor Kilger, CAO Norm Levac, Stephen Alexander, Chief Brian David from the MCA along with two other reps from the MCA; Guy Lauzon and his heir apparent Eric Duncan.

The results were Chuck repeating his speech from last night with some solemn nods, thanks, hand shaking, and Chuck sent back home to Cornwall so the “adults” could now have their real meeting.

City officials participate in meetings in Ottawa regarding Harbour tanks
City officials met today in Ottawa with Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry MP Guy Lauzon, Transport Canada officials, representatives of the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne and Mr. Chuck Charlebois. The discussions at the meeting were productive.

The parties are all looking for a satisfactory solution and agreed to meet again later this week.

In the afternoon, City officials attended a second meeting with MP Lauzon, Transport Canada officials and representatives from Trillium Distribution Inc. A candid discussion was held towards finding a solution. These parties agreed to meet again within the next two weeks.

Is this transparency?   Are these results?  What is there really needed to be discussed other than who at City Hall knew and what will be done about it?

You know I couldn’t make up stuff like this in fiction that would be swallowed; yet the truth has become “Stranger than fiction”.


  1. Chuck Charlebois has things to do with those old Cotton Mill condos and you would think that the feds would have contacted him as well as Bare Ass and company about what was going on with that stretch of land nearby. This makes no sense at all and I sure do know that Harpoon Harpo is a dictator but you would think that Bare Ass would have had papers sent to him about the plans and way ahead of time. Like I said before that the government never does things on the spur of the moment and that things are well planned in advance. I know this too as well as from reading it from former US pres. Franklin Delanoe Roosevelt but also when I worked in the federal government there were people who worked on projects all the time and for months and years on end and right up till today. People’s units will be worth a lot less money. You ask me why I no longer want to buy – FREEDOM is the word and if something goes wrong I can leave or stay depending on how things are. When you own and you sign on the dotted line all what you saved and worked had for then you get into deep doo doo if something happens. You would think that a woman would have fought tooth and nail to keep a house – not me I wanted out by whatever means possible.

  2. do you really want to get their attention? with hold your taxes, shut them down, there must be something in the law books we can legally do to put a stop to the unneeded meetings, wasteing taxpayers money on a farce meeting, when we have had our say… no tanks, means NO TANKS, i have had many an opportunity to bring this subject up at work, and i work with the public, and it bereaves me to say there are a few people who still don’t know about the situation going on here in our city, few as they may be they are horrified to find out what shanannigans the council is trying to pull. this dual meeting is going to be prime subject of conversation tomorrow, that i guarrantee. BARE ASS BOB i respectfully request you step down, and give the podium to someone who will not rob cornwallites of hard earned taxes through your schemes

  3. Author

    John the only way anything will happen is if the people of Cornwall come together and work together. Until that happens this sort of behaviour will continue.

  4. Mr. Rothwell I agree with Jamie all the way and it takes the people of Cornwall to come together to oust that Bare Ass out of office once and for good before he does anymore destruction. I have said that so many times that Jamie can go back in his achive and he will find so much but he would need a staff at least 10 times its size for all the multitude of manuscripts that I wrote. LOL LOL. Seriously it is so very true that if people do not come together and throw that bum out he will do a great deal more harm to Cornwall than what you have now and I am very serious about this matter. Don’t depend on the politicians but depend on you the citizens of Cornwall to come forward and do something.

  5. Blather, blather. That’s all it is. Snowed to the 9’s. All they are talking about is how they can save face and still have the tanks in place….. Time for MCA AND Cornwall to gang up with an ‘Idol No More’ as it seems to be the only thing to get the ‘public’ message followed up on. Next these tanks will have caustic/toxic runoffs. These people need to be told in the strongest way possible. Call the CBC, Sun News, CNN….tape it and request social media support……No thanks to damn tanks.
    For snubbing Mr.Chuck Charlebois the way they did in Ottawa today, retribution is in order. The election is too far off. So if they deny remediation and stop the tanks or any federal uses, keep us informed so we can block them.

  6. Yesterday morning, directly in front of Councilor Bernadette Clements home, a large loader worked furiously loading snow into three waiting city trucks taking the small pile of snow down to grass level. Fast and furious was the mission as the temperatures for the second or third day in a row were well above freezing and the snow was melting at a feverish pace. Bureaucracy and tax dollars at work. Work and money for nothing.

    This exercise regarding the chemical tanks is likely a show which ultimately will serve no purpose like the snow removal on Leap Court yesterday other than enabling the bureaucracy to announce that they attempted to respond to the public. Shake your heads people. Nothing “illegal” is occurring, the federal government is utilizing dormant land to generate revenue for the taxpayers of Canada. The problem here is that our Mayor and his band of idiots likely knew the program and idly stood by and did absolutely nothing when they had the opportunity. Now at this date they are suddenly scurrying like rats having underestimated the backlash. To little to late, enjoy the tanks and remember these clowns for what they are.

    In my heart I hope that I am wrong.

  7. I hope that not one among them has the audacity to run again. If any of them do and there is a public forum I for one will be there to ask questions, difficult, telling and perhaps embarrassing questions which will require a simply yes or no answer only. That is if I can make it to the microphone before security wrestles me to the ground and shows me the door on the the grounds that my socks or other apparel are offensive.

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    Cheers and thanks

    On Canada AM this morning, they were discussing the farmer that will loose his land in Trenton for Military purpose. A Real Estate Lawyer mentioned that the gov’t can take over land as long as it’s for the “GREATER GOOD OF THE PEOPLE”.
    I want to know, how are these CHEMICAL TANKS for THE GREATER GOOD OF THE PEOPLE of CORNWALL???

  9. The land in question belongs to the taxpayer via the federal government and has sat dormant for some time. You tell me that the leadership of this community did not have the ability to have forwarded a proposal for purchase of these lands to protect the future development of our waterfront ? Do you think if such a proposal had been presented in council that it might have passed ? Where was the vision, were was the planning department. This would have been one of the rare and purposeful type of expenses that I would have been comfortable seeing the Progress Fund resources used for barring any other type of financing ( 0 interest federal loan ).

    So, bottom line, the tanks are certainly not for the greater good of the people of Cornwall. But opportunity has been there, the ball was fumbled and dropped and we all need to be a little smarter on voting day and encourage your friends, family and all others to go out and vote for their future.

  10. Sorry for my poor English in the first post….I couldn’t even get my name right. Let me try again. Can somebody please explain the term “Illegal Tanks” and how was that term derived?

    I think Cornwall; I know Cornwall has no Planning Department. No functional Planning Department that is. If you doubt my statement try asking them what the future plan is for the city in excess of 1 year.

    I could save you the trouble, they have none and the people involved do not think it is possible. That is almost a quote. They have hired consultants one of which I have worked with. He left frustrated because the city does not think they can plan ahead.

    I do not understand your belief that the tanks are not for the greater good. This is a POE city if we do not allow trade at the POE how will we ever attract growth or any form of stable local economy?
    I have visited and worked in many different cities over time. Many of them have found a way for the general populous and industry to co-exist, why can’t we do that?

    I think if we wish to focus our efforts on a disaster waiting to happen we should stop the school from being built on the edge of the Industrial park.
    We can refer to what is happening here with the tanks as a model. If the school is built any form of industry will now be scrutinized so badly it may not come to be.
    A school so close to an industrial park will also be a black mark for any industry planning or reviewing the city for expansion of their business for that very reason.

  11. Hayley you are a very intelligent woman and I could tell that from your blogs and you have a lot of experience dealing with jobs being placed in areas especially aeas where it is the most needed like Cornwall. A short time ago that waterfront was to have condos built where the parking lot is for the Civic Centre as well as the Ball Field and other places. Most of us stood up and said no condos because that area was to be reserved as park area for the people. Chuck Charlebois built those loft condos in the old Cotton Mill building that was owned by the Kaneb family. You have to ask yourself this question “what is going on and who is profiting from this besides the federal government”? You are very intelligent and I would love an answer. Something smells mighty fishy to me and I keep on asking myself what is going on. For a town that has no vision is in pretty bad shape and I have said that for more years than I can possibly recall in my old age of 63. A town with no vision? These people are getting big money and for what to swat flies all day? If a town has nothing to offer then who in their right frame of mind wants to go to such a place? A chemical spill can happen very easily and what most people do not know is that this goes on all the time including those nuclear reactors who keep having spills and the people are not aware of what is happening. The government never tells the people the truth or there would never be investment at all.

  12. Jules
    The tanks could be a benefit in a few ways. As I mentioned previously we could do like so many other communities have done and co-exist with industry making the area seem progressive rather than …..and once the tanks are built they will appear no uglier than the shed that stands along the dock

    We could benefit from the tanks simply by charging an environmental fee for the surrounding area. If they wish to use the area there is a fund put in place such that should an environmental spill occur the funding is already in place to have it cleaned. The city leaves the capital alone but can draw on the interest using it for infrastructure.

    Let me ask you Jules, how Cornwall can benefit from leaving it as a park or recreational area. The whole water front to the west is open for that purpose. The lands behind the old Domtar and the old Canal sit dormant and stagnant. Let them build the tanks but ask for that area behind Domtar to be cleaned and we could use it for so many recreational projects.

    Stopping growth is simple but this small parcel of land could earn revenue and show that yes Cornwall is progressive and looking for a better future, we can co-exist. What the city needs is a capable planning department and a people who can see the potential…..not the typical NIMBY which has led the city to its current status

  13. Author

    Hailey it was taxpayers that PAID to have the TANKS removed. If the plan was for the waterfront to stay industrial then that’s great ;but it isn’t. There has been no proper procedure to this mess from consulting the public to consulting Akwesasne. There have been no environmental studies. It’s been an “old boys” deal who simply are saying that because tanks were there they can go back. That’s not progressing a community.

  14. another question for hailey,,,, when the liner and outer houseing desintegrates from storage of the caustic fluids it will hold (and it will) and the contents end up leeching into the ground and out into the st lawrence,,,, who do you think will be held responsible for the cleanup????? not the feds!!! that is to say if they could clean it up… it will not only poison one of the few freshwater resources left in the world, but poison everything that lives near, on, or in the water…. think about the consequences of these actions, and how it will effect our children and theirs,,,,, NO TANKS

  15. Hayley someone is benefiting with these tanks besides the federal and provincial government and in my opinion it is a family or more who has been paid off to have those tanks put back on that property. Like Jamie said the taxpayers paid to clean up that land and didn’t want to see that there anymore. I am all for progress and I want to see some condos go up but not the way they had planned them. Low rise condos is the way to go like what Mr. John Markell constructed on Water Street which is impeccably built in excellent taste and not ugly high rises. Oh Jamie, Hayley and anyone out there go to where the Ottawa Exhibition used to be on Bank Street in the Glebe and go and see the mess that they made with condos going up on the football field. What an ugly mess they made. I don’t want to see Cornwall looking like that. OMG I can’t describe it here you have to see it for yourselves.

  16. @Hailey Brown I agree with your comment that Cornwall has a dysfunctional planning department, at best. The evidence of that fact is all around us and in the news far to often, the chemical tanks are an example of how proper planning could have made a difference to the outcome. Not that they had no place in Cornwall but more that there were alternatives that could have offered a more symbiotic relationship with the community.

    As far as consultants are concerned, this city does not have a great record of accepting recommendations from the individuals/groups hired for that purpose (the pedestrian mall project for starters). The appearance created by former councils is that their burning desire to create a lasting legacy supersedes common sense.

    The provincial liberal government and its Green Energy Act coupled with the demands of unions (there are obviously other factors as well) are two of the principal reasons that industrial and manufacturing growth is in negative territory and will remain there. In Dec 2019 when our current exemption to the Green Energy Act expires Cornwall will see hydro rates go through the roof and opportunities to attract business will simply dry up. Unless the planning department and leadership embrace creating a vision, devise a well reasoned plan and hire/elect the talent to implement and steer the course into our future.

    As long as we entertain more hair brained ideas like bike lanes and outside gyms (sometimes I wonder if anyone on council understands the word demographics) before tackling the real issues confronting this community we not likely to have much of a rosy future.

    While I certainly would like to see the waterfront developed in a manner in which we can all stand proud of I can show you pictures of Ottawa housing highrises that appear significantly more stylish than the monstrosity that rose from the ashes of the cotton mills.

    Vision, planning, implementation and more important, leadership. That is my opinion.

  17. I would like to post answers to all of you. I hope doing three different posts is ok admin. It is easier to address each person commenting on my posts

    Beginning start with Admin first, rank has privileges ( just a bit of humor)

    Can you provide any evidence that the reclamation was on the tax payers tab? If you already have shown this in previous stories I apologize for my questions and if you could please let me know when you provided the documentation and I will check it out and rescind this comment

    Why do we not ask council why taxpayers foot the bill rather than the previous owners as the Kanebs.
    Obviously they have the revenue and it is quite apparent if we look north of the tank construction.

    Have you seen the zoning of the land? Is it designated as industrial commercial or residential? If it is not zoned as industrial that could in itself end your debate.

  18. John Rothwell
    What is the vessel material and liner?
    Do you know if the vessels are double walled?
    Is there leak detection in the soil and or between the walls of the vessel??
    Are they pressure vessels and if so what is the rating?

    These are just three of the standards to be implemented and not something standards organizations let slip.

    Calcium Chloride, I would presume for this application it is Anhydrous, has a pH between 4.5 and 8. This is the range of things like milk and stream water. Calcium Chloride can be stored in Nickel Aluminum, 304/316 Stainless Steel, 304 ss Chrome plated, Hasteloy, Titanium and Ceramic vessels without concern for material degradation.

    The threat of cleanup is where a smart city can earn revenue. I doubt they will ever leak, but as I mentioned in my earlier post the city needs to enforce an environmental fee or call it a surcharge. The capital is enough to cover the costs of a spill and is left in the bank, the interest is what the city can draw from for further infrastructure.

    John! I have seen things stored in vessels that would incinerate a city( these are simple gasses that simply erode or burn away everything until there is nothing left to burn) but if it is stored properly it will be ok.

  19. Jules
    Somebody always has to benefit if there is no benefits there is no gain, but in this case we should let them have the land and earn much needed revenue for the city. That way everyone can gain. We just need someone to ensure it is done right

    Even Chuck and the renaissance team can use the additional revenue the city could earn from tis venture.

  20. David can you let me know where I can get some more information the the Green Energy Act and our exemption from it.

    Thank you in advance

  21. Hayley your are a very well educated and savvy lady and yes Cornwall can benefit as long as it is done right and not affect the river in any way. If you know how the government is (any government anywhere) they are the ones who don’t hold themselves responsible for anything and just wipe their hands on it all and they don’t care for the people. It would be a wonderful thing for employment for people that is terribly lacking. The only thing is Hayley that the tanks are not in the right place at all which is situated near a residence. If this was in an industrial area then I think that a lot of us would be more in acceptance of this project. It would be a good idea to get hold of the papers about the environment and the hazards especially when it comes to the river and the water table of the soils. I can see that you know science very well (chemistry that is) and when you read those papers I would like to know a good layman’s term of all the risks. Thank you.

  22. Thank you for your words Jules!
    My profession has provided me with insight to many different industries and the associated codes and safe practices surrounding them.

    Where do you think the tanks should be stored?
    Perhaps we can put them in the industrial park. However as I said earlier we are now erecting schools in our industrial park therefore maybe it is not a good idea either.

    Or maybe we can simply eliminate the use of sodium chloride on roads in the winter.

    You have valid points Jules but no alternatives.

  23. My heavens what are schools doing in industrial parks? I was contemplating on putting those tanks on places like Education Road and such areas but not schools nor regular businesses. Hayley I could see that you are an engineer or some sort of an equivalent of that and you know all too well what this is about and that is if we are being told the truth. I know that those tanks have to be a certain thickness to be able to hold a certain kind of chemical. Wait till you read this which I just fell on but didn’t read the article as yet. The company that is tied with the West Virginia chemical spill is filing for bankruptcy protection. Here is the article:

    Company tied to West Virginia Chemical spill seeks bankruptcy

    I want everyone to read this article and you can see that nobody would clean up their mess if this happens. When a company is bankrupt then nobody can bother them and collect from them.

    Bare Ass does not have an education and only has grade 10 and only chased pucks down the ice to make a fortune. Many times I said that Cornwall’s administration was not qualified and I wasn’t just talking about Bare Ass and I said it many times that those in the offices at City Hall and elsewhere were not qualified for the job. Hayley I think that all this is something to look into. I want to see employment in Cornwall but not at people’s health risk or expense. Everything that I see these days are going overseas and I lost hope for Canada and the US. There is a reason why they are dumping these tanks in Cornwall. One more thing is that I brought up about garbage can be insinerated into electricity to help heat and light a certain amount of homes and this is what Toronto’s mayor Rob Ford is thinking about doing and this would be good for Cornwall.

  24. @Hailey Brown although there is an exemption for the Cornwall area under the Green Energy Act the exemption I meant to refer to arose out of the passing of Bill 35 in 1998. The Energy Competition Act legislation resulted in several new acts, most importantly the Electricity Act (1998) and the Ontario Energy Board Act (1998). 160/99 and 161/99 each respectfully contain exemptions because of an existing contract with Quebec Hydro. If you go to Fortis you will note that the contract has a completion date of Dec. 2019. This long term contract exists as an exemption under both acts mentioned above and cannot be extended nor a new contract entered into beyond its completion date. No community in Ontario may purchase power outside of Ontario by law without an exemption to the current provincial law. All this to say, get ready for a huge increase in hydro costs as a Cornwall resident as of Jan. 2020. That is unless the leadership of this community is able to negotiate a granting of a further exemption under the current laws. Possibly the best source to confirm this information for free is one of your elected Cornwall city councilors. An elected representative of this community should understand the impact that this legislation will have on its citizens and therefore would take a proactive position. Hopefully more proactive than they were with the Chem Tank issue which pales in contrast with the future electrical costs which will affect all of us.

    However I wish you good luck with your inquiry Hailey as I myself made an inquiry almost a year ago to an elected Cornwall representative concerning this very topic and disappointingly no response whatsoever.

  25. Thank you David!

    I assumed you were referring to the Quebec Hydro deal but I wanted to be sure. You are very right, once that ends if nothing is done more people will be unemployed in Cornwall and the rates will increase, though I doubt as much as you may assume.

    Ontario and Quebec have always had under the table business dealings and I would hazard a guess now that there will be a resolution allowing Quebec to still sell power to Ontario but at a premium. Quebec does not want to lose revenue anymore then Ontario Hydro. If we have a provincial Liberal Government at that time watch for things such “distribution surcharge fee” ‘interprovincial distribution fee”

    Ontario already has an issue with capacity and adding is probably not something they are looking to do

  26. @Hailey Brown
    I think your comments about accepting the placement of these tanks in the proposed spot as “progressive” on the part of the community is hogwash. It’s a travesty and a betrayal of the best intentions of the more visionary people in Cornwall.
    Please promise you ‘ll never run for mayor of this already beleaguered city.
    Thank God not everything in this world is about making money.

  27. The people of Cornwall have worked hard to clean up the mess that Domtar and other industries left behind and it would be a terrible tragedy to have a company come along and destroy the river that was pretty well cleaned up. People have to get rid of that “Big Ben” the destroyer of the water system which is full of chemicals and who knows what other areas need to be cleaned up. That stupid arena that they built on former Domtar property called The Benson Centre which should have been named after Bare Ass with his lame brained ideas is full of chemicals on that land and it was not cleaned up at all. That is a disaster in the making. Taxes are way too high for little Cornwall, and yes so many people are unemployed and it will get worse and nothing can stop that since it is the sell outs of the federal and provincial governments sending things overseas. The pollution in China is horrendous and already hitting the US west coast. That is what happens when people want cheap Chinese goods and to fill their houses and garages up with junk. Cornwall has to clean up and I believe in incineration of all garbage.

  28. One more thing here is that Chuck Charlebois should have been invited on the mettings in Ottawa, etc. because he was the one who was in charge of renovation of those condos and putting those tanks not far from the condos could pose a health risk to those who purchased and rented. When something is hidden then you know that there is something not kosher. So much corruption and it isn’t just one person doing the corruption but the crap runs from the top down. I have to use the word crap so as Jamie can print it.

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