Chuck Charlebois Not Invited to “THE” meeting in Ottawa Over Illegal Chem Tanks on Cornwall Ontario Waterfront

Chuck Charlebois Not Invited to “THE” meeting in Ottawa Over Illegal Chem Tanks on Cornwall Ontario Waterfront


Chuck NO TANKSCornwall Ontario – If things couldn’t get weirder than the bad theatre that has been the dumping of Chemical tanks onto the waterfront in Cornwall Ontario we now have learned that after all the celebration of Chuck Charlebois being invited to participate in the meeting in Ottawa today about the tanks that it wasn’t to participate in “THAT” meeting, but in what appears to be another meeting missing some of the key players.

Frankly there was no reason for any such meeting.     The tax payers and citizens of Cornwall have sent a very LOUD MESSAGE.


This is after all a Harper riding even if MP Lauzon claims that he knew nothing of the tanks being installed on the waterfront.   That means that the majority voted for Mr. Lauzon and that same majority have said:


Guessing that was not quite clear meetings were arranged instead of simply sending some emails and sadly informing Trillium Distribution Cornwall Inc. that there’d been a change of plans and directions; great apologies and the cutting of a cheque by the Feds.

Unless the City knew in advance?   Then that changes the whole mess and that could be why there are these pointless meetings.

The City of Cornwall isn’t even trying to hide that there are two meetings although I have a hunch if the public was notified there’d be less headlines last week about Chuck attending the non meeting in the morning instead of the real meeting with the Trillium folks in the afternoon.

Chuck made his presentation at a meeting which included Mayor Kilger, CAO Norm Levac, Stephen Alexander, Chief Brian David from the MCA along with two other reps from the MCA; Guy Lauzon and his heir apparent Eric Duncan.

The results were Chuck repeating his speech from last night with some solemn nods, thanks, hand shaking, and Chuck sent back home to Cornwall so the “adults” could now have their real meeting.

City officials participate in meetings in Ottawa regarding Harbour tanks
City officials met today in Ottawa with Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry MP Guy Lauzon, Transport Canada officials, representatives of the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne and Mr. Chuck Charlebois. The discussions at the meeting were productive.

The parties are all looking for a satisfactory solution and agreed to meet again later this week.

In the afternoon, City officials attended a second meeting with MP Lauzon, Transport Canada officials and representatives from Trillium Distribution Inc. A candid discussion was held towards finding a solution. These parties agreed to meet again within the next two weeks.

Is this transparency?   Are these results?  What is there really needed to be discussed other than who at City Hall knew and what will be done about it?

You know I couldn’t make up stuff like this in fiction that would be swallowed; yet the truth has become “Stranger than fiction”.

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