Mark A MacDonald LTE re: Guy Lauzon – NO TANKS! On Cornwall Waterfront – Jan 15, 2014

mark guy eric presentationWith all due respect to our MP Guy Lauzon, your recent statements regarding the chemical storage tanks issue are completely opposite to the message from the community.
There is only one solution.  NO TANKS — STOP NOW.
no tanks PAINTI encourage people to sign a petition, attend a meeting or rally, call a politician, just do whatever it takes and help our City put an end to this disaster.

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  1. the disaster awaits it’s outcome, maybe not for us over 60, then again it might, but even if we are not effected directly by the self destructive corrosive materials proposed to be store in these holding tanks, our children will definitely suffer the consequences of our inaction. if you cannot see the outcome, walk then with blind eyes. if not for yourself, do this for our children and our childrens children. we must set a point at which we will no longer allow the feds or the unseeing eyes of city council to step on us. get off your duff and stop this stuff

  2. If a reader happens to land on this page and knows nothing else, this letter is confusing. It starts, “With all due respect to Guy Lauzon,” (Mr. Lauzon in the third person) then switches to “your recent comments…”

    Whose recent comments? Guy Lauzon’s, the CFN editor, the taxi driver at the train station? It would be helpful if the recent comments were reiterated and attributed in order to provide the stark contrast the writer is alluding to.

  3. Like every Conservative member of Parliament, Lauzon’s job is to represent his party and cheer and clap for his leader.
    Anyone expecting him to give a rat’s ass about the fools who voted him in is seriously soft in the head.

  4. with all due respects Mary, if a person has not been directed here by a concerned citizen they should read the whole subject of the matter. will you be at the rally? i will

  5. I am afraid for us. All these meetings are only meant as salve for those of us who oppose the tanks location……no doubt too that more would end up their with other chemicals, explosives etc. and Cornwall can be easily converted to another war effort port.

    No, we don’t know the REAL story behind the media story or the governments either, yet most of the concerns expressed since the start or this fiasco are very possible scenario’s.

    Snowed to the 9’s. All they are talking about is how they can save face and still have the tanks in place….. Time for MCA AND Cornwall to gang up with an ‘Idol No More’ as it seems to be the only thing to get the ‘public’ message followed up on. Next these tanks will have caustic/toxic runoffs. These people need to be told in the strongest way possible. Call the CBC, Sun News, CNN….tape it and request social media support……No thanks to damn tanks.

  6. Author

    Dave there’s a peaceful march from Guy’s office on Pitt Street to City Hall called for Saturday at 2 PM. Hope to see you, your family, and friends there. If we can get 1,000 people to show up that should be a message to those making the decisions.

  7. @ Mary Anne Pankhurst. This is Cornwall. 🙂

  8. My plan is to be among the group, yes. My thoughts and concerns here are over and above all else re, my regard for city council as expressed over the last year in this media and others. This is a challenge via the government (that is to renege with the Trillium group) due to setting a president for future decisions of this nature. However, I truly feel that the government signature was without jurisprudence, adequate understanding of the Brown Field changes and plans since the former tanks were removed……were they not removed due to citizen drives at that time???????

    The government was not in lock step to those wishes but here, blindly anticipated ‘we’ would be in lock step with them.

    The whole city has been convinced along with the Charlebois Group and as well as the Waterfront thinking about this whole area for well over 19 years now. NOW THIS BELIGERENCE, blindly being thrust upon us. Surely to goodness there is/are alternatives……..and the costs would be worth it.

    Recall too my drive, not as PROFESSIONAL a presentation as others, but a group of us wanted a swimming hole and we decided to aim for the inlet below the RCAFA Wing…..well, that was our first mistake, yet others have been noting that the canal can offer a good place for swimming as well. Then or rather now, we have an opportunity noted by the Rotary Clubs to place a physical workout are near the splash pool and perhaps an open pad for out door yoga and other venues as well. When I heard of these recommendations I was elated. Yes, yes, and yes to all three ideas……lets get on with them. Now that the low level bridge is near complete, the new intersection at Brookdale and Water, with adequate signage, will invite new traffic lines along Lamoureaux Park, all the way to the Collage and beyond.

    With so much potential leading the way, Condos to the extreme East end of the Park is a natural to draw bicyclists, runners and walkers from the city port area to enjoy these venues as well. There is no longer a place in the specific boundaries of Cornwall for TANKS in any location between Brookdale Ave. and Boundary Road, period.

    The citizens of Cornwall have been guided to appreciate all this planning and thinking. We do not need ANY spoiler issues now that it is coming together.

    I appreciated the comments by Mark MacDonald, Karen Cooper and Dan Allaire. They should all run for a council seat next fall as all are very gifted in their knowledge of city affairs and are all talented communicators. I certainly would vote for all of them.

    Thank you.

    Thank you

    Thank you.
    Dave Windsor

  9. Dear Jamie
    The only way to get 1000 people out to anything in Cornwall is an Open Bar
    Then even seaway news guy might show up
    Maybe on sober second better make that a free Cadillac give away
    MP Guy Lauzon could flip burgers on his BBQ
    After all he is so used to flip floppin on this issue
    And Furtz children come save the rats XXOO for the freeholder

  10. Hundreds of thousands of people on West Virgina can’t drink the water
    after a tank leaked “poison” into the ground water.
    The TANK slipped threw Federal Gov cracks and hadn’t been inspected in twenty years
    Lets hope we are not subjected to the same type of issues with these tanks
    After the leak our MP Guy Lauzon junior will claim “I KNOW NOTHING”!!!!!!

  11. Exactly Furtz you are 100% and more correct and I don’t think that anybody said it better. The entire government is as corrupt and crooked as can be. I will never ever vote in my entire life. If we ever had to vote I would destroy the ballet. The sheeple out there know absolutely nothing and want to be fleeced because otherwise they would really stand up and chase Bare Ass along with counsel and Lauzon out of office NOW now later but NOW.

  12. With the West Virginia chemical spill it is on tonight and some people are taking a chance of drinking the water and don’t know what the outcome will be. One blogger put that the elite are bathing in Perrier and how very true indeed. Look at Bare Ass not showing up nor André Rivette or any of them and I am mighty disappointed in André and I think that he knows that he is finished anyway since he wants to retire with full pension. None of them give a rat’s ass about anyone and why should any of you care for them. Throw the entire bunch out now before they do anymore damage. I said plenty and Jamie didn’t print it. I am so mighty upset that I cannot describe how I feel. People are so backward that it is unbelievable.

  13. Author

    Jules councilors in Cornwall do not get a pension. Councilor Rivette actually is back at work selling ads for le Journal – we asked him to work with us and support a local business, but for his own reasons he decided to go back with them. Honestly Andre is a good man and has worked hard for this community in his own way. Believe me we can do far worse than Councilor Rivette; and have…

  14. Yes Jamie we could do far worse indeed. I just wish that André came on board with you. I knew André since we were in elementary school and that goes back a mighty long time indeed. André is what you see and was always honest but what I hate is when good people do not stand up on this issue and other very important issues. This can be a dangerous thing if there was ever a spill. All this has been shoved down people’s throats and nobody came forward to tell the people what was going on down by the river. Bare Ass sure did know all about this Jamie and the government never does anything on the spur of the moment. Everything that the government does is well planned in advance and I know that first hand because of when I worked in the federal government we had our officers working on plans as well as legal stuff and there was a room full of us word processors being constantly busy typing up their reports. The municipal government like Cornwall would have known a long time ago what was going to happen. Thank you Jamie for everything you do and I cannot give you enough credit.

  15. Author

    Jules I wish a lot of the councilors were more open and honest with the public, but I have a hunch that the city lawyers have threatened them into silence.

  16. Anything can be stored in those tanks. I keep asking myself what is going to be in those tanks. They tell us it is for the salt/slush that they put on streets and sidewalks to melt the snow and ice. I was just looking at a few videos of Fukushima of people talking about how dangerous those reactors are and even the fourth reactor is in danger of crumbling. What I am worried about besides the radiation coming from there is what are they really going to put in those tanks. Why does it take a ship to bring stuff to and fro unless there is something very serious that they don’t want us to know about. If it were that slusshy salt for the streets then why the secrecy and why the government involved in all of this and the hush hush from Bare Ass and company. I am very nervous about all of this and for good reason. If something was not serious the toilet paper of record SF along with the rest of them would have had headlines talking about this but your paper is the only one that is covering this news. Something is sure rotten for sure.

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