Keegan Larose; A Bright Start Off For An Even Brighter Future by E. V. Hutcheon

keeganCornwall Ontario – Cornwall is the town where anyone’s dreams can be granted; all they have to do is work hard and try.

Young musician Keegan Larose performed at the Grind’s open mic night.

It’s been six or seven years since this energetic fellow first picked up a six string (guitar) and the began working on his dream. Keegan comments,


“I play guitar, I sing, I write songs. I’ve been playing guitar for maybe, six, seven, years now and song writing for maybe four years, singing for about the same.”


Keegan has a real love for music and everything that goes along with it. He gets a thrill from performing on a stage in front of a live crowd. For struggling musicians, finding a place to practice or perform can be difficult. With the help and support for the Grind Internet Café, artists just like Keegan have a place to go get a cup of coffee or a bite to eat, perform, as well as listening to live performances. Like most musicians, Keegan tries to create new sounds to engage his audience whilst still trying to express himself. He comments,


“I mostly play my own songs but I do some covers, mostly 80’s stuff. I do some medleys, you know mix songs together. I play a lot of songs from some of my favorite bands but still mostly my own stuff.”


Keegan has preformed all around the Cornwall area. Places like The Grind and the band shell, as well as St Lawrence College, La ‘ Maison, the Glen \, as well as many of the local parks in Cornwall. For Keegan though, his home turf will always be at the Grind.


“It was my first even playing at the college. It was really fun, met some interesting folks there. I’d definitely do it again. I just  performed here a bunch of times and this is, you know this is fine. People come and go and not everyone is just focusing on you which is nice.”


“I guess if I had to pick my favorite place it would be here. You know, I’ve preformed a bunch of times and this is where everyone comes to hang out its great!”


Besides the music, Keegan considers himself an all around average working man, playing his music and doing his own thing. On his off time, when he’s not working or preforming, Keegan spends his time seeing friends and going to the Grind.


“Just an average guy, I guess. Nothing to special nothing too fancy, just living my life doing music.”


When Keegan was asked where he saw himself ten years down the road. Although this question caught him slightly off guard, he was able to reply with a simple response.


“Ten years…probably doing the same thing mostly, maybe on a bit of a bigger scale. Not the rock star dream. That’s not me but I can still see myself doing music.”


Keegan also mentioned that one day he plans to have a family. Hopefully Keegan with all his music talent will be one of the few to live and survive off their artistic talents.

E.V. Hutcheon is a 2nd year St. Lawrence College Journalism Student.  She has professionally edited a Polish history book and is hoping to see her dream and passion of writing into a career. Previously living Toronto, E.V. is now a proud Cornwall citizen. On her off time you can usually find her at home writing her latest book, or walking along the St Lawrence River. 

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