Will Transcontinental Media (TC MEDIA) Apologize for McIntosh Column in Seaway News? Jan 17, 2014

Will Transcontinental Media (TC MEDIA) Apologize for McIntosh Column in Seaway News?  Jan 17, 2014

lihouCornwall Ontario – That’s Todd Lihou, editor of The Seaway News.  He also has worked for the Freeholder in the past.    Yesterday Mr. Lihou, as editor of the Seaway News, published an article by Claude McIntosh.

Mr. Lihou also has gone to journalism school.   Now in the public one must have thick skin, and I have very very thick skin as has been mocked because of my girth.    Growing up with a weight issue helps build the tools to deal with some of the childish antics of politics; but I do draw a line at accuracy and the truth; something that apparently Mr. Lihou does not.  Something that most journalism schools actually teach.

In the article my name was misspelled not once, but three times.   Mr. McIntosh also refers to me as a “blogger” (as if that were some slur?) media personality, and owner of a website instead of editor of an online newspaper.

Referring to CFN as a website is truly odd for a Transcontinental Media owned outlet as Rick Shaver, former publisher, now simply General Manager,  took me out to lunch before hiring Mr. Lihou  and asked if I’d sell my online newspaper to TC Media and be his editor.  While those negotiations went nowhere I find it sad and defamatory for a great organization like Transcontinental to allow this sort of behavior.

I mean are Claude, Todd and Adam blogging on www.Cornwallseawaynews.com ?   I think most viewers of theirs know who I and CFN are, so why the childish refusal to spell my name correctly or mention my title and company?

When the Seaway News turned 25 I wrote a piece congratulating them for their achievement.    Why the petty mud flinging and grammar school antics from them?

The root of the column is politics.   And politics can be nasty and dirty; but you can’t wrongfully slur people.  You can’t for example call Mayor Bob Kilger a rapist, philanderer, liar, and wife beater who nailed their own sons wife if in fact he or  they didn’t or aren’t.    

Mr. McIntosh raises the question of what I’d do if I did elect to run for office if Mayor Kilger ever gets the cojones to sign on the dotted line; but the examples he uses are faulty in that the fine journalists he quotes worked for outlets that had their own policies.

We know that Claude wrote speeches for Mayor Kilger in the past and we know that Mr. Shaver wants as many city dollars as he can grub, but there are standards in journalism and if you actually were one of the few that read that story why not mention Leslie O’Shaughnessy who is the front runner to challenge Mayor Kilger if he runs?

I of course, as Claude has pointed out wear many hats at CFN, but as majority shareholder set policy.  Nothing in the Municipal Act would prevent me from running and still operating my newspaper and I have a hunch if I run I’d be a heck of a lot more fair to other candidates than Mr. Shaver and his monkeys would be with me.

While the last words Claude wrote  at the Sun Media owned Freeholder came after a legal action was initiated by myself, the third in less than 24 months, because of his untruthful writings, I would hope that TC Media would not tolerate such scribblings any more than Sun Media did.   And while Mr. McIntosh whined in his last column about his great relationship with Publisher Peter Padbury I would posit that perhaps people like Tycho Manson, Quebecor’s (parent company of Sun Media) head of legal might not proffer the same opinion?

In boxing there’s a term;   hitting below the belt.   Frankly it’s sad to see Mr. Lihou to allow such below the belt shots as jealous he may be that CFN is the largest newspaper in the city and that he can only gaze from behind.   Instead of petty and shoddy journalism perhaps he should think about simply working harder and better; upping his game and putting out a product that more people would want to read instead of riding waves of mediocrity and big cheque stories?

I have contacted Mr. Shaver and TC headquarters asking for an apology in Claude’s next column (if there is one).

There is no room in our profession for purposeful falsification of the truth and frankly if Claude and his editor misspelled my name by accident they both probably should have to go back to Journalism school or Sesame Street.

And my final word on this silly and sordid attack from Messers Shaver, Lihou, and McIntosh; it’s very very important to be honest with the public.  I made a statement which I’m sticking to.  I know it’s rare.  I think it was Mike Harris that was famous for that.  And while I may not have agreed with many of his policies it’s hard to not respect someone that honours his word.

I would hope that we have fine people step up to the plate to run for mayor and council here in Cornwall in 2014.   I would hope that there is a strong challenger to Mayor Kilger in the next election.  I have made the statement that if Mayor Kilger decides to run that I’d run against him.   Frankly I don’t think he’ll run.  I think he knows he’s done, and he’s lost his base of support.

I think Bob Kilger is yesterday’s news like his friend Claude McIntosh.   I’m more concerned about tomorrow.

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