Someone Scored in Cornwall Ontario Restaurant – Staff Find Odd Item Left Behind – January 27, 2014

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Cornwall Ontario –  People leave the darndest things in Restaurants.    Social media was hot with this image taken in the Cornwall Ontario Scores Restaurant on Brookdale Avenue.    The new restaurant features a wide menu with many options.

The restaurant is more known for its Rotisserie Chicken and Ribs than it’s um, erm……

Rob Cardinal from Scores emailed us regarding the photo:

We found a pair of underwear in one of  the booths. This happens at all restaurants.  Go ahead maybe you can get someone to claim them… 

Now I have to go for sure!    Maybe Tuesday lunch…..

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  1. Ive gotta ask, why did staff bring these nasty things into the back kitchen? Thats sooo gross! And who gets to eat from the fork and knife in the picture? Sooooo not going to this place, as the staff are clearly morons!!! Yuck.

  2. I remember a girl that I used to work with in the federal government told us about what happened at MacDonald’s Restaurant where she used to work as a teenager just outside of Ottawa in a rural town. What she said was mighty disgusting even worse than these underwear. I rarely ever eat out and have never trusted eating anywhere but home. This adds more to what she has told all of us. Someone sure “scored” for sure.

  3. I agree with Lamce. My family and most I have talked to are going to stay as far away from this place as we can.

  4. I think Scores staff that brought the undies into the kitchen should be fired that is gross and a health violation. I will not be going to Scores anytime soon. Also the manager that allowed this to happen should be let go or reprimanded someway.

  5. OK, I’ll fess up. They are mine. Was hoping to retrieve them next time I was in Cornwall.

  6. Why would the restaurant even take a picture like this and post it on social media?

  7. Author

    Josee, the restaurant didn’t – it was staff.

  8. Well that is what I meant – why would a staff member from the restaurant not realize the damage this could do to an otherwise good business. We were going for dinner there tomorrow night to celebrate my husband’s birthday as a group … but not anymore!

  9. Sorry I wrecked your party plans Josee. I didn’t intend to leave my undies in the booth, but you know how things can happen in the heat of the moment.
    If you change your mind, I recommend the CHICKEN BREAST FILLETS AND BACK RIBS.

  10. I work at this restaurant and I can reassure you the back is clean and up to it’s full health-safety potential. I don’t understand why the idiots in the back in the kitchen would do this, or why Rob would ALLOW it, but it’s not like they took these underwear and rubbed them all over someone’s club sandwich or rack of ribs. It was a funny thing that happened. Want them to pick it up with the hands they use to make your food? How hypocritical. I can reassure you those hands have probably been in much worse places. Not too mention, they threw out the knife and fork. You don’t want to attend a restaurant that has a good sense of humour about things? Fine. This isn’t violating ANY health and safety. How would you prefer it if they left them there for some 5 year old to pick up and rub all over his or her hands?

  11. GROSS, why bring it in the kitchen?! And I sure hope they threw out that fork and knife along with it! Doesn’t make me want to eat there anymore!

  12. chill folks’.Your not going to die if you eat at scores.I personally think this is funny.People have to learn to laught again..

  13. Looking into the crystal ball- it seems like Facebook– is set to cost ANOTHER Fool his/her job
    Yep with a few drinks it all seemed funny until the next day
    Then a boss doing a google search or any employer that sees the public reaction to this
    will fire them sure as shootin
    But what do I know..Scores used to be a gentlemans club in New York City

  14. And from looking at the floor, who would want to eat there anyway

  15. Author

    Hmm…ribs 🙂 We don’t have a good place for ribs in Cornwall. Truffles used to have beef ribs… I may have to try Scores now.

  16. This is funny thanks for the laugh,I ,ve been to Scores 3 times already,their chicken & ribs are simply the best in town,it was always busy as well.The one thing that stands out in my head is how clean they are,the booth that we were lead too was still showing signs of the seats being washed down after the last customer

  17. A nice pair of boxer shorts with a paisley pattern would have sent a more digified message.

    I can’t believe someone at the restaurant did this.Too much!

  18. OK, now I’ve got to go to Scores even if its just to walk up and down the isles to see who is being debriefed.

  19. Everybody should forget about this trivial matter and go to Scores. The owners are local and Rob Cardinal is a great guy that knows his food.

  20. I’ve personally seen the inside of this kitchen and what you are looking at in the photo is the dish pit area. Probably immediately following a supper rush. For those of you who have worked in any type of restaurant, should know that the dish area can not be kept immaculate. It is the area where all kitchen and restaurant items are cleaned. From being in this kitchen before, this dishpit area is completely secluded from the working area of the kitchen and is in no way a representation of the rest of the kitchen. People need to chill and educate themselves before blowing up and saying “I will never eat there, look how disgusting it is” Yes, the picture should have not been taken, nor should utensils have been used in holding the undergarments, but common people, this was a disgusting customer that left these lying around, not an employee. What you should all be questioning, is the integrity of the person that left said undergarments behind. ID

  21. @ ThatGuy. I take offense at your last statement. I was a bit flustered and in a hurry to leave.
    Nobody’s perfect.

  22. I ate there once not again… |I had tried Scores before did nto liek them then do not like them now..I do not like the salad and fruit bar.. People need to be trained to take the bins of cut up fruit into kitchen and take everything out and throw out rotten pieces or going bad pieces… same thing with coleslaw and rest of salad bar… don’t dump fresh on the older stuff.. I did end up with some pieces of bad fruit…

    I prefer St Hubert… baked potatoes unless you go at the right time you will get a warmed up baked potato and dry chicken breast..

  23. LOL LOL. You are hilarious Furtz. I didn’t know that you were that funny.

  24. Some of the comments I see have a charming small town quality about them. Specifically those that suggest that some have over reacted to this image and should get over it.

    The person that posted this photo made a mistake. They jeopardized the good reputation of the person who owns the establishment for the sake of a laugh. In the world of business this is forgivable only through the generosity of the owner. I’m not suggesting the individual should be fired, but at the very least they should be made to understand that a good reputation is worth its weight in gold and can easily be tarnished by these kinds of hijinks.

    It’s a shame the owner has to do damage control on this silly prank when his establishment seems to be greatly respected by a number of posters.

  25. @Furtz
    I can just see you now, tripping over your clogs as you made a run for it – sans g-string. The things we’ll do for a well-turned out basket of top notch chicken wings!

  26. Actually, Michael, I had the chicken breasts and back ribs, but I was in such a lather that I can barely recall.
    Talk about a hot date!

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