Is Cornwall Ontario Jail Mom Julie Bilotta Pregnant? Jan 31, 2014


CORNWALL Ontario –   Is Julie Bilotta pregnant?  CFN has learned that during the altercation in front of the Baxtrom’s Your Independent Grocers on 9th & Pitt in Cornwall that she uttered that while resisting arrest from a Loss Prevention Officer employed by the store.

The troubled woman has had a rough year from her original notoriety of giving birth while in Prison in Ottawa after guards refused her requests of help, to the sad death of her baby Gionni, to this arrest.

Bystanders reported her screaming that she was pregnant which resulted in the LPO releasing her.  She later reported to police and appeared in the local police blotter.



Cornwall, ON – Dakota Garlow, 27 and Julie Bilotta, 27 both of Cornwall were arrested for theft under $5000 while Julie Bilotta was also charged with breaching her probation order for having failed to keep the peace. It is alleged that on January 17, 2014 both entered a Ninth Street store and selected several items including chicken wings, popcorn, jerky, Cheetos and butter then concealed the items and attempted to leave the store without paying for them. Both were stopped by a Loss Prevention Officer and after a brief struggle left the area in a vehicle. Police were called and an investigation ensued. On January 28th, 2014 Julie Bilotta attended police headquarters to deal with the matter. She was taken into custody, charged accordingly and released to appear in court on February 20th, 2014. On January 29th, 2014 Dakota Garlow attended police headquarters to deal with the matter. He was taken into custody, charged accordingly and released to appear in court on March 6th, 2014.

We contacted Ms Bilotta asking her to answer if she is in fact pregnant, but no reply as of press time.  We will be updating this story as more information becomes available.

Milena Cardinal



  1. Can we still sterilize simple people in Canada? How many chances does this {MODERATED} too good for her.

  2. Oh for Christ’s sake! How low is CFN gonna sink?
    I think this BS trash story just answered my question.

  3. 420 I sure do stand in agreement with you here. This woman Julie Bilotta needs to be sterilized for sure without a doubt. People like her should never be allowed to have kids.

  4. Admin……..I like your stories MOST of the time, they are ground breaking and informative. THIS is not one of those times. Miss Bilotta’s health and wellness information is hers and hers alone. There is NO story here. None of us could possibly imagine what this woman has had to endure.

    420…as to your comment…..look in the mirror and repeat your question to yourself. Just to be clear, I have no stake in this non story and do not know Miss Billota in any way.

    John MacDonald, Niagara Falls

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  6. Furtz
    Why are you bringing religion into this “Christ”??????

  7. @ Melman. Simply an expression to indicate disgust.
    This story is disappointing.

  8. And the beat goes on… she is not news …in this world we live in she is reality

  9. I will add my voice to those that question this article’s existence. This is low ball and below the mandate of your publication Admin.

    Very disappointing. And I have to say, I don’t care to hear what people think of this individual’s struggle. This treads far too closely to pure gossip and I find it offensive.

  10. We do not live in a third world country Jules or any one who thinks this lady should be sterilized.. My goodness… She has her struggles like many people here in the city and lots of other cities….. I think all we can do is pray or hope they find themselves and better themselves if they so wish.. We cannot control people.. or change anyone only ourselves and in this case our reaction to this lady..

  11. I don’t call this offensive at all. This woman doesn’t learn at all from the things that she did and continues on her path of destruction. It is going to come a time where many will be sterilized and I am not saying this lightly because it is the truth. There is so much that I know that is mighty frightful but one thing is true that when you do wrong you pay the consequences. This woman should never be let loose at all nor have any kids at all to pay for the horrible lifestyle that she leads. Why brings an innocent being to the world to pay for her mistakes. History does repeat itself and anybody who knows history knows very well what I am talking about. It is all coming in due course.

  12. Author

    I have chatted with Julie and while there are many things that can be said about her to the positive and the negative I have to give her credit for being courageous.

  13. Jane Doe it is coming towards a third world country and you will see this in the very near future. Just give it a little time and you will find out that I was right. You all have absolutely no idea what is going on and I cannot talk about it here but it is all written well in advance and when people don’t know history they are bound to repeat it. Germany is and was a first rate country even more ahead than our Canada and look at what happened. This time it won’t be the same but will involve all humanity.

  14. @ Admin. If you gave a rat’s ass about Ms. Bilotta’s well being, this trash story wouldn’t be on your otherwise decent site. It’s unbelievable that CFN would sink so low. I hope this was just a one-off screw-up.

  15. Furtz it isn’t the only time that this story about this woman Julie appeared on CFN and all over the papers across the country. If you read about that little girl in Manitoba by the name of Phoenix who was murdered and buried near a garbage dump then you would open your eyes to what is going on. Two people who are not responsible people should never have kids and should be literally sterilized. Furtz you and I would remember the Maurice Duplessis years – he was PM of Québec and he had many people sterilized who were unfit. Jane Doe wondered we are not in a third world country well I have news for Mrs. Doe is that all over this country people are living in third world status and all she has to do is leave small town Cornwall and go and look around. There are books written in French (I read them in French) about what Duplessis did and yes it was very horrifying and yet on another hand he was right. JFK’s father old Joe Kennedy had his daughter sterilized (Rosemarie) since she was mentally retarded but that old buzzard went beyond sterilization and had her lobotomized. Don’t tell me about third world countries when right here at home you have much worse in your own back yard. This story is real and a lot of people should not be bringing innocent children into this world to live a miserable life for what the parents do. God Bless the little children.

  16. @jules. You don’t know me and shouldn’t be voicing your ridiculous opinion about me or anyone else you don’t know. You need to get a life and stop wasting your time on this stuff. If you continue to keep talking trash then I’ll go out of my way to find out all your flaws and share them with world I promise you that. As for another baby? Not any time soon! We are atill very much grieving the loss of our son and miss him dearly. We love you Gionni Lee <3

  17. @Julie Bilotta.. This is ridiculous stealing chicken wings and then using your famous line to get away, “I’m pregnant” lol! Pardon my French but SMARTEN THE F*@K UP before you find yourself in the exact same situation as before, pregnant in jail!

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  18. @ appalled stfu what do you know? I’m not pregnant never said I was and the charges were dropped after the surveillance was viewed! It’s funny I never left the store and after I was grabbed so hard that I had bruises all over I called police first and only then did they try and cover there asses bet you didn’t know that but you can confirm it with Cornwall police that I was the first one to make a complaint you ignorant twit!

  19. I think all of this is ridicolous. I dont care what peoples opinion are about another person between the media and all the bullshit people will see what they wanna see. Yes she had her baby in jail so what she sure as hell didnt ask o be treated the way she was by he jail guards who place her at more risk than she ever placed her child. This girl took care of her baby and had a lot of loving people around to help her. Thats all that matters when it comes to raising a child is that you take care of it. Ive seen 14 years olds raise beautiful children with many struggles. Children tend to change peoples lives. She fed her child, dressed him kissed him when he went to bed. How many people men leave there children never pay support or abuse there children physically? She never did anything like that. The only thing she did was even with the circumstances she face was be corageous and be he best mom she could to Gionni. For you who say she should be sterilized you sound like some kind of nautzee and that would be a huge abuse of power…kind of like when pries molesed children and all. So maybe you should watch who you point your fingers at and what you say and think about how it make you look.

  20. ^^^ thank you for that comment 🙂 I know I haven’t always made the best choices in life before I was a mother but what most people don’t understand is that my charges were from 2010 before I was even pregnant. My son changes my life completely and for the better. Everything I’ve done since I had my baby and even til this day is for my baby. What we went through wasn’t right and we didn’t deserve to be treated the way we were and to have our lives put at risk and there’s no justification for what they did to us. If and when the time comes and me and Dakota (gionnis father) decide to have another child it will be our choice and our business! For people to say that I should be sterilized is crazy. I’m not a child predator or some sex offender. The crimes I commited did not have victims not that it makes it ok to break the law but really ? Some people need to look in there own back yards before commenting on mine!

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