Next Quebec Election Should Be All or Nothing – A PQ Vote Should Be a Mandate by Jamie Gilcig

My All Time Favorite Aislin Cartoon drawn for the Montreal Gazette by Terry Mosher!
My All Time Favorite Aislin Cartoon drawn for the Montreal Gazette by Terry Mosher!

CFN– If Quebec Premier Pauline Marois and her Separatist friends are serious about a Spring snap election I would suggest that she call it an all or nothing call.   That a vote for her party is a vote clearly for separation and that if granted a majority government it would be a defacto referendum.

Enough with posing questions and beating pots and pans.  Enough with rhetoric and causing a divide while sink holes open wide blocking poor Quebecer’s from escape to the West.

It’s time for Quebecer’s to make a statement to themselves and the rest of Canada.  I get that the opposition is inept and weak.   I get the Quebec is the corruption capital of Canada; but after all these years it’s time to be a part of Canada or for there to be a frank and honest talk about how things will evolve especially with a growing movement to have Montreal separate from Quebec.

If Marois has at least one non hypocritical bone in her body it’s time to play straight with the public and put her money where her mouth is.

All or nothing.   In or out.   Winner take all.

The people of both Quebec and Canada deserve clarity.   They deserve an end to the never ending waffling and electing of parties that simply have no will to play nice with their neighbors or their own people.

Quebec has to decide whether the PQ government with its Charter of Values and Pure Laine Kool Aid is what they stand for or not.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor  & Former Montrealer

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  1. Montréal cannot separate from Québec since she is right smack into it. If you spoke about west Québec which is across the river from me in Gatineau and other cities and towns then maybe they could do just that but not Montréal. Separation of Québec has been a long worn out topic that has been going on since at least the 60’s era. Québec especially Montréal has lost so many companies and businesses who have moved out and not returned at all and will only get a great deal worse if it continues. You would see a complete influx of people leaving Québec and the province would litarally die more than what it is now. I can’t see that happening as yet. I am all for them wanting to keep their language and customs and don’t blame them at all for wanting to preserve what they have but separation is not going to solve the problem at all. I know very well who is behind it all and if you do not know then you are way behind time and past the time where you should be researching everything going on with Canada and the entire world’s situation. People have to really wake up before this world is gone. You would all be mighty surprised who is behind it all. Put away your toys boys and girls and it is far time that you wake up and study and research what is really going on. Forget the fairy tales because you are supposed to be adults and not little children. Sometimes I wonder about that.

  2. So if Marios wins a majority with 35% or 40% of the popular vote, Quebec should be tossed out of Canada?
    Brilliant, as always!

  3. Well, if Quebec can separate from ‘Canada’ per se, then the Cree in the North must be able to separate from Quebec, remaining as a province of Canada as well as any other parts thereof. What would stop that from happening?

  4. Author

    Furtz I think the Quebec people should understand that a vote for the PQ is a vote for out and I think Ms Marois should make that really really clear.

  5. I was thinking a while ago that if Québec were to separate what happens to the provinces on the east coast. This cannot happen. If Québec were to go on its own completely they would not have Canada’s protection, nor its currency, pensions or anything. When a country is independent it takes on huge responsibilities and would be much more poor than what it is now. Montréal has a bridge that is about to fall down and they haven’t been able to replace that bridge so going on their own would be a total and complete disaster. Canada itself has not much of what you call a military and if there was a real war we would be toast. If it were not for the protection that the US offers us we would be finished. Québec is acting more like a barking dog and wants everything given to them for nothing from “nous les Anglais” but it will not happen. I am very much for Mme Marois wanting to protect the strange French language of theirs but there is a limit.

  6. You can’t kill something that is already dead. The Québec debt alone for 8 million people is 160 billion dollars for 8 million people, which includes the elderly and youngsters. Heck that debt is horrific for 35 million people which includes all of Canada. Generally speaking, what people want and what they get
    are two different things in our warped society and even more so in Québec. Secular thinking is a disease that wont be cured with this generation. The Québec debt used to be a reason to stay with supportive Canada. “Sovereignty Association” they called it. Now it is used as a reason for Canada to let her go. Really hard and cruel times ahead no doubt and no matter what happens…the disease of secular thinking has permiated government, corporate and social entities and is a terminal cancer. Hope the suffering is alleviated some time in the future but as for this generation it is despicably incurable and still denied. :o(

  7. That’s ridiculous. An election is held to choose which party will temporarily govern. Then it’s up to the elected government whether they want to proceed with a referendum. A lot of non-separatists voted for the PQ to get rid of the Liberals who had worn out their welcome, just like they have in Ontario.

  8. Author

    Hey and how did that work out Furtz? No, I’m not supporting Liberals, but the damage done to the province by Madame Marois is not repairable.

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  10. Yes Jules it is a worn out topic, let’s correct it so future generations can be saved. Not properly discussing the issue has been very expensive and divisive.

    Quebec wants to opt out of the federal skills training in exchange for cash I imagine. They already “manage” their own separate immigration, pension and provide this constant rhetoric from “Prime Minister” Marois.

    “I am determined to get there,” she said at the opening of her speech to about 300 of the party faithful.

    And wrapping it up she said, “We are going to win.

    “We are going to make Quebec a country, our country.”

  11. @ Jamie. We could say the same thing about Mike Harris and Stephen Harper.

  12. It’s interesting that just about all of the English rights freedom-fighters have stopped commenting on CFN. Even the Cameron brothers are silent. Would that be because of the registering requirement? Or are they just working up to their next onslaught?

  13. I would like to see the Cameron Brothers and wife Debbie (I think that is her name) come on and not just talk about the French language but about everything. I do wonder what is going on with them.

  14. Jules, Eastern Canadians are in favor of Quebec separation except for a small percentage of Metis and the ones who support the Plan for Acadia (see the Acadian (Metis) Society of N.B. website for more info on the Plan for Acadia) which is a plan to convert the Maritimes to the former colony of Acadia; all paid for by the English from the Federal Official Languages Act which will be abolished when Quebec goes (and that isn’t soon enough).
    With the abolishment of the OLA, English Canadians will no longer be forced to learn the 12th language of commerce in the world (and in decline) to work in management positions within the Federal government of Canada. Even French Colonies in Africa are now switching to the English language.

  15. Seriously Barry? The only people in eastern Canada who don’t want our country split up are a small group of Metis? That’s beyond funny.

  16. Let’s look on the bright side……if Quebec separates from Canada……that will make it a faster trip for Newfies to drive to Toronto.

  17. Not really Stan……we’d have to go through Quebec customs to get to the east coast of Canada.

  18. Quebec won’t be jumping ship anytime soon.
    JT will be PM before we know it.

  19. Author

    Furtz Quebec is a more Conservative society than Liberal one. What makes you think JT would get an easy ride there?

  20. We would do Canada a great favour if this generation could figure out the Quebec and or language issues.
    Ask the rest of Canada to decide if they want to keep a Quebec that follows all of the same rules they do? Then let Quebec decide to accept that or start paying us for the property etc and move on.

    We need to stop demanding the majority learn another language to appease Quebec, neither side view language the same way, it won’t change.

    Furtz, did you read JT’s budget reasoning over the weekend? That might change your mind.

  21. stan, that old joke may need updating, Newfoundland is a have province now, unlike Ontario and Quebec.

  22. I never thought of Quebec as being particularly con/Con. In the last federal election, they elected 59 Dippers and 5 Cons.

  23. Author

    Furtz dippers are kinda weird. Have you ever noticed that many dippers move to the Cons?

  24. I think Harper is pretty much universally despised in Quebec… No surprise there.
    If the Cons had a less sleazy leader and a complete cabinet makeover, they might be able to win some of those Dipper seats.
    @ Eric. The full statement JT made on the budget made perfect sense. The bit that the Cons misquoted didn’t.

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