Trillium Distribution Cornwall Appeals City By Law Over Chemical Tanks on Waterfront

Trillium Distribution Cornwall Appeals City By Law Over Chemical Tanks on Waterfront

no tanksCORNWALL Ontario – Holy Gilles Latour surprise surprise, Trillium Distribution Cornwall Inc. filed an appeal of Cornwall’s hastily put together by law.

They of course waited until the very last day thus dragging things down and I gather hoping that the waters, or chemicals, would cool?

This will lead to further costs to taxpayers which should bring the focus back to City Hall.

Chiefly the big question that Mayor Kilger and CAO Norm Levac are refusing to answer.

What exactly happened at Economic Development?  We’ve established that Trillium communicated with ED in February and Spring 2013.   Why on earth was this not in their monthly report to Council or communicated to council?  Or was it and omitted?

Did the Mayor & Mr. Levac share it with a few councilors like Waterfront Committee member Glen Grant or former member Denis Thibault who resigned from the committee about the time that the lease was communicated to ED.

And of course that leads to why Mayor Kilger state he knew nothing about the tanks prior yet his first comments were that they wouldn’t stick out of the ground much?

CFN proved that the Mayor was lying as he discussed the tanks at a November 21st Waterfront Committee meeting.

We also know that if the public was aware before construction that steps could have been taken then to block the tanks that at the end of the day would not cost taxpayers at any level as much money.

During this last month things have gone silent.   Chuck Charlebois who somehow was anointed leader of the No Tanks rally did no real follow up and now is issuing notices about all sorts of political issues.

Bottom line.  The people of Cornwall have clearly stated they don’t want these tanks and so far there has been very limited resistance from our elected officials.    If TDC Inc’s appeal is successful what then?

Is it time for another rally?  Or is it simply time for council to force Mayor Kilger, Mr. Levac, and Economic Development to answer the basic questions and be held accountable; especially if we’re stuck with these tanks and the disaster that will hit our roads, infrastructure, and development?

Press release from the City:

City of Cornwall receives appeal to Interim Control Bylaw

The City of Cornwall has received an appeal of the Interim Control Bylaw that City Council adopted to prevent the construction of tanks on lands in the harbour area in Cornwall.

The appeal has been lodged by Trillium Distribution Cornwall Inc. and it was received on Friday, February 7th, the last day for appeals to the bylaw.

“Appeals of this nature are heard by the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) and the City will be forwarding the matter to the OMB,” said Stephen Alexander, General Manager, Planning, Parks and Recreation. “Typically it takes several months for a hearing date to be set for such matters.”

“It is unfortunate that we have an appeal against City Council’s decisive action in passing the Interim Control Bylaw,” said Mayor Bob Kilger. “However, we will defend Council’s action and basis for passing the bylaw.”

The Interim Control Bylaw prevents the use of the land for any use other than open space and is in effect for a period of one year, with a possible one year extension. It is intended to give Council and City staff an opportunity to study and subsequently consider adopting different zoning strategies for the area. The bylaw will remain in effect pending the outcome of the appeal before the OMB.

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