CFN 1 on 1 With Jon Irvine & his Cornwall Song VIDEO

Jon Irvine Cornwall SongCORNWALL Ontario –  You see some interesting stuff on Social Media and I discovered Cornwallite Jon Irvine and his Cornwall Song.    It’s not everyday you see a local song featured, never mind on the Uke!

Sadly Jon is leaving Cornwall; heading off to Halifax apparently; but his Cornwall song will live on digitally for all to enjoy its humour as Jon; like myself, doesn’t hate our fair city.

Mr. Irvine, who cuts down trees as his day job cited a lack of things to do for young people and opportunity as some of the reasons to head on to larger pastures.

To check out Jon’s video on you tube click HERE!

Again the issue of youth retention rears its ugly head.   While you can’t compare a city the size of Cornwall to Halifax many young people miss the value of being able to have the quality of life that Cornwall offers while being able to zing over to Ottawa or Montreal to party and adventure.

In the meanwhile enjoy the video and please note that there are certain words used that could offend the sensitive and kiddies.

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cory cameron
cory cameron

Go ahead my friend…….but I won’t go again……no, I’m not going back to Cornwallllllll!!!!

Hey Jamie and Jonnnnnnnnn….let’s hit up some Jack!!!!!
And get fuckin smacked!!
Cause there’s nothing better to doooooo
But hit up the loo
At 2:00am
On Montreal Roadddd

All the best Jon in your new town.

And Jamie sorry to hear that the powers that be in Salem (aka Cornwall) continue with their witch hunt towards you.

Michael Clifton
Michael Clifton

Yeah I caught the Christopher Walken, Blue Oyster Cult SNL skit reference.

Indeed more cowbell and how about some maracas while you’re at it!


I sure do agree with you Corey that this is a witch hunt indeed. Anyone of us who know Jamie whether personally or what we see and hear on CFN knows that Jamie is one of the kindest souls that ever walked around. This is not what Jamie would do at all. It breaks my heart and reminds me of the horrible days that I went through living down there and never again.