Statement from Jamie Gilcig Editor of The Cornwall Free News (CFN) Regarding Criminal Charges Laid February 10, 2014

Cornwall Police Chief Dan Parkinson
Cornwall Police Chief Dan Parkinson

CORNWALL Ontario – I not a big fans of muzzles.    My legal counsel of course has me muzzled right now.    Today by now many of you have read the extremely zealous recounting in other media and the Police blotter regarding a charge laid against myself yesterday here in Cornwall.

I can’t tell you emotionally at the moment what it felt like to be in the bowels of a jail for the very first time in my life.    Well I probably can, but again, being muzzled I will have to wait until I’m given the green light.

These charges will be vigorously defended and I have zero doubt that the truth, and what really happened will rule the day.    I do have faith in the system; but more importantly I have faith that this experience will expose some real truths about our system and maybe, possibly maybe, lead to some positive changes.

I also can’t believe how much support I’ve already had.  It’s kinda awesome when people that don’t like CFN tell me that it can’t be true.



Cornwall, ON – Jamie Gilcig, 49 of Cornwall was arrested on February 10, 2014 and charged with criminal harassment and threats to life. It is alleged that the man repeatedly contacted a 31-year-old man by way of phone calls and e-mails despite having been warned not to. On February 9th, 2014 the man also threatened to kill the 31-year-old man during one of the calls. Police were contacted and an investigation ensued. On February 10th, 2013 the man attended police headquarters to deal with the matter. He was taken into custody, charged accordingly and later released to appear in court on March 20th, 2014.

And to the person who suggested that this is somehow a political smear; well, you never know?   Again, the truth will come out soon and then it’ll be interesting to see how people react?

In the meanwhile it’s business as usual here at CFN.  And   can you really believe Seaway News & Standard Free Holder calling me a local website owner instead of the Editor of the most read newspaper in Cornwall?   🙂

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

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    @admin If you did not commit the crime, then the evidence will prove it. Only time will tell. Best of Luck.

  2. Julie Bilotta / Peter Jenkin

    Lawrence Greenspon is famous for only taking high profile cases. He would not defend the average Joe in an average case. If he did that I’m sure the bill would be astronomical. I guess he likes to see his name in the news and be seen as the big guy.

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