Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne – One Year Later by Jamie Gilcig February 11, 2014

Kathleen_WynneCFN– One of the problems with politics is that you have to filter the message and sometimes legitimate criticism is muted because of the adversarial nature of the Partisan political system.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne just celebrated one year of office.   Ms Wynne clearly was the Liberal Party making a statement when former Premier Dalton McGuinty fell on his sword over scandals.

The Party could have chosen to distance itself; but instead hugged its regime tight with Ms Wynne even reaching out to Mr. McGuinty in her victory speech.

But the realities are that scandals never really go away.  Pouring gas on the flames, Ms Wynne is about to tax Ontario drivers by an extra ten cents per litre on gasoline which in a city like Cornwall will probably keep the folks at Twin Leaf working extra hard over on the US side of Akwesasne (they just added a bank of new gas tanks)

Conservative Critic Lisa MacLeod is calling for the CEO of  Hydro One, Carmine Marcello to resign or be fired.  Frankly with  over 20 years on the job and the current state of the electrical grid in Ontario I think Ms MacLeod is right on the money.   The usage rates for Hydro One users just don’t make any sense and cripple families and more importantly businesses.

Mr. Wynne also had a chance to tackle the insanity is Auto Insurance in Ontario.   Her limpness to facing down the Insurance Industry surely is not a sign of leadership.   Likewise cutting Emissions tests fees by $5 while changes to the process of testing make it more expensive for many vehicles without really addressing emissions issues are utterly hypocritical.

Raising minimum wage might help get some votes in what most likely is to be an election year; but it also will further devastate Small Business, Industry,and Agriculture which also are struggling.  Whole generational industries have left like Heinz.

You can’t run a province like Ontario based on vote nabbing.    It’s not as easy as running around with food baskets during an Ice Storm.    Sometimes you have show some tough love and leadership and that seems to be sorely lacking after one year with Ms Wynne at the helm.

The bigger question is whether Ontario is ready for change and if so what that change will be?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Your comments are bang-on; sadly I suspect most Ontarians give too little thought as to the demise and debt of our once great province. What was once the bread basket of Canada’s economy now becomes a basket case of inept Liberal/McGuinty/McWynne economics. What was once a great ‘have’ province has become for first time in history become a ‘have not’ province. It seems record deficit, record debt, record user fees, record taxes, highest electricity rates in North America, proposed gas tax increase for all Ontarians to benefit particular Ontarians(Toronto), etc., etc., is not enough to awaken most of us from our slumber…. apathy at its finest!

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